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Links 1/19/2021

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Links 1/19/2021


“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Has Owners Posting Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats Bored Panda (furzy)

This Elaborately Armored Samurai Was Folded From A Single Sheet of Paper This Colossal (David L)

The best photography of 2020 New Atlas (David L)

Astronomers edge closer to detecting background “sea” of gravitational waves Astronomy (furzy)

Nepali climbers make history with winter summit of K2 mountain BBC (David L)

America on a new fast track to fusion energy Asia Times

The Problem with Technosolutionism American Conservative. Resilc: “Look inside the hood of your current car vs a 55 Chevy……..We are a techo throw-a-way culture. not sustainable. You will never see a 2020 Chevy in 15 years on the road. I see 55 Chevys all the time.” Moi: Although I am not keen about driving, I like using a 2003 Buick. It works, has decent pickup, and is unfussy.

The Fascinating Second Lives of Stuff American Conservative (UserFriendly). On a roll!

Why the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Lease Sale Flopped Backpacker (furzy)

Newly-identified nutrient helps the gut recall prior infections and kill invading bacteria News Medical Life Sciences (furzy). What kind of article is this??? Doesn’t even say taurine is an amino acid. It’s an essential amino acid for cats, fer Chrissakes.


Japan’s suicide rate rises 16% in second wave of Covid, study finds Guardian


Almost a third of recovered Covid patients return to hospital in five months and one in eight die Telegraph. But these were hospitalized patients, not all Covid cases.

From CanChemist: “Be sure to scroll down to read the whole thread. Grim.” Very very small sample. Still:

China and US clash at WHO over coronavirus investigation in Wuhan South China Morning Post


‘Little old West Virginia’ sets pace on vaccine rollout ABC (resilc)

Fauci says federal approval of Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca vaccines is ‘weeks away’ New York Daily News (fk). Perhaps my memory is off, but I though I had read that the AstraZeneca approval wasn’t set to happen until April, so this change is welcome (assuming the approval process hasn’t been more trashed rushed than it was for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines….

Vaccine Reserves White House Released Don’t Exist: Report New York Magazine

Biden Rejects Trump’s Plan to Lift EU, U.K., Brazil Travel Bans Bloomberg

Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across U.S. CNBC: “How can they use the National Guard? They are busy protecting us from other ‘merikins…..”


Thousands march in Vienna against coronavirus restrictions Reuters


Exclusive: Trump slams China’s Huawei, halting shipments from Intel, others – sources Reuters

A green industrial policy for Europe Bruegel


One British Industry, Brexit’s Red Tape Is Just Beginning New York Times (resilc)

U.K. Offers Payments to Fishermen Hit by Brexit Trade Obstacles Bloomberg

Brexit: incompetence all round Richard North

Dawning realities Chris Grey


Massive Blackouts Have Hit Iran. The Government is Blaming Bitcoin Mining. Washington Post

A Yemeni Famine Made in Washington and Riyadh CounterPunch

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Cell Phone Location Privacy Bruce Schneier (David L)

Apple’s iPhone 13 Could Ditch the Lightning Port, Feature Next-Gen Vapor Chamber Cooling and In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Apple Insider. Fingerprint sensor? Kill me now.

Imperial Collapse Watch

What ‘Democracy’ Is Under Attack? Caitlin Johnstone (Tom D)

Trump Transition

Prospect of Pardons in Final Days Fuels Market to Buy Access to Trump New York Times

Historians having to tape together records that Trump tore up Guardian. Charming.

Capitol Seizure

The Capitol Riot Revealed the Darkest Nightmares of White Evangelical America New Republic (resilc)

A place to fund hope’: How Proud Boys and other fringe groups found refuge on a Christian fundraising website Washington Post (resilc)

Capitol Mob Has Roots in Anti-Lockdown Protests Intercept. Consistent with our speculation.

‘I had no qualms’: The people turning in loved ones for the Capitol attack Guardian

Attack on Capitol was the beginning of an American insurgency, counterterrorism experts warn Yahoo

Wilmington 1898: When white supremacists overthrew a US government BBC

Lessons From the 6 January Insurrection CounterPunch (resilc)


Migrant caravan: Mexico presses US to reform immigration policies BBC

Biden to propose 8-year citizenship path for undocumented immigrants Associated Press

Context: BLM protest on MKL Day:

Our Famously Free Press

Parler CEO Brings Back Website, Promises Service Will Follow ‘Soon’ ars technica

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV Newsmax

Former Wells Fargo general counsel fined $3.5 million in OCC settlement American Banker. Lower than expected 🙁

Antidote du jour. Chris H: “Mother and child reunion.”

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And a bonus (David L). Mute the sound:

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