Links 1/5/2022

Links 1/5/2022 1

Photographer Captures the Perfect Moment When a Bunch of Snow Falls on a Tiger’s Head My Modern Met (David L)

Chasing the Night Parrot: The ‘Ghost Bird’ of Australia’s Outback New York Times (resilc)

Discovering Dr. Wu Washington Post. Chuck L: “Long, personal and touching, but well worth the time.”

AI’s 6 Worst-Case Scenarios IEEESpectrum (David L)

The mathematics of mind-time aeon

Psilocybin Has No Short- Or Long-Term Detrimental Effects In Healthy People Kings College


Say it with sheep? Flock forms syringe shape in COVID jab push Reuters (resilc)


The hyper-transmissible SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant exhibits significant antigenic change, vaccine escape and a switch in cell entry mechanism University of Glasgow Center for Virus Research. Pre-print.

Nationwide study finds no significant link between in-person schooling and COVID infection rates MedicalXPress (Robert M(. Pre Delta and pre-vaccines. Here in Alabama last fall, we had many school districts shuttering shortly after opening due to infection spikes. This sort of containment response could skew results.

Complement activation induces excessive T cell cytotoxicity in severe COVID-19 Cell

Orthodoxy, illusio, and playing the scientific game: a Bourdieusian analysis of infection control science in the COVID-19 pandemic Wellcome Trust (Paul R)

New corona variant identified in France DW. GM has been onto this since it was sighted in Cameroon ~6 weeks ago.


Note these are hospitalizations, not cases. Contrast with UK vaccination rate: 70.6% fully vaccinated, 77.1% at least one shot, 50.9% boosted:

Macron declares his Covid strategy is to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated Guardian


Restaurants Are Price Gouging Rapid Tests on Food Delivery Apps Vice

CityMD closing 31 clinics in New York metro area during Omicron surge New York Post (Bob H)


Hochul Signals Aim to Let Eviction Moratorium Expire, Albany Sources Say THE CITY


Climate change disasters cost the world over $100 billion this year Popular Science (resilc)

Plans to capture CO2 from coal plants wasted federal dollars, watchdog says The Verge (guurst). A feature, not a bug.

Is Climate Finance the Next Bubble? Project Syndicate (David L)

Spent Fuel: The risky resurgence of nuclear power Andrew Cockburn, Harpers (guurst)

What the EU climate package has to overcome in 2022 Bruegel

Wildfires Are Digging Carbon-Spewing Holes in the Arctic Wired (resilc)

North Korea launches ‘unidentified projectile’ into sea BBC (furzy)

Europe’s tattoo artists fear for future after EU ink ban BBC

New Cold War

GOP war drummers demanding action against Russia Responsible Statecraft. Resilc: “Not just the gopers.”

Putin warns Biden: Russia will server ties with USA completely Pravda

Form of EU’s dialogue with Russia was impermissible in recent years — Foreign Ministry TASS (guurst)

See above versus….US shows an exit ramp to Russia Asia Times (Kevin W)

Presidential hopeful says France should leave NATO and partner with Russia Defend Democracy


Taliban-Pakistan tensions bubbling on the border Asia Times (resilc)

Imperial Collapse Watch

F-35A makes belly landing in South Korea after landing gear failure Business Insider (resilc)

The American Republic Is Not Exceptional Esquire


Trump cancels Jan. 6 press conference The Hill

Biden to speak ‘truth’ on Capitol attack anniversary as Trump cancels his event Guardian (Kevin W)

Since Jan. 6, the pro-Trump internet has descended into infighting over money and followers Greenwich Time


Trump, Ivanka and Don jr subpoenaed by NY Attorney-General in tax case Sydney Morning Herald (Kevin W)


‘He looks like a badass’: Video of Biden emerging from snowed in Air Force One goes viral Independent (Kevin W). This is desperate.

Our Famously Free Press

Twitter’s Marjorie Taylor Greene ban fuels GOP attacks on ‘Big Tech” The Hill

Woke Watch

Too woke to travel write? The Critic (Anthony L)

The Bezzle

California’s forever fire ProPublica (resilc)

The story behind California State Treasurer Fiona Ma’s ‘gloriously weird’ Christmas card SFGate. I can’t even. It’s American Gothic meets Adams Family.

Major California hydro plant finally reopens. What that says about the drought, recent rains Sacramento Bee (David L)

Tesla recalls nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S cars Quartz Resilc: “Here’s another fraud. EVs in general are way ahead of reality.”

Imagine Virginia’s icy traffic catastrophe — but with only electric vehicles Washington Post (David L)

Car shortage could change buying behavior forever Axios

Hedge funds struggle to lure new money as performance lags Financial Times (Kevin W)

In Elizabeth Holmes Trial, U.S. Gave Patients a Small Stage Wall Street Journal. Key section:

But the patients themselves barely featured in the nearly four-month trial. Just three patients testified out of 29 witnesses brought by the U.S., spending a combined 65 minutes on the stand, far less than 1% of the total time spent on witness testimony.

The government was forced to drop one patient count after making a clerical error in a document. Prosecutors didn’t tie Ms. Holmes directly to Theranos’s marketing efforts to attract patients, a central component of the fraud charges. And the U.S. failed to gain access to a database of Theranos patient records that could have helped its case.

A Global Supply Chain Pressure Index Menzie Chinn

A Record 4.5 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs In November Bloomberg

Class Warfare

Biden asks student-loan borrowers to ‘do their part’ in preparing for payments to resume on May 1 as pressure for broad cancellation ramps up again Business Insider (Kevin W)

Something sketchy this way comes Bill Shaner (larry)

John Deere’s self-driving tractor lets farmers leave the cab — and the field The Verge (Kevin W)

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