Links 1/24/2022

Links 1/24/2022 1

The Year of the Tiger 2022: predictions, food & celebrations South China Morning Post

Overweight armadillos put on a post-Christmas diet BBC

U.S. science no longer leads the world. Here’s how top advisers say the nation should respond Science

A Matter of Emphasis American Scholar

Napoleon’s gravity-defying 325km road BBC

Mapping fiction: the complicated relationship between authors and literary maps Guardian

Why Buster Keaton is today’s most influential actor BBC

The Internet Is Failing Moms-to-Be Wired

Discrimination by the Numbers MIT Technology Review

What’s behind legal dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus? Al Jazeera

Cruise ship changes course to Bahamas after U.S. issues arrest warrant Axios (The Rev Kev)

What the hell are apartment pants? Vogue India

The U-2 spy plane: white knuckles from the get-go Asia Times

Mutinying soldiers detain Burkina Faso President Kabore Agence France-Presse


An upper bound on one-to-one exposure to infectious human respiratory particles Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesces

Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now BMJ (flora) Hoisted from comments.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in pediatric oncology units: A lesson of resilience and hope Cancer


Lunar New Year reunions in limbo for China’s migrant workers as nation races to curb Covid-19 South China Morning Post

Omicron: zero spread, not zero cases, is IOC’s target for Winter Olympics with 72 positive tests detected so far in pre-Games build-up South China Morning Post


Omicron in community transmission stage in India, dominant strain in metros: Genome sequencing body Scroll


Europe Eases Pandemic Curbs on Omicron’s Waning Scare Factor Bloomberg

Police fire water cannon, tear gas at Brussels COVID protest Al Jazeera

German Covid protests turn nasty in row over rules and vaccinations BBC

Thousands of anti-vaccine mandate protesters flaunt mask rules to descend on DC where they blast songs by anti-mandate singer Meat Loaf and listen to speech from Robert F. Kennedy Daily Mail


The media blackout on Fauci’s damning emails The Spectator



Vaccine Apartheid Has Reinforced US Empire Jacobin


Nursing home families blast Hochul for excluding victims fund in state budget NY Post

COVID testing firm piled unprocessed swabs in trash bags, billed feds $113M Ars Technica (Dr. Kevin)


Urgent call for sperm donors as Birmingham banks run dry after two year Covid closure Birmigham Live (Dr. Kevin)


Severe shortage of nurses in UK children’s intensive care units Guardian

In Hospital Strained by Omicron, Weary Nurses Treat Too Many Patients WSJ


Julian Assange

Julian Assange wins first stage of attempt to appeal against extradition Guardian

Class Warfare

The Billionaire Side Hustle That Neoliberalism Created Common Dreams

Because no community is too small. Chesapeake News Guild (RK)

The Case for Strategic Price Policies Project Syndicate. James Galbraith

Biden Administration

On student loans, Biden doesn’t have an answer yet The Hill. A year into his presidency and he’s still dithering on this?

As Immigration Plummeted, Conservatives Falsely Accused Biden of Fueling a Crisis Intercept (furzy)

Epidemic of insanity strikes America’s leaders Asia Times

Biden’s Asia Policy, 1 Year In The Diplomat

Florida redistricting plan faces opposition from DeSantis The Hill

Democrats en déshabillé

Arizona Democratic Party censures Sinema over voting rights stance Politico

Can Revolution Take Root In Rhode Island? Daily Poster

What Ike’s military industrial complex speech didn’t say Responsible Statecraft

New Cold War

Beware the Cult of Cadwalladr Craig Murray

Symposium: What would US intervention over Ukraine really look like? Responsible statecraft

UKRAINE CRISIS: German Navy Chief Resigns; Britain Spreads Fears of Russian ‘Coup’ & Wider War Consortium News. Linked to an account of the event yesterday –  discussed in comments; still germane.

Secret of ‘microwave weapons’ targeting US diplomats revealed RT (MH)


As Caucasian Glaciers Melt, Locals Face the Future With Stoicism Moscow Times

Funding for Greenhouse Gas Regulation in Danger Despite Huge New Mexico Budget Capitalal & Main.

Health Care

`Antimicrobial resistance now causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide – new study The Conversation

The Powerful Case for Redefining Alzheimer’s Disease The Wire


Widodo riding high as his legacy comes into view Asia Times


Biden Is Failing Yemen Common Dreams

Iran regains UN voting rights RT (The Rev Kev)

Afghanistan: Taliban envoys start talks in Norway Deutsche Welle


Forgotten heroes now being remembered, says PM Modi as he unveils Netaji’s hologram at India Gate Scroll

The Bose Hologram Showcases Neither Bose nor Technology but Modi The Wire

China abduction claims spark political uproar in India Asia Times

Modi government’s duty to act on calls for violence against minorities: Ex-UN adviser on genocide Scroll


UK Intelligence Agency Targets China’s United Front The Diplomat

How China and Russia forged a friendship after bridging decades-old differences South China Morning Post

Antidote du Jour. Tracie H: “This little fellow is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet seen at the Huntington Library/Museum Gardens in San Marino, California.”

Links 1/24/2022 2


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