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Links 1/24/2021

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Links 1/24/2021


Medicine Is Made for Men New York Review of Books

Jim Haynes: A man who invited the world over for dinner BBC

Yosemite closed after high winds bring down two giant sequoias Guardian

NYC man chooses to go to jail rather than give dog back to his employer NY Post

10 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors TreeHugger

Harvard’s top astronomer says our solar system may be teeming with alien technology New Statesman

The new mosquito bringing disease to North America BBC

The Limits of Caste London Review of Books

Hank Aaron Was More Than a Man Who Hit Home Runs Jacobin

From white gold to white elephant TLS

America Has a GPS Problem NYT

The True Story of Indonesia’s US-Backed Anti-Communist Bloodbath Jacobin


Rogue antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19 Nature

Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus? Der Spiegel

Pfizer to ship fewer vaccine vials than expected after extra doses discovered The Hill

Covid-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know When You Get the Shot WSJ

Reports of Racial Disparities in Covid Vaccines Distort Science FAIR

A gout drug shows promise for Covid-19, but skeptics worry about trusting science by press release Stat

Exclusive: Canada deporting thousands even as pandemic rages Reuters

The art and science of boarding an airplane in a pandemic Ars Technica

Family businesses are welcome winners in the pandemic FT R J Balson and Son, a butcher in Dorset, has been in business for more than 505 years.

Capitol Seizure

The Capitol invasion was not 9/11 in terms of violence but its political importance may be greater Independent. Patrick Cockburn.

Don’t Let The Riots Legitimize Facial Recognition Tech American Conservative

Mob mentality: Capitol riot exploited to expand the national security state that failed to stop it Grayzone

Capitol attack will spur broad crackdown on domestic extremists WaPo


Guard in DC forced to sleep in garages, sparking outcry AP

AOC OFFERS HER OFFICE TO NAT’L GUARD … After They Got Sent to Freezing Garage TMZ

‘Packed us together like sardines’: Guard deployed to Capitol struggles to contain Covid Politico

Justice Department considers NOT charging up to 800 MAGA rioters who caused havoc at the Capitol ‘since most of them just trespassed and were not violent’ Daily Mail

Trump Transition

Trump’s Pardons Show The Process Has Always Been Broken Marshall Project

Trump wanted the Justice Department to sue individual states to overturn their election results, but top officials refused, WSJ report says Business Insider

Why McConnell Dumped Trump New Yorker

Trump jumps into a divisive battle over the Republican Party — with a threat to start a ‘MAGA Party’ WaPo

New Cold War

Biden Transition

Why Biden May Be Less Evil Than Obama and Clinton – and Why This May Not Matter All That Much in the End Counterpunch

Joe Biden’s US presidency seen as a likely boon for Africa SCMP

Four Ways Biden Can Boost the Global Economy Project Syndicate. Jayati Ghosh.

Biden’s HHS Freezes Trump Insulin, Epinephrine Rule Until March Bloomberg

Biden administration takes over at VA’s deadliest moment Stars and Stripes

Class Warfare

Bernie Sanders’ Inauguration Meme Hijacked By Amazon For Ad; Critics Appalled Huffpost

The Unfinished Business of Flint’s Water Crisis ProPublica

Biden Has Extended Eviction Moratorium — Now It’s Time for More Truthout

Hunts Point Produce Market Workers End Strike with a Raise The City

Scabs Used to Bust Teachers Sickout Strike – Ohio Auto Parts Worker Strike – Minnesota Oil Workers Walkoff Payday Report

Uber and Lyft Sponsored Law Under Attack Capital & Main


India is giving away millions of coronavirus vaccine doses as a tool of diplomacy WaPo

Like it or not, future of Indian economy will have to be built on services, not manufacturing The Print

Narendra Modi is pushing Indian society to the brink Qantara Arundhati Roy


Was This Fakenews An Attempt To Get Khamenei Banned From Twitter? Moon of Alabama


Russia arrests thousands amid nationwide pro-Navalny protests Al Jazeera

Navalny Should Be Released Craig Murray

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