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Links 1/16/2021

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Links 1/16/2021


Dear patient readers,

Many of you expressed concern about Lambert not posting his usual Water Cooler yesterday. Not to worry. He got confused about which day of the week it was.

Left stranded: US military sonar linked to whale beachings in Pacific, say scientists Guardian (David L)

Climate disasters in the US broke records in 2020. Scientists may now know why: Earth was the hottest it has ever been. Busness Insider (Kevin W)

The planet is dying faster than we thought LiveScience (David L)

This Seagrass Traps Marine Plastic Smithsonian (David L)

A Big Science Publisher Is Going Open Access. But at What Cost? Undark (Dr. Kevin)

Hooray (fk):


COVID-19: Ice cream tests positive for coronavirus in China Sky (resilc). Nothing is sacred.


Covid-19 infection grants immunity for five months, UK study suggests CNN. We’d warned about banking on happy talk about immunity of a year or longer. Having said that, there is a school of thought that the vaccines may confer longer-lived immunity.

Covid-19: Many ICU staff in England report symptoms of PTSD, severe depression, or anxiety, study reports BMJ 🙁

Covid-19 vaccination associated with adverse drug reactions in elderly people who are frail Statens legemiddelverk (Halcyon)


President-elect Biden on COVID-19 Vaccination Plan CSPAN (Kevin C). I am proven wrong. Biden says he will use the Defense Production Act. But yours truly wonders if that is a threat as opposed to a commitment.

Covid-19 Vaccine Leaders Waited Months to Approve Distribution Plans Wall Street Journal. Looks like they assumed a can opener, that the private sector could largely handle the last mile of distribution.

Study: COVID-19 Reduced Life Expectancy in US by a Year Mother Jone

Some big U.S. pharmacies will not check ID before administering COVID-19 vaccines Reuters (resilc)

Microsoft, Oracle & Co full speed ahead on Covid-19 vaccine passports, citing incipient government demand RT (Kevin W). “Incipient demand” = like stocks, this will be sold, not bought.

Mink farm workers await vaccine as industry’s viability questioned WKOW


All UK travel corridors to be closed, says Boris Johnson Guardian (Kevin W)

Covid: Why hasn’t the UK banned all international flights? BBC

EC president von der Leyen dares European nations to call her bluff with announcement of (mandatory?) vaccine certificates RT (Kevin W)


Biden “recovery” plan will fail to relieve social misery or stop pandemic death WSWS

‘Spend as much as you can,’ IMF head urges governments worldwide Reuters (resilc)

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire Cabinet resign over child welfare scandal CBS


New Cold War

Russia follows US to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty DefenseNews. Kevin W: “Biden has only three weeks to decide whether to renew the only arms control treaty left between Russia and the US – the new START treaty.”


No, We’re Not Going to War with Iran National Review (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Signal is a government op Yasha Levine

FAA Approves First Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights Wall Street Journal


No matter Impeachment 2.0, Trumpism will haunt America Asia Times (Kevin W)

Franklin Graham Compares 10 Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump to Betrayal of Christ Newsweek

GOP divided over Liz Cheney’s future The Hill

Trump Transition

Trump says only Jesus Christ more famous than him MSN

US set for flurry of ‘Christian nationalist’ bills advanced by religious right Guardian (resilc)

GOP in bind over Trump as corporate donations freeze The Hill

Capitol Seizure

The Radicalization of Kevin Greeson: How one man went from attending President Barack Obama’s inauguration to dying in the mob protesting Donald Trump’s election loss during the Capitol insurrection. ProPublica (resilc)

SECRET MESSAGE CONSPIRACY Desperate QAnon fans spout bogus claim Trump spoke to them in MORSE CODE Sun

Inspectors general of 4 federal agencies open review of security and intelligence surrounding Capitol attack The Hour

American democracy is still under attack—by corporate influence Quartz (resilc)

Ex-McCaskill staffers launch PAC to block Hawley’s electoral ambitions Politico


Biden appoints geneticist Eric Lander as science adviser and head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Science (Kevin C)

Stop Biden’s Neocon Nominee to the State Department American Conservative

Why Joe Biden Can’t Bring His Peloton to the White House Popular Mechanics (resilc)

Our Famously Free Press

Twitter, Facebook and Co.: The Growing Problem of Online Radicalization Der Spiegel. Resilic: “Gee, who wooda thunk it?”

100 days of warning: inside the Boogaloo killings of US security personnel Guardian

Big Tech Has Helped Trash America New York Times (David L)


Democrats cheer as NRA declares bankruptcy, seeks to escape ‘corrupt’ New York by moving to Texas RT (Kevin W). Sadly less consequential than this sounds, see below.

NRA to move to Texas, fleeing litigation brought against it by New York state Washington Post (furzy)

A Reckoning for Political Science Chronicle for Higher Education (Robert M)

Is Tesla a car company, or a casino? New Statesman (resilc)

America Abandoned Its Economic Prophet. The World Embraced Him. Foreign Policy (Kevin C)

A Story of Use and Abuse: Athenian democracy in the political imagination Lapham’s Quarterly (Anthony L)

Hannah Arendt YouTube (Thomas R)

Antidote du jour (CV):

Links 1/16/2021 1

And a bonus:

See Yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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