Links 1/3/2023

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‘Not for the human palate’: the fine dining cafe where dogs eat like royalty Guardian. BC: “I am all for sharing bits of my meals with my dogs, but this article is way too much in “let them eat cake” territory.”

Elephants: Covid and ethics reshape Thailand’s tourism industry BBC

Hog Wild: Sweden Suffering Boar Invasion Sputnik (Kevin W)

Damar Hamlin in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest; Bills-Bengals postponed ESPN. Aiee.

New York approves composting of human bodies BBC (furzy)

The “landish heroine’s” death grip on Karlshamn The Evening News, Karlshawm (guurst). A long reported story on oxy use in Sweden.

Poor hydration linked to early aging and chronic disease in study NBC (furzy)

Could Getting Rid of Old Cells Turn Back the Clock on Aging? ars technica. Um, I don’t think so. Telomere length is a not bad proxy for biological, as opposed to calendar age.



COVID-19 virus can affect vision and depth perception, finds study MedicalXpress. From before Christmas, still germane.

Effective vaccination strategy using SARS-CoV-2 spike cocktail against Omicron and other variants of concern Nature. ma: “Only problem being Biden et all are not looking for an effective vaccine strategy…..”

Vaccines: Potential Harms. Volume 724: debated on Tuesday 13 December 2022. UK Parliament. Have not read to see how well informed/substantiated. Many times these presentations mix solid points with items that are at best tenuous, allowing critics to dismiss the entire thing as unsound/hysterical.


China orders Covid-19 sewage watch as ‘living with virus’ begins South China Morning Post



Alaska’s Arctic Waterways Are Turning a Foreboding Orange Wired


India Set an ‘Incredibly Important Precedent’ By Banning TikTok, FCC Commissioner Says Techcrunch

‘Bid to destroy’: Dalai Lama lambasts Xi Jinping after Chinese spy held for snooping Hindustan Times (furzy)

China could claim parts of Moon – NASA RT (Kevin W)

Old Blighty

Record 45,000 migrants crossed English Channel to UK last year France24 (furzy)

Facing the Failure of Our Cruel Venezuela Policy Daniel Larison

Lula Takes Back Power in Brasil – Pledges Prosecution of Bolsonaro Allies – Implements Gun Control Measures Immediately Mike Elk

New Not-So-Cold War

Russia planning prolonged drone attacks – Zelensky BBC

Bad blood between Hungary and Ukraine undermines EU unity on Russia Financial Times (Kevin W)

Are There Any U.S. Red Lines? Moon of Alabama

Russia admits to deadly outcome of Ukrainian strike on military barracks Financial Times. A very bad look because the barracks were within missile range. If they really had to house men that close, Russia needs to put them in smaller groups. However, note that this is the lead story as the Western press looks past the fact that Ukraine losses are now up to an estimated 1 battalion + every day.


Will Big Plans For Nuclear Power Work Without Russian Uranium? OilPrice (Kevin W)

Ukraine Wants EU to Scrap Medicine Exemption for Russia Sanctions (Kevin W)

Turkey directly threatens Greece with war Defend Democracy

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Facial recognition technology blamed for mistaken arrest in Louisiana purse snatching case Daily Mail (BC)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Fossil Fuel Power Fell Up To 68% as Blackouts Hit US South Bloomberg

Aircraft Making Stops For Fuel Due To San Diego Shortage Simple Flying (roger s)


Trump tax returns raise alarms about fairness of US tax code The Hill

GOP Clown Car

Conservatives threaten to withhold critical McCarthy support, hours before speaker vote Politico. My conservative friends say the R refusniks regard MaCarthy as a RINO and want him to commit to a Ukraine audit and further funding skepticism and a hard line on immigration.

The Shallow Hawkishness of Tom Cotton Daniel Larison

Our No Longer Free Press

Elon Musk Is the New Trump: You Either Love Him or Hate Him Newsweek (Paul R). Speak for yourself. It is possible to escape halo effect cognitive bias, generally not like Trump and Musk, while also conceding that each has occasionally done something positive.

Porn, Piracy, Fraud: What Lurks Inside Google’s Black Box Ad Empire ProPublica (Randy K). From last month, still germane.

Tesla Fined $2.2 Million in Korea for Alleged False Advertising Bloomberg

Electric Cars Sales in Norway Near 80% in 2022, Tesla Top-Selling Brand Again Reuters

Big Freeze Stress Test

A brother and sister say they had to stop 6 times in one day to charge their rented Tesla in cold weather after the battery drained quickly Business Insider (furzy). I have said owning an EV anywhere where it gets cold in the winter and you plan to do more than local trips in it is playing with your life. What if the interstate gets jammed and you run out of charge in the cold?

‘I had to do it to save everyone’: Man breaks into school and shelters more than 20 people from blizzard CNN. ma notes:

In case you imagined we were any more decent at the micro level, than, say, in foreign policy…..this sentence caught my eye (in what I imagine is supposed to be a feel good story). If it is true….10 doors…..

“Withey said he went to 10 households, offering each $500 to spend the night on their floor. All of them turned him away. “I plead with them, ‘Please, please can I sleep on the floor, I’m in fear for my life,’ and they say, ‘No I’m sorry’,” he said.”

[This is a middle aged white guy, mind you–it does not say anything about the race/age/gender of the people who answered the doors he says he knocked on–I could see if they were not white, they might be scared of him].

In any case, this is in the middle of the most dangerous blizzard in 100 years. And

a). he feels he needs to offer $500 for anyone to take him in–his life being at stake not being motive enough, in his view; and

b). all 10 said–in effect–no, go freeze to death, I don’t care, you are not coming into my space. Even if they just gave him a space heater in the foyer or the garage–hard no–go away and freeze. I am safe and comfortable, you can die.

c). he felt the need to leave an apology on the school bulletin board, for breaking a window to get in and save his life (and 20 other lives–including 2 dogs, don’t we all love the dogs. Maybe if he had had a dog with him when he was knocking on those 10 doors….).

The Bezzle

Gemini’s Cameron Winklevoss Slams Crypto Exec Barry Silbert Over Frozen Funds Bloomberg

Genesis-DCG Loan Leads to Class Action Arbitration Case From Gemini Clients CoinDesk

Class Warfare

Six jobs no one will notice or care if you’re shit at Daily Mash

Happy New Year: 10 Takeaways and a Comeback RJ Eskow (Randy K)

Inequality might be going down now Noah Smith (Paul R). Erm, inequality fell in the Global Financial Crisis due to declines in financial asset and housing prices. The Fed in engineering a milder version of the same now. Does not make for a lasting change.

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