Links 1/19/2022

Links 1/19/2022 1

‘Flying’ deer stuns social media in jaw-dropping video Flipboard (David L)

Marlon Bundo, Pence family rabbit and unlikely gay rights figure, dies Washington Post

Million-Year-Old DNA Yields Mammoth Surprises Discover (Chuck L)

‘World’s largest’ cast-iron skillet travels down Tennessee highway UPI. Resilc: “Who sez USA USA can’t make stuff?”

Prehistoric Volcanoes Heated Earth in a Global Chain Reaction Scientific American. Anthony L: “Then, when the volcanoes died down, the temperatures kept rising.”

‘It’s mind-boggling’: the hidden cost of our obsession with fish oil pills Guardian. Iceland is also a big supplier. Fish oil companies were on sale for the corporate equivalent of bupkis during its financial crisis.

The Reunion Dublin Review of Books. Anthony L: “For Leonard Cohen fans.”



Israeli trial, world’s first, finds 4th dose ‘not good enough’ against Omicron Times of Israel. Reported by Lambert yesterday, but important not to miss.

Breakthrough infections with SARS-CoV-2 omicron despite mRNA vaccine booster dose Lancet (Kevin W)

Covid: WHO warns pandemic not over amid Europe case records BBC

Media briefing on COVID-19 World Health Organization (via Facebook??)

How widespread is Covid in animals and what are the risks to humans? Financial Times


Covid: Beijing city urges end to overseas deliveries over Omicron BBC


The Postal Service is now taking orders for free COVID-19 test kits NPR (martha r)

White House to make 400 million N95 masks available for free The Hill. And here I went and stockpiled….

LA County tallies most daily COVID deaths since April 2021 KCRA. IM Doc sputters by e-mail:

Paging Dr. Monica Ghandi….Yes, that Dr. Gandhi. The ID TV expert promising all for weeks that California was bulletproof for hospitalizations and deaths from COVID. The vaccine rate was just too high and there was no way it was going to happen.

Fun fact – I was witness to another expert being asked a question today – “Are these deaths from omicron or delta?” “Is anyone testing these strains?”

His answer – “Why would you need to do that? It is obvious from the data that Omicron is not lethal.”

These are world experts. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Scientist GM added:

Monica Gandhi has been one of the most reliable predictors of what is going to happen throughout the pandemic. Nearly 100% success rate, you just have to assume the opposite of what she says.

Another IM Doc sighting:

His comment:

I am really trying to picture American medical figures like William Osler, Palmer Howard, Harvey Cushing, or William Halsted daring to show up and entertain a group like the World Economic Forum.

I am simply unable to do so.

I just simply cannot imagine any of these heroes thinking an appearance in this kind of group would be appropriate in any way. They would have avoided it like the plague.

But that has not stopped Fauci. And in doing so, is giving us all kinds of indications of his true motives and accordingly the motives of the NIH and the FDA. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM OFFER THAT WOULD BE TAKING UP A MINUTE OF THE HEAD OF OUR COVID RESPONSE’S TIME?

Furthermore, the section in this tweet about Fauci’s take on the non-believers and even more importantly Moderna’s plans for boosters and further vaccine schedules is quite illuminating.

These people have learned nothing from the past two years. Nothing. They are doubling down at full speed. The hubris is overwhelming.

Nearly 1 million US children were infected with COVID-19 last week WSWS. Subhead: “Alabama infectious disease director: ‘The rate of cases is like a rocket ship.’” The CDC has 1.127 pediatric deaths. One of my close friends has it. She has regular back pain, so she is on so many pain meds and muscle relaxants that she can’t tell if she is having muscle pain. But she’s been incapacitated with a three day and still running migraine level headache, with sore eyes and sensitivity to light.


Indonesia names new capital Nusantara, replacing sinking Jakarta Guardian. Resilc” “I used to go there to support world bank/usaid transmigration projects in the 80s. We called it the province of Weyerhaeuser because of a plywood factory in the area.”


Textbook dilemma traps US, China in a war spiral Asia Times (Kevin W)

Old Blighty

Westminster mood increasingly toxic as Tories mull next steps Guardian (Kevin W)

UK upper house votes to make misogyny a hate crime Politico

New Cold War

Biden Should Declare NATO Membership Closed Antiwar (resilc)

Biden’s Opportunity for Peace in Eurasia National Interest (Chuck L)

Blinken Will Meet With Russia as U.S. Pushes for More Diplomacy New York Times


How to think about war in Ukraine Timothy Snyder (Kevin C). Be warned: Major war with Russia-monger.

Bill Clinton’s Role in the Crisis Over Ukraine CounterPunch. Resilc: “Just about every shitstorm we face starts with Clinton.”

Instructive: The Once-Classified Tale of Juanita Moody: The Woman Who Helped Avert a Nuclear War Smithsonian (Chuck L)


From Aerial Strikes to Starvation, Afghanistan’s People Bear the Brunt of the West’s Failed Taliban Tactics CounterPunch (resilc)

US senses opportunity in fraying Taliban-Pakistan ties Asia Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

UK government planning emotive ‘stunts’ in anti-encryption ad campaign 9to5mac (Kevin W)

Imperial Collapse Watch

They Missed Lessons…Andrei Martyanov (Chuck L). Important.

One step backward: US to assist French in failing African counter-terror ops Responsible Statecraft (resilc)

TSMC raises the bar with record capital spending Asia Times. Subhead: “Meanwhile Intel’s CEO begs US Congress to fund the CHIPS Act to lift America’s flagging chip makers”


US Capitol riot committee issues subpoena to Rudy Giuliani BBC (furzy)


Second state attorney general refers fake Trump electoral certificate to federal prosecutors Alternet (furzy)

GOP Clown Car

Will Trump Lose His Throne to Ron DeSantis? New Republic (resilc)

Democrats en déshabillé

Sanders Says He Is Open to Supporting Primary Challenges to Sinema, Manchin Wall Street Journal


Meet the Black Men Who Changed Lincoln’s Mind About Equal Rights Smithsonian (Chuck L)

Our Famously Free Press

Bitter Fruit: Marshall McLuhan and the Rise of Fake News Quillette. Chuck L: “There’s more blame for the corrupted MSM to go around than just to McLuhan.”

FedEx Asks FAA to Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers on Planes Gizmodo (furzy). I can’t even….

Godzilla v. Mothra, 5G Edition

5G goes live in the US and sparks international chaos: British Airways and Cathay Pacific become latest carriers scrambling to change transatlantic flights over safety fears around airports as AT&T and Verizon activate their networks at 90% Daily Mail (Brian C). Note Japan’s JAL and ANA have also cancelled flights. And:

Delta Air Lines released a statement that the company ‘is planning for the possibility of weather-related cancellations caused by the deployment of new 5G service in the vicinity of dozens of U.S. airports starting as early as Wednesday.’

Emirates, Air India, and others cancel flights due to AT&T and Verizon’s 5G rollout The Verge. Kevin W: “America now being declared a no-fly zone.”

CalPERS board president announces resignation after cancer diagnosis Sacramento Bee

First-ever felony charges filed against driver in fatal Autopilot-involved crash RT (Kevin W)

Guillotine Watch

The curse of the Girlboss: Elizabeth Homes could’ve been the next Gwyneth Paltrow Unherd (Anthony L). Funny but a low-level female con artist has come across my radar, practicing medicine w/o needed licenses. If I have the energy, I would like go after her because it would be a social good as well as potentially instructive. Any reader tips appreciated.

Is historic Rome villa the world’s most valuable property? BBC

Class Warfare

The “highly skilled” are the enemies of your existence White Hot Harlots (Anthony L). Late to get to this but a fine rant.

What it’s like to make $100k+ walking dogs The Hustle (resilc)

Now You Can Rent a Robot Worker—for Less Than Paying a Human Wired (Dr. Kevin)

8,500 Grocery Workers Strike in CO – Pitt Spent $3 Million on Anti-Union Law Firm – Baton Rogue Teachers Strike Mike Elk

THE WELL OF THE CONGRESS: The Wealthiest 10% of Zip Codes Provide 67% of ‘Maxed Out’ Contributions to Congressional Candidates, and the Richest 1% of Zip Codes Account for 25% Public Citizen. Explains why elected officials are so attuned to the pet needs of the so-called Professional-Managerial Class (PMC), which if you were to draw a Venn diagram, overlaps heavily with the top 10%.

Distrust in political, media and business leaders sweeps the globe Axios

Antidote du jour. Parker D: “Our friend chillin’by the pool with a native in Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador 2019”:

Links 1/19/2022 2

And a bonus (John Siman):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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