Links 11/28/2022

Links 11/28/2022 1

Poe vs. Property: A detective story of shifting rationalizations. Cory Doctorow

This is the first house 3D-printed from bio-based materials ZME Science

Two people left dangling from power lines are rescued after their small plane crashed into a tower in Maryland: 80,000 homes and business go without power Daily Mail (Brian C)

The Hibernator’s Guide to the Galaxy Wired

In his new Netflix “documentary” #AncientApocalypse, @Graham__Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

His rhetoric sows distrust in experts, and #Atlantis conspiracy theories promote white supremacy

Buckle up, it’s time for an #ARCHAEOLOGY THREAD 🧵

— Flint Dibble 🍖🏺 (@FlintDibble) November 13, 2022


In Sharm El-Sheikh LRB

It’s a colorless, toxic gas. A US woman won $363m after years of exposure Guardian


Houston issues boil water notice for 2.2 million residents The Texas Tribune


It’s not just Covid. Flu and RSV means masks need to come back. Nbc News

Anti-Covid lockdown protests flare across China after deadly Urumqi fire SCMP

Beijing bans barricading gates for COVID-19 control Xinhua

Modeling transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron in China. Nature. From May

Bird flu prompts slaughter of 1.8M chickens in Nebraska AP



US deploys heavy reinforcements to northern Syria from Iraq: SOHR The Cradle

Erdogan’s Ready to Invade Syria – and There’s No One to Stop Him Haaretz

Al-Shabab rebels attack Mogadishu hotel used by Somali officials Al Jazeera

Old Blighty

‘There’s no money’: UK transport minister on funding worker’s wages Al Mayadeen

Brexit made UK’s shortage of doctors worse, study says Le Monde


US Military to Provide Funding for Canadian Mining Projects to Decouple From China Epoch Times

U.S. Effort to Arm Taiwan Faces New Challenge With Ukraine Conflict WSJ

New Not-So-Cold War

British C-17s supplying Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine UK Defence Journal

100-mile strike weapon weighed for Ukraine as arms makers wrestle with demand Reuters

Chinese intervention halts supply of Polish MiG-29 to Ukraine Al Mayadeen

Saab Signs Contract For Two SIGINT Ships For Poland Naval News


Top House Republicans Call for Biden to Send Longer Range Weapons to Ukraine to Strike Crimea Antiwar

Top House Republicans support more aid for Ukraine but want ‘accountability’ ABC News

China, India squeeze big oil discounts out of Russia, hitting Vladimir Putin’s war chest Economic Times

German lawmakers feel chill at work RT

Cheap natural gas is a thing of the past Commonwealth Magazine


Biden Administration


Robert Reich: Joe, Please Don’t Run Again Eurasia Review (David L)

Democrats aim to keep spotlight on abortion as focus shifts to 2024 The Hill

In Texas, members of LGBTQ community arm themselves to fight right-wing extremists The Globe and Mail (Kevin S)


Groves of Academe

In Wisconsin, a Merger Can’t Save a Community College Chronicle of Higher Education

Supply Chain/Inflation

Record blankings as freight rates threaten a hard landing for box lines The Loadstar

How the Jones Act exacerbates the US Diesel shortage Hellenic Shipping News

Our No Longer Free Press

‘Publishing isn’t a crime’: Media outlets call to end Julian Assange prosecution for disclosing secrets Le Monde

The Media’s Deranged Hysteria Over Elon Musk’s Promised Restoration of Free Speech Glenn Greenwald

Guillotine Watch

Why do people hate billionaires? The Week

Class Warfare

Teachers Are Burned Out. Unions Can Help Them Understand Why — And That They’re Not Alone Portside>

The Bezzle

Zeitgeist Watch

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