10 Juneteenth AM Reads

10 Juneteenth AM Reads 1

My Juneteenth morning reads:

As the nation celebrates Juneteenth, it’s time to get rid of these three myths about slavery: Juneteenth has since become known as “America’s Second Independence Day.” Now a federal holiday, it will be celebrated by parades, proclamations, and ceremonies throughout the US. Though it commemorates a moment when enslaved African Americans were freed, the US is still held captive by several myths about slavery and people like Cummins. (CNN)

The Shame of the Suburbs: How America gave up on housing equality. (The Baffler) see also Are home prices falling? See what it’s like in your area. Home prices are falling in housing markets around the country after surging during the pandemic. But where you live makes a huge difference, according to an analysis of home value data from Black Knight. (Washington Post)

How queer went corporate: The 50-year evolution of LGBTQ+ marketing: Inclusive ads from Miller Lite to Subaru to Bud Light have gone from trailblazing to commonplace to controversial again. (Washington Post)

Are You Making These 5 Common Portfolio Mistakes? Problem spots in real-world portfolios—and how to fix them. (Morningstar)

Renters Are About to Get the Upper Hand: New-lease rents are poised to fall on an annual basis for only the second time since 2008 financial crisis (Wall Street Journal)

Americans’ boating passion still afloat after pandemic: Recreational boating, which took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, remains popular despite what industry experts call a “normalization” of boat sales in the wake of the COVID era’s extraordinary growth. (Axios)

AI Risk-Reward: AI risks, the future of oil, and some recent talks. There are, to be clear, immense opportunities for human flourishing here, but they won’t come from arm-waving about how technology “always” creates more jobs than it destroys. Or by name-calling critics, or suggesting malign motives to nuanced opinions about the complex role of technology in modern societies. As recent research by David Autor, Daron Acemoglu, and others has made clear, technology’s jobs-related impacts are better thought of as a series of path-dependent choices than as some universal economic constant. (Paul Kedrosky)

The 2024 Campaign Logo Rankings: Graphic design is my passion. If I’d told you a year ago that we would have nine Republicans running for president in 2024 I bet you’d have thought that the field would feel . . . bigger? As it is, it feels like we’ve got an anointed nominee, a potential spoiler, and a bunch of spare parts. And yet, the beauty of graphic design rankings is that even a no-shot nobody can win it all. But before we start: Do me a solid and share this with a friend. Because everyone loves logo talk. (The Bulwark)

How Did the World’s Coolest Air Conditioner Get So Hot? One company thought outside the box to reinvent the window AC. The result was a hit appliance that left the industry blown away. (Wall Street Journal)

Seven Masterpieces to Celebrate Juneteenth: Artists have grappled with America’s past in a wide array of mediums. (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with NBC News and former WSJ reporter Gretchen Morgenson. The Pulitizer price winning investigative journalist is the author of a new book, These Are the Plunderers: How Private Equity Runs―and Wrecks―America.


The delinquency rate on office building-related mortgage bonds spiked in May
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