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Links 12/23/2020

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Links 12/23/2020


Thai man revives baby elephant with CPR after motorbike accident BBC (resilc)

He’s the deer of the year’: Carrot on way to recovery after arrow pulled from head Guardian. Resilc: “But nobody gives a shit about starving people in Yemen…”

Macron’s dog Nemo in video plea to be kind to pets BBC

Revealed: Nasa killed all 27 monkeys held at research center on single day in 2019 Guardian (David L) 🙁

Mummified wolf pup dating back 57,000 years with its head, tail, fur paws and teeth perfectly preserved by permafrost is unearthed in Canada Daily Mail (Kevin W)

Son shoots family dogs, then he and his dad kill each other, Alabama police say Ledger-Enquirer

Stunning unseen footage reveals The Beatles as never before New York Post (David L)

Giant iceberg A68a shatters into large fragments BBC (resilc)

A new iron-based catalyst converts carbon dioxide into jet fuel Science News

‘Forever chemicals’ pollute water from Alaska to Florida Guardian (David L)

All you need to know to understand 5G Sabine Hossenfelder, YouTube (UserFriendly). I’ve only gotten a few minutes in, but it looks to be very good.

Humans Used to Be Able to Hibernate, Evidence Suggests Popular Mechanics (resilc)


Coronavirus spreads to Antarctic research station BBC (resilc)


BioNTech Says COVID Vaccine ‘Highly Likely’ to Work Against New UK Strain Vice (resilc)

Masks not enough to stop COVID-19’s spread without distancing: study American Institute of Physics (resilc)

How COVID-19 Hollowed Out a Generation of Young Black Men ProPublica. The partner of one of our aides has three relatives who have died of Covid, all under 40.

Covid patients plagued by symptoms months after infection, Australian study shows Guardian

COVID-19 Anticoagulation Trials ‘Paused’ for Futility, Safety Medscape (JTM)

Coronavirus cases recorded in Antarctica at Chilean research station abc.net.au (Kevin W)


Philippines Suspends U.K. Flights Dec. 24-31 on New Virus Strain Bloomberg


US deaths in 2020 top 3 million, by far most ever counted Associated Press (Kevin C). Biggest percentage increase since 1918.

New Virus Strain Could Be in U.S.; Fauci Gets Shot Bloomberg

As pandemic surges, California hospitals move to ration care WSWS

Why It’s So Hard to Keep California’s Hospitals Staffed New York Times (Kevin W)

Probe: Trump officials attacked CDC virus reports Associated Press

3 Men Allegedly Shot Up a Strip Club with AK-47s Over COVID Restrictions Vice (resilc)

How the school reopening debate is tearing Brookline, Massachusetts, apart. Slate


‘Let them eat cake’ trends in response to ‘meagre’ $600 Covid cheque Independent (resilc)

Some might not receive a $600 stimulus check this time around. Here’s why CNBC (furzy)

Biden’s Austerity Zealotry Cut The Stimulus Bill In Half David Sirota

Trump Asks Congress to Amend Covid-19 Package, Boost Direct Payments Wall Street Journal

Exposed: The 7 Most Shocking Things In the 5,593 Page Stimulus Bill New Civil Rights Movement (furzy)

Read the full text of the covid-19 economic relief bill Washington Post (furzy)

Wolff Responds: Congress’ Shameful Relief Bill YouTube (Kevin C)

Arizona charter school Primavera gets PPP loan, gives $10M to investor USA Today

$50-per-month emergency broadband subsidies approved in pandemic stimulus ars technica (resilc)


China caught between a moon rock and a hard place Asia Times (Kevin W)

After 11 Years, Australia Declares Its National Broadband Network Is ‘Built and Fully Operational’ The Register. 11 years??? I recall this as an initiative when I was in Sydney, 2002 to 2004.


Please read the entire tweetstorm. Later entries in the thread less encouraging than the earlier ones. Short version is there are serious sticking points in addition to fish.

Note limited sources and areas of progress cited fewer than the ones at issue per Connelly. Good intel, fog of negotiations, or gaslighting?


US considering legal immunity for Saudi crown prince in alleged assassination plot Middle East Eye (Kevin W). Hoo boy.

Germany to Iran: Don’t waste chance for rapprochement with U.S Reuters (resilc)

Israeli Government Collapses, Forcing 4th Election in 2 Years New York Times (furzy)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Some UK Stores Are Using Facial Recognition to Track Shoppers Wired

France Bans Use of Drones To Police Protests In Paris BBC

New York Halts Use of Facial Recognition in Schools ny.gov

Cellebrite’s New Solution for Decrypting the Signal App WayBack Machine(David L)

From dk:

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Navy Wants to Recruit 450 Warrant Officers to Fly Its New MQ-25 Tanker Drones Military.com

Pistachio Tycoon Picks a Fight With the U.S. Navy Bloomberg (Kevin W)

Trump Transition

Trump Pardons Two Russia Inquiry Figures and Blackwater Guards New York Times (furzy). Contrast with WSJ headline: Trump Issues 15 Pardons and Five Commutations

London Breed: Alex Padilla’s Senate appointment ‘unfortunate’ and a ‘real blow’ SFGate. Agreed, but for different reasons. We followed Padilla’s stance on election integrity compared to his predecessor and it was poor.

NRA urges Americans to wrap guns for under the tree this Christmas Independent

The fading light of liberal democracy Martin Wolf, Financial Times (David L)

Calpers Seeking an Investment Chief With Staying Power Wall Street Journal

Class Warfare

How Amazon Wins: By Steamrolling Rivals and Partners Wall Street Journal

New Trump rule could cost waiters more than $700 million in lost wages, allowing employers to take more of their tips to pay other workers Business Insider (Kevin W)

U.S. sues Walmart, accusing it of fueling opioid crisis NBC (furzy)

Walmart contributed to the prescription opioid crisis for years, breaking the law, the Justice Department alleges CNN

Antidote du jour:

Links 12/23/2020 2

And a bonus (guurst):

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