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Covid-19 Data Sources


Covid-19 Data Sources


Chatting off air with Jeremy Siegel towards then end of our MiB podcast last week, he mentioned he reviews various pandemic stats each day. I tell him I have a full run of sources I check regularly, and promise to share the sources with him.

I start pulling items from my Covid19 Chrome folder, and before you know it, its a full page.  All of these are below.


Covid-19 Data Sources

US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) regularly updated information at a dedicated portal

Johns Hopkins University dashboard to track number and location of coronavirus

Johns Hopkins University World & US Maps (Updated daily)

STAT: The Covid-19 Tracker

KevinMD is the web’s leading platform where physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients share their insight and tell their stories.



COVID-19 #CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack: Information is Beautiful (Updated daily)

Rt Covid-19: These are up-to-date values for Rt, a key measure of how fast the virus is growing. It’s the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

Our World in Data Statistics and Research: Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) (Updated daily)

United States COVID-19 CDC Cases and Deaths by State

While at Home — A clearinghouse for credible information and the latest guidelines


Bloomberg: Tracking the Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. (Updated daily)

Bloomberg: Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World

New York Times: Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count (Updated frequently)

Washington Post: At least 118,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.

The Atlantic: Covid tracking: The most complete data available about COVID-19 in the US. No official source is providing it, so we are.

The Atlantic COVID-19 is affecting people of color the most. We’re tracking the data in real time.


New York State Department of Health COVID-19 Tracker

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

WHO (World Health Organization)

UK PHE (Public Health England): this is CDC counterpart for UK

Canada: Public Health Service

ECDC (European Union — European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control):

WHO Advice for the Public



Did I miss any? Hit me @Ritholtz

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