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Links 11/27/2020

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Links 11/27/2020


Fish save energy by swimming in schools Physics World

Squirrel gets drunk after eating fermented pears outside Minnesota woman’s home FOX9

A billion people have no legal identity – but a new app plans to change that World Economic Forum

Cash in the time of Covid Bank of England

Google ordered to hand over emails in £453m divorce battle FT

German watchdog reports EY to prosecutors over Wirecard audit FT (Vlade).

U.S. Shale Bankruptcies Accelerate Despite Pandemic Protection OilPrice.com (Re Silc).

Apple’s security chief indicted in Santa Clara County sheriff concealed-gun permit scandal Mercury-News. Third World stuff!

Thanksgiving Postgame Analysis

A Thanksgiving Myth Debunked: People Aren’t Fighting About Politics NYT

Our Rebel Thanksgiving The American Conservative

For the numerate:

I thought they meant lutefisk:

Can you stretch your stomach to eat more at Thanksgiving? STAT. Should have spotted this yesterday. But maybe for leftovers?


‘U.S. is going to see darkest days in modern medical history’: Doctor’s dire warning as 95% of country sees ‘uncontrollable COVID-19 spread’ and 50 MILLION travel for Thanksgiving – with 17% spike hitting California in just 24hrs Daily Mail

What 635 Epidemiologists Are Doing for Thanksgiving NYT. Handy chart:

Links 11/27/2020 1

I suppose “only with household” implies “not traveling,” but I’d be more comfortable with this “informal survey” if that question had been asked.

* * *

A Vaccine Won’t End the Pandemic in Rural America Foreign Affairs

From neglect to scolding to abandonment:

With Great Power Comes At Least Very Small Responsibilities Eschaton. Newsome, Cuomo (until shamed), now this guy…

* * *

Money Could Motivate Some People to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine, Survey Shows Bloomberg

Astra Eyes Extra Global Vaccine Trial as Questions Mount Bloomberg. Not “extra.” Another.

Why are the Free Traders All Protectionists? Vaccines and Sharing Knowledge (Fun for Thanksgiving) Dean Baker, CEPR

* * *

Justices lift New York’s COVID-related attendance limits on worship services SCOTUSblog. If I read this correctly, Cuomo’s law was poorly drafted: By function (gym, salon, church) rather than characteristics like size, ventilation, and average duration of stay, none of which would have raised “strict scrutiny” questions.

I wish we had a map like this for the US:

Was opening the colleges worse than Sturgis? I’m guessing yes.

Sweden’s population is losing confidence in the country’s strategy to combat COVID-19 MarketWatch


Covid Vaccine Rush in China Raises Fears of Booming Black Market Bloomberg

Dance off: the niche Hong Kong social scene behind city’s biggest Covid-19 cluster South China Morning Post. Contact tracing example.

I will never get to go to Hong Kong Noahpinion, Substack


Boris Johnson appoints Dan Rosenfield as No 10 chief of staff Guardian

Guardian censors Jeremy Corbyn cartoon Electronic Intifada

Boris Johnson facing big backbench revolt over Covid tier system FT

Government mocked for ‘brilliantly predictable’ blunder after coronavirus tier checker website crashes instantly Independent

‘This is levelling down’: Northern leaders react with fury and frustration to new tier system Independent


A portable cabin and Google Translate: Life on the Brexit haulage frontline Sky News

Trump Transition

Lawmakers clinch deal on decadelong fight against shell companies Politico

On This Day in 1791 — The First Cabinet Meeting in United States History Lindsay Chervinsky


Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters – Thomas Ferguson The Analysis. Today’s must-read.

Class-Partisan Polarization Intensified in the 2020 Cycle Policy Tensor. Hoo boy.

Trump says he’ll leave White House if Biden declared winner of Electoral College The Hill. That is, in fact, the Constitutional procedure…

The Most Predictable Election Fraud Backlash Ever Michael Tracey

Biden Transition

Clyburn: Biden falling short on naming Black figures to top posts The Hill

Kissinger tells Biden to go easy on China The Hill

Brian Deese likely pick for top White House economic post Politico. Bill McKibbben runs interference. Thread:

Big Brother Is Watching You

Atlas of Surveillance: Documenting Police Tech in Our Communities EFF

Privacy campaigner flags concerns about Microsoft’s creepy Productivity Score The Register

Health Care

Patients of a Vermont Hospital Are Left ‘in the Dark’ After a Cyberattack NYT


Bjorn’s Corner: 737 MAX ungrounding, ANAC’s and EASA’s decisions Leeham News and Analysis. See here for “synthetic AOA sensor.”

Imperial Collapse Watch

‘Why now?’ Dismay as US considers troop pullout from Somalia AP

Class Warfare

Amazon Workers to Stage Coordinated Black Friday Protests in 15 Countries Vice

Deplorables, Or Expendables? The American Conservative

Broadening Place-Based Jobs Policies: How to Both Target Job Creation and Broaden its Reach (PDF) Timothy Bartik, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

‘When a Stranger Shall Sojourn with Thee’: The Impact of the Venezuelan Exodus on Colombian Labor Markets (PDF) Julieth Santamaria, „University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics

Dead minks infected with a mutated form of COVID-19 rise from graves after mass culling USA Today. Comment: “Ease up, 2020, you’re trying too hard.”

For the first time, scientists detect the ghostly signal that reveals the engine of the universe NBC News (Furzy Mouse) (original).

New Quantum Paradox Reveals Contradiction Between Widely Held Beliefs – “Something’s Gotta Give” SciTech Daily (Furzy Mouse) (original).

First ‘clear evidence’ of hallucinogens at cave art site found Independent

Get ready for the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn Space

Antidote du jour (via):

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See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here

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