Links 10/18/2022

Links 10/18/2022 1

Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war — both real fog and stage fog — in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will be summarily whacked.

And for those who are new here, this is not a mere polite request. We have written site Policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting comments down entirely until more sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we are going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Half the World Has a Clitoris. Why Don’t Doctors Study It? New York Times (Dr. Kevin)

Ultra-Processed Meals Are Unhealthier Than You Think Guardian



Long COVID symptoms in SARS-CoV-2-positive children aged 0–14 years and matched controls in Denmark (LongCOVIDKidsDK): a national, cross-sectional study Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

Omicron boosters could arm you against variants that don’t yet exist Nature (Dr. Kevin)

Unique study links specific gene variant to COVID vaccine efficacy New Atlas (furzy)


American Inquisition James Howard Kunstler. The evidence of malice is important. In defamation cases, the plaintiff has to prove “actual malice.”

US scientists create new lethal Covid variant RT (Kevin W)


Let us not forget the US and EU export C02 via having China as their factory:

All that plastic in the ocean is a climate change problem, too Grist

20 Nations At High Risk From Global Warming Might Halt Debt Payments New York Times

Florida Coastal Living Reshaped by Hurricane Housing Codes Wall Street Journal

Tomorrow’s corals aeon


How Xi Jinping is reshaping China, in five charts Christian Science Monitor. Note selection of countries in last series.

Blinken Says China Wants to Seize Taiwan on ‘Much Faster Timeline’ Bloomberg

Xi’s Call To Win Tech Race Points To New Wave of Chinese State-led Spending Reuters

Apple Bows To Pressure, Drops Plan To Buy Chinese Memory Chips AppleInsider

Ex-UK pilots lured to help Chinese military, MoD says BBC

Japan plan to raise taxes to fund defence budget ‘dead on arrival’: analysts South China Morning Post

Old Blighty

I’ll lead Tories into next election, says embattled Liz Truss BBC (Kevin W). This kind of statement usually closely precedes a defenestration.

Six great ways the Tories can get out of this f**king mess Daily Mash

Anti-Bird flu measures in place across Great Britain BBC. Kevin W: “Remember Emmanuel the Emu who was featured on NC recently?

La belle France

France faces massive national strike on Tuesday Anadolu Agency (Kevin W)

The Threat of Civil War in Europe American Conservative. Wish I had worked this out first. See the passing mention of cell phone outages as a consequence of power cuts. Frankly, this is likely to be done pro-actively with energy as the pretext to inhibit organizing if/when the citizenry gets too uppity.

New Not-So-Cold War

A war Russia set to win MK Bhadrakumar Tribune India. Brutal. For instance:

Plainly put, the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans. India should take note of the US’ sense of entitlement. Basically, the Biden administration created a contrived energy crisis whose real aim is war profiteering….

India should expect the defeat of the US and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order.

Forget M.A.D., Can Russia Defeat The United States In A Nuclear War? Larry Johnson

Russian strikes prompt power cuts across Ukraine BBC. Moar strikes as of 10/18.

Note that Andrei Martyanov contends that the current attributed-to-Iran drones are actually Russian but are very similar due to parallel development to meet same military objectives, but this sounds like a separate deal. However, per BBC story below, the West is claiming they have collected Iranian drone wreckage.

The US is already very upset with Turkey over economic cooperation with Russia. What punishment will they try to inflict over this?

Dozens of LNG Carriers Back Up Off European Ports Waiting to Unload
Reuters (guurst)

China To Stop Reselling LNG To Europe OilPrice. Ouch.

Russia: Military plane crashes into residential building near Azov Sea coast DW. TASS says a training accident.

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Interview With 60 Minutes on CBS With Scott Pelley US Embassy in Georgia. guurst: “On selling stale donuts.”

Elon Musk’s pro-Russian peace deal is ‘classic Putin,’ and there’s a clue of the Russian leader’s role, Fiona Hill argues Business Insider. Fierce enforcement of warmongering narrative.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

New EU border fingerprint checks could ruin British families’ summer getaway next year – with Dover especially-badly hit, the port’s boss has warned Daily Mail. Wellie, no more EU visits for me. Not that my actions matter.

Former WSJ Reporter Says Law Firm Used Indian Hackers To Sabotage His Career Reuters

Li: “Today in psyops:”

More backstory: The Truth Behind ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Vice

Imperial Collapse Watch

Biden’s National Security Strategy Is a Defense of US Domination, Not Democracy Truthout

Other Countries Have Reduced Stillbirth Rates. Why Not the U.S.? Undark

In this category as an indicator of where the US is:


The Trump Subpoena: Why the Jan 6 Committee’s Timing is both Terrible and Telling Jonathan Turley

What Republicans Really Thought on January 6 Atlantic (David L)


Jill Biden booed by crowd in Joe Biden’s home state (VIDEOS) RT (Kevin W)

White House ‘plans to release another 15 MILLION barrels of oil’ from the US’s emergency stockpile this week in a bid to balance markets and crack down on rocketing gas prices Daily Mail


Democrats focused on abortion rights worry they’re losing independent women The Hill

Democrats’ midterm hopes fade: ‘We peaked a little early’ Politico

GOP seizes momentum in battle for Congress The Hill

Groups mobilize to help voters confronting new election laws Associated Press (furzy)

Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought at least $1 million in Alphabet stock days before House leadership proposed a congressional stock trading ban Business Insider


Supreme Court won’t take case raising past rulings denounced as racist Washington Post

The Bezzle

Bitcoin Fails To Produce 1 Block For Over An Hour Coindesk

Regulating DAOs Bruce Schneier (David L)

Facebook’s Metaverse Is Apparently Filled With Mostly Empty ‘Sad’ Worlds Kotaku (Kevin W)

Forecast for US Recession Within Year Hits 100% in Blow to Biden Bloomberg

Class Warfare

Hardship and heartbreak as Devon families lose homes to Airbnb lets Guardian (Paul R)

FedEx abandons its last-mile delivery robot program ars technica

Oakland Cops Hope to Arm Robots With Lethal Shotguns Intercept

Antidote du jour (CV):

Links 10/18/2022 2

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