Links 1/18/2023

Links 1/18/2023 1

World’s oldest person passes away at 118 DW

U.K. woman’s dying wish: a funeral dance to ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ Washington Post (Chuck L)

Confirmation: Drumming and music as a change agent in American culture Vinnie Sperrazza (Randy K). Sent in response to Lambert’s Charlie Watts post

What’s behind Canada’s drastic new alcohol guidance BBC

Jotting and plotting: Real gardeners need to keep a journal The Critic (Anthony L)

Herbert Read: The Art of Everyday Life Jacobin (Anthony L)




Atmospheric Dust May Have Hidden True Extent of Global Heating Guardian

British Battery Start-Up Files For Bankruptcy New York Times

Eating One US Fish Is Equivalent To Drinking a Month’s Worth of Contaminated Water, Study Finds CBS. Eeew!

‘Extinction crisis’ of sharks and rays to have devastating effect on other species, study finds Guardian (Kevin W)


Untimely death for US-China climate cooperation Asia Times (Kevin W)

What it would take for Apple to disentangle itself from China Financial Times

China’s abandonment of Zero-COVID and imperialist hypocrisy WSWS

Targeting Myanmar’s factories of death Asia Times (Kevin W)

European Disunion

EU bonds will not become a ‘safe asset’ – Germany and Co won’t let that happen Bill Mitchell

Europe’s gas emergency: A continent hostage to seller prices The Cradle (guurst). A departure from high fives due to recent gas price falls.

Old Blighty

Don’t tell me that David Carrick’s crimes were ‘unbelievable’. The problem is victims aren’t believed Guardian (Kevin W)

Westminster is very unwise to challenge Scotland’s capacity to decide Richard Murphy

Britain’s excess death rate is at a disastrous high – and the causes go far beyond Covid Guardian

The Failure of Maneuver: The Great War Big Serge

New Not-So-Cold War

Russia moves to end European treaties RT (Kevin W)

Ukraine SitRep – Media Ignorance, Counter-Artillery War, Three Lost Armies Moon of Alabama. Nice shout out, plus telling estimates of Ukraine troop commitment to trying to hold Bakhmut, losses of materiel..and description of Penicillin.

West adapts aid to Kiev, expects it to ‘succeed on the battlefield’ — Blinken: The US top diplomat stressed that the Western military aid to Kiev started “months before the Russian aggression” TASS (guurst)

Cannot Defeat Living… Andrei Martyanov. Guurst: “French twerps.”

Ukraine’s interior ministry leadership killed in helicopter crash BBC

Ukrainian adviser quits after claims over Russian missile that killed dozens Guardian (Kevin W)

Turkey calls Swedish prosecutor’s inaction over Erdogan effigy ‘absurd’ ekathimerini


Syria’s power dynamic is shifting Indian Punchline (Kevin W)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

The FBI Identified a Tor User Bruce Schneier


What the Jan. 6 probe found out about social media, but didn’t report Washington Post (furzy)


White House struggles with messaging strategy over Biden documents The Hill

White House counsel’s office says there are no visitors logs at Biden’s Wilmington home CNN. Kevin W: “What about the logs of the Secret Service protection detail?”

Biden, House GOP refuse to budge as key debt ceiling deadline looms Politico


In her will, Ivana Trump left her former nanny a $1 million condo — and her Yorkshire terrier, Tiger Trump — and nothing to ex-husband Donald Trump Business Insider

REPLY IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR CLARIFICATION Huddleston v. FBI, Eastern Court of Texas (Chuck L). You don’t have to read far to find:

After years of denials, the FBI has finally admitted that Seth Rich is directly linked to the “hack” of the Democratic National Committee email servers in 2016.

GOP Clown Car

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar land Oversight committee assignments after removal by Democrats The Hill

Disgraced GOP congressman George Santos is accused of using his animal nonprofit to steal $3,000 raised for homeless disabled vet’s cancer-stricken dog, which then died in agony Daily Mail

Man Going by ‘Manic’ Arrested in Bungled Neo-Nazi Bank Robbery Plot Vice

Woke Watch

How DEI Is Supplanting Truth as the Mission of American Universities: An obsession with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion threatens students, professors, and the very credibility of higher education in the U.S. John Sailer, Free Press (EM)

Trans conversion therapy ban ‘could turn parents into criminals’ Telegraph

Our No Longer Free Press

India Proposes Social Media Firms Rely On Fact Checking By Government Agencies Tech Crunch

Our Migration to Rumble and Locals Glenn Greenwald. Linked to by Lambert yesterday with effectively no comment. I assume I am in a microscopically small minority, but I hate that so many places want to get my e-mail address as a condition of seeing their content (I have become a huge fan of Walled gardens, even with what look like low walls, are bad! And I don’t like that I became a supporter at one place and now have to give my e-mail address to a second place.

Why China’s potential economic rebound could boost the US The Hill

Microsoft To Cut Thousands of Jobs Across Divisions Reuters

The Bezzle

SEC Comes for Gemini Too Late Matt Levine

Three Arrows Capital Co-Founders Pitch To Raise $25 Million For New ‘GTX’ Exchange The Block

New York Faces a New Legal Fight Over a Proposed Crypto-Mining Power Plant The Verge

Former President of FTX US breaks silence, says SBF was insecure, volatile and spiteful, threatened to “destroy my professional reputation” Kitco

Guillotine Watch

Why Mark Zuckerberg Should Face the Threat of Jail Bloomberg (furzy)

Class Warfare

Sen. Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks on the Working Class C-SPAN

Debt-Ridden 4th-Grader Shouldn’t Have Recklessly Invested In Lunch The Onion

Capitalism’s court jester: Slavoj Žižek Counterpunch (silversurfer7). From early Jan, still germane.

Antidote du jour. Chet G:

I had intended to send more photos, but my household is still unsettled.

However, yesterday I was at a good release of a juvenile bald eagle (via Centre Wildlife Care) and had some interesting photos. Attached are the first two that I’ve processed.

The first is from the exercise cage (in which any eagle is kept a few weeks in order to gain wing strength before a release). I named the eagle (a female) Athena, since she was both determined and focused.

The second photo is at the release site. Some eagles hesitate before leaving a crate. Athena was rocking her crate back and forth in her eagerness to leave. The moment the door was opened, she was out in a flash. The photo is of her zooming past me.

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Links 1/18/2023 3

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