Links 12/18/2021

Links 12/18/2021 1

Brilliant Christmas Tree Ideas For Lazy People EatLiver (fresno dan)

Woman trying to stop bear hunters unleashes dog, and an attack ensued, VT officials say The Tribune (resilc). This woman has no clue as to how lucky she was. There was a case in Maine maybe a decade ago where deer hunters killed a woman on her suburban/exurban woods-abutting property. The hunters said they mistook her white gloves for a deer tail. Many locals suspect she’d argued with them for hunting too close to her property (actually legal given its location) because she had kids, and they’d popped her.

The fight to save horseshoe crabs from the biomedical industry The Verge (David L)

Australians warned against surge in snakes and spiders DW

This Footage From The First-Ever Probe to Touch The Sun Will Leave You Speechless Science Alert (David L)

Tardigrade is first multicellular organism to be quantum entangled New Scientist (David L)

How does extreme weather impact marine ecosystems? (Kevin W)

Newfound type of storm is a 1,000-km-wide puddle in the sky New Atlas (David L)

Univ. of Washington AI protein folding discovery wins ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ award from Science Geekwire (David L)

Richard Porson: A Man of a Different Class Antigone (Anthony L)

How to pray to a dead God aeon

Small Mercies: Magic Mushrooms Helped Me Regain Control of My Brain Jezebel (David L)



No saying GM has a monopoly on worst case scenarios….and this isn’t necessarily worst case:

More channeling GM:

‘No Evidence’ That Omicron is Less Severe Than Delta, Say Imperial Researchers Reuters

How Omicron Evades Natural Immunity, Vaccination, And Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Forbes (Kevin W)

Omicron largely evades immunity from past infection or two vaccine doses Imperial College London. Resilc: “Gee, yesterday it was ez/pz.”

Omicron could bring the worst surge of COVID yet in the U.S. — and fast NPR (David L)


Coronavirus: Hospitality venues in Ireland to close early BBC (Kevin W). Weak tea.

Covid-19: Omicron spreading at lightning speed – French PM BBC

Listen to This Article: Led by Jeremy Corbyn, the British Left Opposes Vaccine Mandates as Anti-Worker and Repressive Glenn Greenwald


New York Hits Covid-19 Case Record as Omicron Looms Wall Street Journal. Lead story.

With Omicron, U.S. Testing Capacity Faces Intense Pressure New York Times

America Is Not Ready for Omicron The Atlantic (resilc). Two years squandered….

Federal appeals court reinstates Biden administration’s business vaccine and testing mandate CNBC (Kevin W)

Pfizer to test Covid booster dose on infants, young kids RT (Kevin W)

Is It Going to Be Like This Forever? New York Magazine (resilc)

Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s House Party Guests Told to Get Vaccinated Before Coming Daily Beast (resilc)


Central Banks Bet Economies Can Tolerate Omicron, Not Inflation Bloomberg (Kevin W)

COP26/Climate Change

Collapse of Florida-sized glacier may happen soon, raising sea levels and threatening coastal cities USA Today (David L)


U.S. blacklists world’s largest commercial drone firm for surveillance of Uyghurs in China Axios (resilc)

US accuses China of developing ‘brain control weaponry’ Financial Times (Kevin W)

Special Report: Amazon partnered with China propaganda arm Reuters (furzy)

China: We’ll make US pay the price for sanctions Asia Times (Kevin W)

DIANA JOHNSTONE: The Growing Franco-German Estrangement Consortium News (Chuck L)

Old Blighty

Boris Johnson ‘gone in a year’ unless he cleans up act, senior Tories warn Guardian. Kevin W: “A year? So they are not serious then.”

New Cold War

Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape The Saker (Kevin W)

Russia issues its list of demands Guardian (vlade)

Looks likes someone did not like this tweet (follow this link, we took a screenshot rather than embedding). Notice dramatic change in headline, which you can also verify from article URL (see here for story):

Links 12/18/2021 2

A Lesson In Real Realism Andrei Martyanov (Chuck L)

A Domestic Newspaper Warns of the Russian Space Program’s ‘Rapid Collapse’ ars technica

The 30th anniversary of the fall of the USSR Brookings (Kevin C)


Israel and the Gulf States Are Becoming Closer. But It Won’t Make Biden’s Life Much Easier Politico (Kevin C)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Facebook Bans 7 ‘Surveillance-For-Hire’ Companies That Spied On 50,000 Users NPR. Only 50,000?

The Log4J Vulnerability Will Haunt the Internet for Years Wired (Dr. Kevin)

Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive BBC (David L)


GOP blows off Trump’s bid to oust McConnell Politico (resilc). Not smart. Concrete evidence of how much Trump’s star has waned, despite the MSM constantly pumping him up.


The clip above also demonstrates why Kamala has no hope of becoming the Democratic party Prez candidate, let alone winning. She can’t take any heat. Getting scold-y, a display of ego, and a misaimed smear in close succession are not a good look.

Police State Watch

The Roots of Rage The Plough (Dori M)

Schools Across US Cancel Classes Over Unconfirmed TikTok Threats The Verge

Woke Watch

Our Famously Free Press

Politico’s Defense News, Brought to You by Northrop Grumman Mint Press (Kevin W)

US Regulators Flag Climate Change, Stablecoins As Potential Systemic Risks Reuters

Supply Chain

Our supply chain woes didn’t start with the pandemic The Hill (resilc)

Class Warfare

Worker Protection Bill Blocked Before Tornado Disaster Daily Poster

Kellogg Says It Has Tentative Deal With Union as It Faces Mounting Pressure Truthout

Kellogg Celebrates Weak Tentative Agreement – 1/4 of Americans Quit Their Jobs in 2021 – 5,000 Fred Meyers Workers Strike Mike Elk

Antidote du jour (Christopher J):

Links 12/18/2021 3

And a bonus (Robert M). The dogs are very very good but the cat behaving so well is impressive:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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