Links 11/9/2022

Links 11/9/2022 1

Baby Elephant Thanks Young Woman Who Helped Free Their Stuck Feet From Roadside Mud Laughing Squid (resilc)

Birds fall to Earth from Delhi’s toxic skies. Two brothers are there to save them NPR (furzy)

Vermont Woman Mauled by Bear in Her Backyard While Letting Dog Out: ‘It Was Terrifying’ People. Resilc: “25 miles north from me. A neighbor down the street had his shed door broken into by a bear to get into a 5 gal covered tub of bird feed. Why I have a shotgun.”

Italy hails ‘exceptional’ discovery of ancient bronze statues in Tuscany Reuters and I bronzi di San Casciano: riemerge dal Bagno Grande il più grande deposito di statue dell’Italia antica Lavadichiana (DJG)

NASA asteroid crash a watershed moment for humanity Asia Times (J-LS)

How Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes Revolutionized Dance LitHub (J-LS)

All Fair in War: A History of Military Deception BBC Radio 4 (resilc)

Nurse accused of amputating man’s foot for her family’s taxidermy shop Washington Post (J-LS)

The invention of free love aeon




People With Long Covid Face Barriers to Government Disability Benefits Kaiser Health News


One Billionaire emits a Million times more CO2 than an Average Person, as Protesters block Private Planes at Amsterdam Juan Cole

Sony To Begin Plastic Packaging Phase-out Next Year TechXplore. Glad someone is taking the lead here. SO MUCH plastic overpacking, particularly in tech.

NSW viticulturist accused of stealing 13,000 megalitres of water from Darling River Guardian (resilc)


‘There was no hope’: the Chinese factories struggling to survive Financial Times


Dogs given to South Korea by Kim Jong-un at centre of political row Guardian (resilc)


Strong earthquake jolts Delhi-NCR, epicenter in Nepal FirstPost (J-LS)

After Lula’s Victory, India and Brazil Can Join Forces on the Global Stage The Diplomat (J-LS)

GT Voice: US anti-inflation act pushes world toward another tariff war Global Times. The Chinese pick sides.

Poland draws a line in the sand with the EU: ‘We fulfilled the requirements, and we are owed the funds,’ says Polish president Business Insider

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukraine Russia war – Col Doug Macgregor YouTube. Today’s must listen. Disproves the theory running around the Innertubes that the combo plate of the WSJ and WaPo articles on our optics-only peace virtue signaling instructions to Zelensky and the Jake Sullivan calls to Russian officials means the US is moving toward a willingness to negotiate. Macgregor argues the reverse, that the US is continuing to make threat displays towards Russia, based on careful reading of relevant facts and insider intel. Be sure to listen to the end.

India praises ‘strong and steady’ relationship with Russia as foreign ministers meet in Moscow South China Morning Post (J-LS)

India says Russia oil deals advantageous as Yellen visits Delhi Reuters (J-LS)

Russia to raise monument to British spy – media RT (Kevin W). Epic trolling!

Russian oil exports surging – Bloomberg RT

European Commission Says Gas Price Cap Is Impossible OilPrice (Kevin W)

Getting Closer Wolfgang Streck, New Left Review (Anthony :). On German indifference to nuclear war risk.


Arguably New Not-So-Cold War since aimed at Russia:

World Cup

Nepalis Feel the Human Toll of Qatar’s World Cup The Diplomat (J-LS)

World Cup ambassador: Homosexuality is ‘damage in the mind’ DW (resilc). Hoo boy.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Spyware Is Running Amok in Europe, EU Lawmaker Warns Bloomberg

Imperial Collapse Watch

The US military is operating in more countries than we think Responsible Statecraft (J-LS). Maybe not than NC readers think but general point well taken.

More Than 100 C-130s Are Down, Likely Because Mechanics Scratched Their Propellers, Air Force Says Defense One. Kevin W: “That would put a crimp on any Ukrainian intervention plans if so many transport planes are out of action.”

2022 Aftermath. Lambert will do the main course, just some tidbits for now:

Why Do American Elections Always End Up 50–50? Atlantic (resilc)

Republican wave fails to materialise as US midterm results roll in Financial Times

Longtime GOP Rep. Steve Chabot upset in Ohio The Hill

Ga. county will overnight hundreds of absentee ballots after ‘clerical error’ Washington Post (furzy)

Missouri Republicans Hawley and Schmitt say Senate GOP needs new leadership: ‘Not Mitch McConnell’ Fox News (J-LS). From before polls closed, but if this election does indeed turn out to be a red ripple, it may strengthen their case.

Toward a more perfect Constitution: Danielle Allen Harvard Gazette (J-LS)

Tesla Gets Hit By Amtrak Train, Driver Has Minor Injuries Inside InsideEVs (resilc)

Weird cars are becoming the new normal The Verge (resilc)

Inflation/Supply Chain

The lawsuit that could rewrite the rules of AI copyright The Verge (David L)

The Bezzle

Tesla Stock Is Plummeting and Reddit Investors Are Blaming Musk’s Twitter Chaos Vice

Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 Billion Fortune Is Eviscerated in Days Bloomberg (David L)

Binance’s Custodial Arrangements: Whose Keys? Whose Coins? Adam Levitin, Credit Slips. Binance is buying the above busted FTX. But:

I’ve written at length about crypto platforms’ custodial arrangement, and Binance is truly the outlier among large exchanges in terms of not addressing the legal nature of the custodial relationship. Other platforms don’t always address it clearly, but they at least make some motions in that direction. But not Binance.

America’s Slow-Moving, Confused Crypto Regulation Is Driving Industry Out of US ars technica. As if thate were a bad thing.

Class Warfare

Washington Post Claims Voters Want Cuts in Social Security and Medicare CounterPunch (resilc)

The bankers have launched a class war Thomas Fazi, Unherd

Antidote du jour. Wayne W: “Reflections on life at the beach, Mt Maunganui New Zealand…”

Links 11/9/2022 2

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