Links 11/4/2022

Links 11/4/2022 1

Who Knew Reptiles Could Be Such Romantics? NYT

Harvard study on monkeys reignites ethical debate over animal testing CBS

Guilty Before Innocent Jed Rakoff, The Nation (NL). Review of Daniel Medwed’s Barred: Why the Innocent Can’t Get Out of Prison.

Sorry, But This Is Not “Repatriation” Hyperallergic


NASA Finds More Than 50 Super-Emitters of Methane Smithsonian

Indigenous Leaders Fight to Keep Natural Gas Pipelines off Sacred Lands Texas Observer. Exactly like the Gomeroi people in Australia, in yesterday’s Links.

In Spain’s La Rioja, old vines could future-proof wine against climate change Reuters

Enormous river discovered beneath Antarctica is nearly 300 miles long Live Science


A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat Nature. “Although the nature and vectors of SARS-CoV-2 transmission were not clearly understood early in the pandemic, current evidence guided the panellists to near-unanimous agreement that SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne virus that presents the highest risk of transmission in indoor areas with poor ventilation.” Everybody seems to get this except the public health establishment and the governments who listen to them.

Israeli long COVID study: 1 in 3 people fail to regain regular health months later Times of Israel


The Real China Hands Foreign Affairs

US chip-gear makers told to wait for relief from China curbs South China Morning Post

Local government spending:

Forest fire-fighters universally popular:

China, Vietnam Pledge To ‘Manage’ South China Sea Dispute Barron’s


Myanmar’s NUG going for broke before its time Asia Times

The Koreas

How a night of Halloween revelry turned to disaster in South Korea Reuters

(LEAD) Ruling party says not time for parliamentary probe into Itaewon tragedy Yonhap News Agency. No doubt they said “now is not the time” about the MV Sewol ferry sinking, too.


Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan ‘doing fine and stable’ in hospital after assassination bid Channel News Asia. Interesting:

Warning of ‘imminent’ Iranian attack in Saudi Arabia raises eyebrows Responsible Statecraft

Saudi firm has pumped Arizona groundwater for years without paying. Time to pony up USA Today. No, time to stop entirely.

Ethiopian govt, Tigray agree to end fighting after 2 years AP

Glencore fined $314 million for ‘endemic’ bribery of African oil officials CNN

European Disunion

Turkey holds off on Finland and Sweden in NATO Deutsche Welle

Real-Time Statistics on Europe’s Gas Supplies Der Spiegel. Real-time tracker.

Dear OId Blighty

Bank of England raises interest rates by biggest hike in 30 years Politico

Bank of England Is Back to Reality After Truss Fiasco Bloomberg

Not de-regulation but double regulation for the chemical industry after Brexit Northwest Bylines. Sunlit uplands.

The SNP must get real on the currency question Richard Murphy, Prospect

New Not-So-Cold War

New Commander, New Goals for Russia in Ukraine Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Russia’s Kherson retreat plan ‘well advanced,’ says Western official Politico

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Flag Removal In Kherson City Is A Trap Kyiv Says The Drive. Well…. I’m looking at the sourcing here, and it looks like Ukrainian PR, to me. I mean, Visegrád 24? “Kyiv based independent foreign policy/security analyst”? Really?

* * *

‘Not acceptable’: Ukraine laments delays as EU inks €5B aid deal Politico. Commentary:

‘A joke that went out of control’: crowdfunding weapons for Ukraine’s war Guardian]

* * *

‘Social catastrophe’ at Europe’s doorstep as crisis bites Euractiv

The European Project Is Now at the Mercy of the Weather Adam Tooze, Foreign Policy

Grain at the Center of the Global Geopolitical Dispute Internationalist 360°

Biden Administration

Here’s How the US Can Stop Wasting Billions of Dollars on Each Transit Project Vice


The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine NYT. Random paragraph:

What had Putin in a lather was a pro-Western and youth-led democracy movement that had caught fire just as Ukraine’s second post-Soviet leader, the dictatorial and Kremlin-aligned Leonid Kuchma, prepared to step down. To succeed him, the reformists had lined up behind a politician named Viktor Yushchenko. Pro-American and married to a former State Department official, Yushchenko vowed to join NATO and the European Union. To the Kremlin, as one influential Russian defense analyst put it at the time, a Yushchenko victory would represent “a catastrophic loss of Russian influence throughout the former Soviet Union, leading ultimately to Russia’s geopolitical isolation.”

“A pro-Western and youth-led democracy movement that had caught fire just as….” Totally! I mean, are we children of six?

Democrats En Déshabillé

A quiet race to succeed Pelosi is underway in San Francisco Politico. “Christine Pelosi, a Democratic activist who has served as a surrogate for her mother, is widely expected to pursue the seat if it opens.” Well, it’s not like our oligarchy is congealing into aristocracy.

Our Famously Free Press

Elon Musk Begins Layoffs at Twitter NYT. This seems to be the email:

Links 11/4/2022 2


Big if true:

Sports Desk

Travis Basevi: the Statsguru visionary who transformed cricket Guardian

Realignment and Legitimacy

“World War III Has Already Effectively Begun” (interview) Nouriel Roubini, Der Spiegel

New Hulu Documentary Recaps Rise of Moral Majority and Downfall of Jerry Falwell Jr. The Roys Report. The lead (!!): “Look, if I would have known that accepting this woman’s invitation to go back to her hotel room would’ve led to a scandal involving the president of the largest Christian university in the world and the president of the United States, I would’ve walked away and just enjoyed my private life.”

Zeitgeist Watch

As Profits Soar, The Disneyland And Disney World Magic Is Dying Kotaku. That’s a damn shame.

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Messy Unwinding of the New World Order—in Charts WSJ

Guillotine Watch

Jeff Bezos is sued by housekeeper who claims she was forced to work up to 14-hours a day without a break in ‘unsanitary conditions’ Daily Mail

Class Warfare

We Mean Nothing to the Company The Baffler. The deck: “Most Americans are already subject to authoritarianism—at work.”

Big Tech’s Algorithms Are Built With Invisible Labor Jacobin

Algorithms Quietly Run the City of DC—and Maybe Your Hometown Wired

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