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It’s time to take reproduction in space seriously Axios (J-LS). Kill me now. You lose bone density and muscle mass in space, and we’ve recently learned your blood starts eating itself. But we’re still acting like space is a reasonable option absent huge improvements, which may not be feasible, in space craft?


COVID-19: endemic doesn’t mean harmless Nature (guurst)

Decreased memory B cell frequencies in COVID-19 delta variant vaccine breakthrough infection EMBO Molecular Medicine

Omicron Survives Longer on Plastic, Skin Than Other COVID Variants WebMD

Remember our harping about T-cells, particularly increased cancer risk? Per Wikipedia: “D8 (cluster of differentiation 8) is a transmembrane glycoprotein that serves as a co-receptor for the T-cell receptor”:

The tweet below is important but the data does not prove the claims made. Even assuming very very rapid cancer onsets, timing is before vaccines widely deployed among military. Suggests cause likely 2020/early 2021 Covid cases, including those notorious asymptomatic cases, much more than any possible vaccine effect. We have stressed repeatedly that Covid was predicted to produce T cell derangement and exhaustion, which would be expected to produce an increase in cancers.

Reader DS points out: “The only alternative hypothesis I can speculate about is that there was some wide scale carcinogen exposure through some other route (like water contamination at training camps).”

So this pattern is a Covid effect, it does much more to debunk the “Covid is no more dangerous than the flu” thesis than tie the harm to the vaccines.

Having said that, one possible channel for the vaccines playing a role is vaccination too close to a Covid case (as in overtaxing the immune system; the European medical regulator is now warning against frequent boosting as for that very reason). But at least according to the video further down, that isn’t what they are arguing.

Ivermectin for COVID-19: Addressing Potential Bias and Medical Fraud Open Forum Infectious Diseases. The problem here is that many of the studies done were by MDs and therefore sorely underpowered. And this analysis does not allow/correct for the fact that many of the more rigorous looking studies were done on hospitalized patients, which was too late for treatment to be of any use. So this is annoying as technically accurate but not looking at “possible fraud” to include studies with protocols destined to produce an Ivermectin fail, whether by accident or design.

Ivermectin trial in treating COVID nearing completion StarTribune (Chuck L)


Omicron: PCR tests rationed in Germany DW (resilc)


Covid-19 Deaths in U.S. Top 2,100 a Day, Highest in Nearly a Year Wall Street Journal

Daily US death toll from Covid now matches Delta BBC

Legislatures move to limit governor powers after pandemic The Hill. “After”?

Biden administration to withdraw Covid-19 vaccination and testing regulation aimed at large businesses CNN (J-LS)

Man Can’t Get Heart Transplant Because He’s Not Vaccinated Against COVID CBS Local


Yuan overtakes yen in global transaction volume Asia Times (Kevin W)

EU-China conflict escalating over Hong Kong Asia Times (Kevin W)


New Cold War

Scholz, Macron say diplomacy can fix Ukraine-Russia standoff DW. Translation: Europe trying to lower the temperature.

Russia Has Been Warning About Ukraine for Decades. The West Should Have Listened Time (Colonel Smithers)

Ukraine’s Relentless Lobbyists Take to Congress American Conservative (resilc). I thought political contributions from non-citizens/non-residents were illegal…so why is there such a think as a “Ukraine lobby” save for Hunter Biden? Last I checked Ukraine didn’t own any meaningful businesses in the US either.

EU unveils ‘aid & investment’ plan for Ukraine worth billions RT. Kevin W: “A bribe not to start a war on their part?”

The Cracks in Ukrainian Society Run through Kharkiv: A City on Edge Der Spiegel (resilc)

Good Quote With Some Caveats. Andrei Martyanov (Chuck L)

Why is Ukraine such an economic failure? Noah Smith

Russia may decide to deploy nuclear arms in Latin America within one week Pravda (resilc)


Hundreds of Children Trapped as Fight Over NE Syria Jail Continues Antiwar (resilc)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Dreams and kindness are all we have Steve Waldman

Can The US Navy’s New $13 Billion Carrier Defend Itself? Bloomberg (guurst)

US F-35 Crashes on Aircraft Carrier in the South China Sea During Exercises Antiwar

Denmark, New Zealand and Finland top list of least corrupt nations while South Sudan is the worst Daily Mail. Resilc: “Since we’ve been in Citizens United mode since 1492, we really should be just below Sudan IMO.”

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Google sued in US over ‘deceptive’ location tracking BBC (David L). Go dumbphones!


Kerik told Jan. 6 panel that former Army colonel came up with idea to seize voting machines Politico (furzy)


Is Trump Losing His Base? New Poll Suggests Otherwise. New York Magazine (resilc). Wellie, I was fooled by the terrible turnout at his rallies. Looks like the continued press obsession with Trump is yet more free PR. And I wonder if the 1/6 investigation and the various suits (where press leaks are still way way way ahead of filings) are having a Streisand effect.

Pelosi says she will run for reelection in 2022 – The Hill. Kevin W: “The only way Nancy is leaving Congress is feet first.”

The school shooting generation grows up Vox (Dr. Kevin)

L’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew moves to sell Swiss chalet as sexual assault lawsuit proceeds Washington Post (J-LS)

The Bezzle

IMF urges El Salvador to remove Bitcoin as legal tender France24 (resilc). Of course, the IMF having such a splendid reputation among small countries, this warning is likely to have the opposite effect.

But then again…El Salvador president posts meme wearing McDonald’s uniform after crypto plunge New York Post (Kevin W)

Slovakia certifies flying car as airworthy DW (resilc). Um, so now Slovakia is to air safety what the Isle of Man is to bank transparency? Don’t tell Boeing!

The true flaw of driverless cars isn’t the tech Financial Times (David L)

Autonomous-car ‘users not legally accountable’ call BBC

Chip Shortage Leaves U.S. Companies Dangerously Low on Semiconductors, Report Says Wall Street Journal

Class Warfare

Starbucks Workers Are Unionizing in Starbucks’ Hometown Vice (resilc)

Profiting off of Prison Labor Business Review at Berkeley. Article is from 2020, but Paul R explains why it is a current issue:

“Factories with Fences” and “American Made” boasts UNICOR. Better known as the Federal Prison Industries program, UNICOR makes nearly half a billion dollars in net sales annually using prison labor, paying inmates between 23¢ to $1.15 per hour. Despite already earning one-sixth of the federal minimum wage, inmates with final obligations must contribute half of their earnings to cover those expenses. UNICOR, in addition to other government-owned corporations and private prisons, makes millions upon millions of dollars using nearly free prison labor….

Saying The Quiet Part out loud antwork/reddit (Paul R)

The Second World War, Inequality and the Social Contract in England NBER (resilc)

Antidote du jour. Willie M: “White Rabbit in Covington, WA.”

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And a bonus. Timotheus: “Chile’s new president at his desk.” Moi: OMG, the ultimate air gapped computer!

Links 1/26/2021 3

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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