Links 1/1/2022

Links 1/1/2022 1

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2021 Future Crunch (Dr. Kevin)

THIS CAT FURNITURE SYSTEM FEATURES MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODULES FOR CATS AND THEIR HUMANS BOTH TO ENJOY! Yanko Furniture (David L). Hoo boy, I first read the headline as “malfunctional modules” and was trying to puzzle out how furniture could be selectively broken for the betterment of felines and their humans.

Fish fall from the sky during rain in east Texas, city reacts KXXV (J-LS). Weird stuff like that is usually a post tornado event. And poor fishies!

World’s Largest Flying Animal – With a Wingspan Nearing 40 Feet – Leaped Aloft To Fly SciTech Daily (Chuck L)

15 jaw-dropping weather photos on 500px ISO (David L)

Astronomers uncover largest group of rogue planets yet ScienceDaily (Chuck L)

Ontario Police Are Looking Long & Hard For Thieves Who Stole Over $90K Worth Of Condoms Narcity (Dr. Kevin). Must have been planning quite the New Year event!

Don’t throw your old laptop in the dumpster—here’s what to do instead Reviewed (David L)

Logic’s song ‘1-800-273-8255’ may have led to hundreds fewer suicides, study finds MPR (Chuck L)

How Disgust Explains Everything New York Times (Anthony L)


GM: “Florian Krammer is one of the very top scientists in the world working on respiratory viruses, studying flu prior to the pandemic, then coronaviruses too. So this coming from him is quite significant:”

Remote Antarctic station hit with Covid-19 outbreak RT (Kevin W)

World map shows which nations met 40% vaccine goal — and which didn’t NPR (David L)


Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. Scientists are trying to figure out why NPR (David L). NPR is waking up to this only now?


Paris reintroduces an outdoor mask mandate. New York Times


Prepare for virus superstorm: Omicron will peak in the US with up to 5.4m cases a week by Jan. 9 and not the end of the month says Columbia researchers Daily Mail

Omicron puts pinch on Biden vaccine mandate efforts The Hill

INFORMED CONSENT ACTION NETWORK v. CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION AND HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Seeking the release of Covid vaccine safety data, which the CDC claims it will take 75 years to anonymize.

The US Postal Service is getting hit by Omicron after it survived the holiday season by enlisting tens of thousands of workers Business Insider (Kevin W)


Two of America’s biggest banks return to remote work to start 2022 CNN (Kevin W)

Food recalls have dropped off during the pandemic, but no one is entirely sure why MPR (Chuck L)


China helping Saudi Arabia build ballistic missiles Asia Times (Kevin W)


Brexit returns to its roots Chris Grey (guurst)

European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič: “London Has Breached a Great Deal of Trust” Der Spiegel

Blair becomes ‘Sir Tony’ and joins top royal order BBC


How the US plans to re-insert itself into Afghanistan The Cradle (Chuck L)

Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan Associated Press (J-LS)

Imperial Collapse Watch

CIA Experimented on Hundreds of Orphans, Torturing Them to Reveal Psychopathic Traits—Report Free Thought Project (BC)

How we benefit from the Cockburn’s ‘Spoils of War‘ Responsible Statecraft (resilc)


The Unbearable Double Standard of the US Press, judging Biden Harshly and Abruptly Forgetting Trump’s Bizarre Antics Juan Cole (furzy). The Clinton efforts to overturn the 2016 election (asserting the military should have a say, briefly scheming to flip electors) and Russiagate are completely omitted from this account.

Trump-appointed bank regulator resigns after partisan fight Financial Times

Retired general warns the military could lead a coup after the 2024 election NPR (David L). Note Clinton allies in 2016 talked way too loudly about how the military should approve of an incoming president, so this is merely taking that line of thought to its logical conclusion.

Democrats en déshabillé

Pelosi Announces Events to Mark 6 Jan. Anniversary ‘in Spirit of Unity, Patriotism, Prayerfulness’ Sputnik (Kevin W). Kill me now.

Our Famously Free Press

New anti-protest laws cast long shadow on First Amendment rights Florida Bulldog (Chuck L)

Nonstandard Measures. Why artists should oppose “Stay Down”… Cory Doctorow (fk)

Woke Watch

A Blueprint for Woke Medicine City Journal (furzy)

L’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards to complete community service New York Post (BC)

Speculation grows that Maxwell may try to cut a deal for reduced sentence Guardian (J-LS). This is ridiculous. The time to bargain is before a suit is filed. And the deal is contingent on the information leading to successful indictments. She has no leverage.

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers demand proof that Prince Andrew can’t sweat CNN (J-LS)

Louisville, Co First light shows destruction from Marshall Fire- Drone 4k YouTube (Dr. Kevin). 🙁

More Marshall fire images: href=”” rel=”nofollow”>


Israeli Pharma Giant Teva Found Responsible for Opioid Addiction Epidemic in New York Trial Sputnik (Chuck L)

Dollar’s year of living dangerously awaits Asia Times (Kevin W)

2021 Bye Bye

From IM Doc:

Responsible Statecraft 2021: Top 5 most-read articles of the year Responsible Statecraft (J-LS)

The 9 politicians who had the most impact in 2021 The Hill

In 2021, New York’s Housing Market Made a Stunning Comeback DNyuz (J-LS). We did say the predictions of New York’s demise were way ahead of themselves.

The Selective Sovietization of American Capitalism Amar Bhide, Project Syndicate. Important.

Guillotine Watch

Bulgari Offers a $39,000 Hotel Suite for Those Who Might Spend Millions on a Necklace Wall Street Journal (J-LS)

Space Colonists Will Likely Resort to Cannibalism, Scientist Says Futurism (J-LS)

Happy New Year!

IMHO Sydney does fireworks the best because Sydney Harbor is such a great staging ground. I saw then live at the end of the Olympics and at New Years 2004.

Antidote du jour (Alison L):

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And a bonus (Tom H):

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