Links 1/4/2023

Links 1/4/2023 1

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On film: A veteran finds healing, with help from an orphaned ocelot Christian Science Monitor

This wildlife rehabilitator rescued over 1,600 bats after they fell during Houston cold snap CNN (furzy)

Photos from space show 11,000 beavers are wreaking havoc on the Alaskan tundra as savagely as wildfire Business Insider

California braces for more ‘brutal’ flooding and mudslides as experts warn it won’t quench historic drought CNN

The politics of pain aeon

Legal Use of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Begins in Oregon New York Times





Bodies Pile Up in China as Covid Surge Overwhelms Crematoriums Bloomberg (ma)

Kamala Harris is demanding a negative COVID test if newly-elected senators want a photo taken with her during swearing-in ceremony on January 3 Daily Mail. GM: “Testing for us. Infections for you.”

Public Health Agencies Try to Restore Trust as They Fight Misinformation KHN. Nausea-producing. No concern about the lack of data to substantiate many if not most Covid policies, above all all vax v. a layered approach.


More than half of rural California now ranks ‘very high’ for wildfire hazard Los Angeles Times (guurst). From last week, still germane.

Wildfires in Colorado are growing more unpredictable. Officials have ignored the warnings KJCT

This $67BN High Speed Railway Will Change Asia YouTube (furzy)

Old Blighty

Liz Truss still haunts the Tories Unherd

New Not-So-Cold War

With eye on Iran, Netanyahu wades into Ukraine war Indian Punchline (Kevin W)

Ukraine’s DEVASTATING Attack On Russian Barracks, $110 BILLION For Ukraine War Is 100% Corruption and Accusations Of CIA-Backed Sabotage Attacks INSIDE Russia! Aaron Mate guest hosting for Jimmy Dore. I wondered why Ollie North was suddenly getting some air time, since he has negative credibility. Turns out he has a book out. Even second tier publishers can get an author some media appearances for a week or two. Scott Ritter reaction: “If I were applying for a head coaching job, I wouldn’t bring up a list of my greatest defeats.”

German lawmakers criticize gov’t silence on Nord Stream blasts Anadolu Agency

Makeveyvka strikes, Israel demurs on Russia/Ukraine & is Erdogan really pulling troops out of Syria? Mark Sleboda

Lula halts privatization of Brazil’s state companies – media RT


Qassem Soleimani in Venezuela: The lesser known motive behind his assassination The Cradle (guurst)

Accompanied by police, Israeli settlers seize East Jerusalem land owned by Greek Orthodox Church Mondoweiss

Imperial Collapse Watch

GOP Clown Car

Kevin McCarthy loses three rounds of votes to be US House Speaker Financial Times

Matt Gaetz is accusing Kevin McCarthy of squatting in the speaker’s office before he’s even got the job Business Insider

SBF and the Injustice Democrats: How SBF, AIPAC and pro-Trump billionaires coordinated to crush the left Max Berger (Tom H)

Our No Longer Free Press

Twitter Files: Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button” Matt Taibbi

Musk’s Twitter to lift ban on political ads ‘in coming weeks’ Politico

Mastodon: A Social Media Platform Dominated By Pedophiles & Child Porn SecJuice (Anthony L). ???? From last year, still germane. Seems well substantiated.

L’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Another Quid Pro Joe? Epstein-targeting Virgin Islands prosecutor is swiftly fired after Biden arrives in town The Dossier (Kevin W)

JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank seek dismissal of lawsuits by Jeffrey Epstein accusers Reuters

Supply Chain/Inflation

Lumber Prices and Lumber Futures Menzie Chinn

The Bezzle

Joint Statement on Crypto-Asset Risks to Banking Organizations Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Ouch.

Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Fraud Charges In New York CNBC

Judge orders Sam Bankman-Fried to be blocked from accessing or transferring any FTX or Alameda assets Business Insider

How The Airline Industry Became A Living Nightmare The Lever

United said it had this woman’s missing bag. She tracked it to a residential address CNN (Kevin W)

Internet Providers Warn Against EU Plans To Make Big Tech Cover Telcos Costs Reuters

Google alleges India antitrust body copied parts of EU order on Android abuse Reuters

Guillotine Watch

US Billionaire’s New Year Fireworks Start Wildfire in New Zealand Sputnik (Kevin W)

Class Warfare

Microsoft recognises first labour union in US BBC (Kevin W)

City to Pay $135K to Homeless Man Dragged Off Subway by Cops THE CITY

UK rail workers resume strikes as Network Rail declares sell-out deal within “touching distance” WSWS

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Links 1/4/2023 2

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