Links 1/20/2022

Links 1/20/2022 1

Sorry to be thin on original posts. Impressive thunder and lightening led to a service interruption but not a fatal one.

Powerful Winds Carve Surreal Sand Sculptures Across a Frozen Beach My Modern Met (David L)

Spain’s festival of Las Luminarias – in pictures Guardian (resilc)

World’s Deepest Squid Discovered at Staggering Depth Under The Sea Science Alert (Chuck L)

Tonga volcano eruption created puzzling ripples in Earth’s atmosphere Nature (furzy)

It’s time for science to abandon the term ‘statistically significant’ Aeon (Dr. Kevin)

Ultralow-field MRI scanner could improve global access to neuroimaging Physics World (Dr. Kevin)

A huge project is underway to sequence the genome of every complex species on Earth The Conversation (Kevin W)

Does marmalade exist? London Review of Books (Anthony L). On Malcolm Bull. So much to read, so little time…


Face masks can make you more attractive: study Reuters. Haha! Readers discussed this the other day and came to same conclusion.


Omicron Is a Bigger Risk for the Young, Medical Data Shows Bloomberg

‘Nocebo effect’: two-thirds of Covid jab reactions not caused by vaccine, study suggests Guardian. As someone who is continuing to suffer a serious side effect, and have medical reports that attribute my symptoms to my J&J shot, I find this offensive.

Antigen Tests: Real World Data Katelyn Jetelina. Dr. Kevin” “How to keep from screwing up when using rapid Covid tests.”




Top Florida health official on leave over support for vaccination BBC. Only in America…

New Mexico asks National Guard to teach as COVID shuts schools Reuters

Why Covid-19 Didn’t Create the Nursing Crisis New York Times (resilc). IM Doc I am sure will beg to differ. One our aides had been a CNA in hospital and quit when her floor was turned over to Covid duty. We had other aides, CNAs in nursing homes, who quit those jobs for similar reasons. But these vantages may not be representative. What do nurses and other front-line medical personnel think?

Why Joe Biden Gave Up on Covid New Republic


Lumber Prices Are off the Rails Again. Blame Climate Change. Atlantic (resilc)
A68: ‘Megaberg’ dumped huge volume of fresh water BBC

More protected areas won’t save biodiversity, warn experts PhysOrg (Robert M)


Protesting Winter Olympics athletes ‘face punishment’, suggests Beijing official Guardian (resilc)

Will America Ever Be Able To Challenge China’s Lithium Battery Dominance OilPrice

Old Blighty

Residents in Cheshire flats ‘trapped’ in homes that have plummeted to value of 1p Cheshire Live. Kevin W: “Fallout from the Grenfell fire.”

Bombing the ‘Irish Beatles’ – who ordered their murder? Declassified UK (Chuck L)

Examining the poor reputation of African armies DW (resilc)

Starving Afghans Use Crypto to Sidestep Sanctions, the Taliban Intercept

New Cold War

President Biden on Russia, Ukraine, and Putin C-SPAN

Biden expects Putin will order Ukraine invasion, vows ‘disaster for Russia’ CNBC (furzy). Lotta college tuitions must be riding on this….

Putin’s Challenge to Western hegemony Adam Tooze

Germany Has a Russia Problem Der Spiegel (resilc)

How Russia Went Wrong American Conservative

CIA says mysterious condition dubbed ‘Havana Syndrome’ is NOT the result of a sustained global campaign by hostile power against American citizens – but admits two dozen cases in Cuba remain unexplained Daily Mail

Brzezinski becomes US ambassador to Poland RT (resilc)


China plays discreet, but critical role in Iran nuclear negotiations France24

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

The White House Is Worried About Open Source Software Security Bloomberg (David L)

WhatsApp Ordered To Help US Agents Spy On Chinese Phones Forbes

Meta wants to track people’s facial expressions in metaverse New York Post

Imperial Collapse Watch

Can Humanity Survive Washington’s Delusional Belief in its Omnipotence? Paul Craig Roberts (Chuck L)

America Needs War. Andrei Martyanov (Chuck L)


Supreme Court rejects Trump’s bid to shield records from Jan. 6 committee The Hill. Not to defend Trump, but given that he regularly flip flops between extreme positions, it’s going to be easy to find incriminating statements. And they are sure to be taken out of context and given more weight than they should given the context of the entire discussion. Trump was a terrible president, so you think just a fair and square presentation of his erraticness, emotional instability, cronyism and shambolic conduct would do. Nope. He has to be made into Hair Furore.

The Supreme Court ruling here.



Joe Biden’s Awesome First Year Matt Taibbi

‘It’s a tough time’: why is Biden one of the most unpopular US presidents? Guardian

‘Total disaster’: Biden is slammed after his ‘rambling’ first press conference in 78 days in which he claimed he had ‘over-performed’ during first year despite 7% inflation, tanking approval, COVID chaos and woeful Afghan withdrawal Daily Mail

Joe Biden one year on: Has the United States become ungovernable? BBC. Resilc: “That’s the plan.”

Democrats en déshabillé

RDemocrats Fail in Push to Change Senate Filibuster, Sinking Elections Bill Wall Street Journal

The Voting-Rights Debate Democrats Don’t Want to Have Atlantic (resilc)

Why Schumer picked a filibuster fight he couldn’t win Politico

Why Democrats Keep Bringing Up Voting Rights Legislation FiveThirtyEight

Alabama football coach Nick Saban and other sports legends with ties to West Virginia urge Joe Manchin to step up for voting-rights bill MarketWatch (resilc)

Woke Watch

Teaching Censorship: National Education Association Called On Social Media Companies to Silence its Critics Jonathan Turley (Chuck L)

Our Famously Free Press

Social Media Bans of Scientific Misinformation Aren’t Helpful, Researchers Say Gizmodo

The Feds Are Investigating a YouTuber Accused of Crashing a Plane For Views The Drive

Police State Watch

Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal ‘black hole’ (UserFriendly)

Godzilla v. Mothra, 5G Edition

How Europe Rolled Out 5G Without Hurting Aviation CNN

Henry Jones Resigns, Theresa Taylor Takes Control of CalPERS Board SWFInstitute

U.S. to let teens drive big rigs in test apprenticeship program to help ease supply chain backlogs ABC7 (resilc)

Trains intended for unbuilt Milwaukee-Madison high-speed rail line going to Nigeria Wisconsin Public Radio CEO Confirms Hundreds of Accounts Were Hacked The Verge. Not just hacked, contents stolen.

Guillotine Watch

As the world reels, Bentley sales skyrocket Globe and Mail

Class Warfare

Antidote du jour. CV: “Look what Santa left under the catnip plant”:

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And a bonus (Chuck L):

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