Links 1/26/2023

Links 1/26/2023 1

Happy Australia Day!

But: Australia Day: Why young Aussies are shunning their national holiday BBC. I trust Down Under readers will opine.

New bill in Oregon aims to ban ‘unconscionable’ import and sale of kangaroo products being used by Nike and other companies ABC Australia (Anthony L)

Hiss story: The last snake-handling church in West Virginia – in pictures Guardian

Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots Vice

Avian flu outbreak at Spanish mink farm sets off global alarm bells EL PAÍS English Edition (Dr. Kevin)

The Vast Humanity of Anton Chekhov New Republic (Anthony L)




China’s Tourist Sites Swarmed During Holiday Despite Covid Risks Bloomberg



Britain’s protected natural areas are failing to stop biodiversity loss Grist

Has a Chinese-Swiss team cracked the code for making solar energy cheaper? South China Morning Post

Extending Capital to Nature, Reducing Nature to Capital Peter Dorman, Econospeak. From last week, still germane.


A McCarthy Taiwan Visit Would Be Another Provocative Blunder Daniel Larison. Sadly stating the obvious is na gonna stop this freight train.

Chinese mainland is the ultimate playwright of Taiwan Straits’ drama series Global Times

Russia, China bring North Korea in from the cold Asia Times (Kevin W)

Bank of Japan continues to show who has the power Bill Mitchell

Old Blighty

Government reviewing its sanctions rules after letting Putin ally sue critic openDemocracy. Hoo boy.

From Roman pots to glass eyes, the shore of the river Thames teems with surprises aeon

Post-Brexit farm subsidies in England revealed Guardian (Kevin W)

France to withdraw its troops from Burkina Faso within a month Anadolu Agency

New Not-So-Cold War

Later tweets showing more strikes:

Live news: Explosions rock Kyiv as Russian missiles strike Ukraine Financial Times

* * *

The Global Zeitenwende : How to Avoid a New Cold War in a Multipolar Era Olaf Scholz, Foreign Affairs

* * *

Ukraine Russia War Latest w. Col. Doug Macgregor YouTube. guurst warns it starts to ramble after 30:00.

NATO crossing more red lines: From proxy war to a direct NATO-Russia war? Macgregor and Glenn Diesen

SCOTT RITTER: The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine Consortium News

West discussing handover of fighter jets to Kiev — Politico TASS (guurst). “Besides, sending aircraft would be a serious logistical undertaking for Ukraine’s allies, the newspaper notes.”

Germany and NATO allies to send ‘scores of battle tanks’ to Ukraine Christian Science Monitor. Recall “Up to 50 M! Abrams” per the New York Times.

* * *

Türkiye to be out of NATO in months – politician RT

Ankara irked by Athens’ arms programs ekathimerini

‘Kremlin would love it’: Finland wants to join NATO with Sweden but could go solo Euronews. From earlier in the week, still germane. Kevin W: “Finland cutting Sweden loose after that idiotic Koran burning demonstration.”

The War in Ukraine Proves Polish NATO-Skeptics Were Right by Mike Krupa Larry Johnson (Chuck L)

* * *

EU gas price cap threatens market stability – regulators RT

Imperial Collapse Watch

They Say They Want Rearmament …. Aurelian

Assassinated Are the Peacemakers? Project Syndicate


Biden DOJ’s Excellent Pick to Head USTP Credit Slips

US Muslim rights group calls on Biden to suspend use of ‘terror’ watchlist Middle East Eye

Sources: US Weighs Cancellation of Next SPR Sale EnergyIntel (Kevin W)

How Bill Clinton created post-truth America Unherd

Pepper spray for the school run? The weaponised SUV set to terrify America’s streets Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

Hochul public safety policies begin to line up with view of prosecutors Syracuse. bob:

Where is the need for it talked about at all other than the political election circus stuff? After they beat her, and there is no possible way for her to gain anything from it, she does it because they were mean to her before the election? If you’re going to be a wimp, do it before the election when it might have gotten you *something*. Loser stink

The Bezzle

Arizona Senator Introduces Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender In the State Bitcoin Magazine

FBI Probes Snapchat’s Role In Fentanyl Poisoning Deaths Los Angeles Times

Senators eye Social Security reforms as some in House GOP consider cuts The Hill

Index of leading indicators says recession almost certain; so what of the coincident indicators? Angry Bear

Class Warfare

‘Robots Are Treated Better’: Amazon Warehouse Workers Stage First-Ever Strike In the UK CNBC

McDonald’s, In-N-Out, and Chipotle are spending millions to block raises for their workers CNN (Kevin W)

Google let go of 31 massage therapists at its California offices amid mass layoffs Business Insider

Google institutional investor calls for wider cuts: 30k jobs The Register

SAP to cut nearly 3,000 Jobs, weighs Qualtrics stake sale MarketWatch

IBM Cuts 3,900 Jobs Reuters

Pay Algorithms Make Working in the Gig Economy Feel Like ‘Gambling,’ Study Says Vice

Massachusetts Bills Would Set a Minimum Wage For Rideshare Drivers Engadget

Eliminating Healthcare Debt: A Liberatory Approach Not for Profit News

Antidote du jour. Ann M:

From my mother in law’s house in Rehoboth MA. The opening of the feeder is facing the window, so no idea how he got in. Can only assume that he left once all the bird food was gone.

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And a bonus (guurst):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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