Links 1/23/2023

Links 1/23/2023 1

How to See the ‘Green Comet’ Everyone’s Talking About Gizmodo


Climate change is threatening Madagascar’s famous forests: Study shows how serious it is

Some health risks from climate change in Florida may surprise. This one affects millions Miami Herald. Diabetes

U.S. Government Seeks to Dismiss Keystone XL Pipeline Case, While Taxpayers Have Already Spent $250,000 to NAFTA Arbitration Tribunal Public Citizen

Climate change and space debris, a vicious cycle astrobites

How did past societies handle the impacts of climate change? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Jackson, Mississippi’s water crisis persists as national attention and help fade away NBC News

‘Concerning’ map reveals where fish caught in the US are full of hazardous ‘forever chemicals’ Business Insider

Skipped showers, paper plates: For one suburb that relies on the Colorado River, water is hard to get Salt Lake Tribune

And farther down the line…

Tijuana Is Again Buying Emergency Water from California After Aqueduct Outage Voice of San Diego


Immune Harm: Who to believe? Easy Chair (Fathi)

The Gig is Up, and It Feels Weird Ok Doomer. The deck: “The German Minister of Public Health just confirmed what scientists have been trying to tell the world about Covid.”

Self-injury, suicidality and eating disorder symptoms in young adults following COVID-19 lockdowns in Denmark Nature. “Our findings provide no support for the increase in self-injury, suicidality and symptoms of EDs after the lockdowns.”


Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status, further easing rules AP


Myanmar Resistance Targets More Junta Election Offices The Irrawaddy

Old Blighty

UK steel industry a whisker away from collapse – Unite BBC

The Koreas

CNN’s Waging A Clever Psy-Op To Justify South Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions Andrew Korybko

How US-led alliance aims to mend Japan-South Korea ties and rein in China SCMP


Chinese Battery Plant Investment Faces Local Backlash in Hungary Bloomberg

Patrick Lawrence: Japan Reenlists as Washington’s Spear-Carrier Scheerpost

A Taiwan bloodbath might suit US decision-makers just fine RT

New Not-So-Cold War

US to Ukraine: You’re Losing; Do it Different! Empire, Communication and NATO Wars

US pledges to “go on the offensive” against Russia WSWS


Germany won’t keep Poland from sending tanks to Ukraine DW. Both Scholz and new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius continued to slow walk the decision Sunday before the announcement from FM Baerbock. Did she break rank? Would fit with her priors.

Some of the pressure on the German vassal state:

Germany is refusing to send tanks to Ukraine. Biden cannot let this stand WaPo


French politician accuses US of intent to start war in Europe TASS

Morocco becomes the first African country to give tanks to Ukraine – report i24

US to build military industrial base in Morocco Middle East Monitor. “The CIA report said that Russia not only strongly supports the Algerian regime militarily and politically, but is also discussing the establishment of a large logistical base that would give it an important outlet to countries located south of the Sahara Desert.”


Italy’s Meloni eyes boost in strong energy ties with Algeria AP

Big freeze that was feared by gas hungry Europe hits Central Asia, Iran IntelliNews

Speak Loudly and Carry Someone Else’s Big Stick The American Conservative

Russian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain New York Times. Entirely based on the word of anonymous US officials.

Macron wants €400 billion to ‘transform’ France’s forces through 2030 Defense News. While he’s trying to raise pension age.

Burkina Faso orders French troops to leave amidst massive protest WION

South of the Border

Bowing to coup threats, Lula promises massive investments in Brazil’s armed forces WSWS

Biden Administration

Biden to Tap Jeff Zients as His Next White House Chief of Staff New York Times. Rewarded for killing 600,000 Americans as Covid czar, but as Biden said Friday, he’s stopped thinking about that.

Fire Jeff Zients The American Prospect. From Jan. 2022, but still germane.

Biden slams climate change doubters while surveying storm damage Axios

Delays plague Biden’s push for rapid action on climate changeWaPo

Biden moves ahead on two Gulf lease sales for later this year Houston Chronicle


Biden enters year with low approval ratings despite midterm boost The Hill

Record High in U.S. Put Off Medical Care Due to Cost in 2022 Gallup

Trump to GOP: Don’t touch Medicare or Social Security in debt ceiling fight Politico

No Labels Makes Initial Investment in Bipartisan Presidential Ticket Sludge

Obama Legacy

Police State Watch

Memphis Police officers involved in traffic stop that preceded Tyre Nichols’ death fired Memphis Commercial Appeal. Quite the headline. Excessive use of force, failure to intervene and failure to render aid.


Mass Shooting In Monterey Park Leaves 10 Dead, 10 Wounded. What We Know So Far LAist

Supply Chain/Inflation

Surging egg prices mean record profits for largest US egg producer CNN.  The prison labor probably doesn’t hurt either.

Bleak outlook post-Chinese New Year prompts more blank voyages The Loadstar

Our No Longer Free Press


Guillotine Watch

A powerful nonprofit owns apartments for poor tenants. Why are some tenants trapped in their rooms? LA Times

Class Warfare

If America Had Fair Laws, 60 Million Workers Would Join a Union Tomorrow Jacobin (Kevin W)


The Lawsuit That Could Freeze Speech Against Billionaires The Lever


Pluralistic: Tiktok’s enshittification Pluralistic

The Bezzle

Feds seized nearly $700 million from FTX founder Bankman-Fried Reuters (Kevin W)

TikTok confirms that its own employees can decide what goes viral The Verge

IBM top brass accused again of using mainframes to prop up Watson, cloud sales The Register

Forgotten existentialist Aeon. “Sartre gets much of the credit for existentialism. Karl Jaspers not only preceded him, but offered a way out of despair.”

Antidote du jour (via):

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