*Atlantis* 1

Last night I watched this Ukrainian movie on AppleTV.  It was released in 2019 and is set in 2025, in the aftermath of a major war with Russia, which ended the year before.  Due to radiation and other post-conflict problems, the eastern half of Ukraine is essentially uninhabitable.  Ukraine, however, won the war because Russia underestimated Ukrainian guerrilla warfare, instead preparing for a war that the Ukrainians would fight with tanks (they didn’t).  The fundamental Ukrainian activity in this dystopian, apocalyptic postwar order is that of archaeology, uncovering wartime ruins and also corpses of Russian soldiers; I took that to be a stand-in for a broader understanding of Ukrainian history.

Originally this film had been marketed as “science fiction.”

*Atlantis* 2

Addendum: I thought the movie was excellent, though not for all tastes.  There are of course periodic visual references to Tarkovsky.  All the roles in the movie are played by military veterans and volunteers and paramedics, not professional actors.  Here is its Wikipedia page.  Here is the Variety review.

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