Links 12/3/2022

Links 12/3/2022 1

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‘A gentle calm’: France’s streets once again echo to sound of working horses Guardian (resilc). Very handsome horse. But my father grew up in Long Island during the Depression. He’d sometimes visit NYC and hated it. A big reason was the still-extensive use of horses with delivery wagons and the resulting stench.

World’s oldest recorded tortoise prepares for 190th birthday party Guardian (Kevin W)

Dolphins Shrug Off Hot Sauce–Spiked Nets Hakai (resilc)

Historic photos celebrate 100 years of Superior National Forest plan Quetico Superior Wilderness News (Chuck L)

Farts say more about your health than you think — now, scientists are listening Inverse (Dr. Kevin)

US sees surge in children under five hospitalized for respiratory viruses Guardian (resilc)

Germany: RSV infection wave overloads children’s hospitals DW (resilc)

How heaven became a place among the stars aeon (Anthony L)

A Path to Freedom Commonweal. Anthony L: “It is sad when art needs a “defence”, and so all defences are sadder.”




Chartbook #177 Beijing’s tragic COVID dilemma Adam Tooze (resilc)

China fights lockdown protests by targeting smartphones DW (resilc)


Forced Labor, Child Miners, Payment in Drugs—Clean Energy Supply Chain Has Issues Mother Jones (resilc)

The quest for low carbon steel Asia Times

Indonesia set to penalise sex outside marriage in overhaul of criminal code Reuters. Resilc: “Mass arrests in Bali for expats then?”

New Not-So-Cold War

Telephone conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Kremlin. Ouch.

Newsbits On Ukraine – Swamp Trenches, Short Training, Out Of Ammo Moon of Alabama (Chuck L)

Zelensky Looks To Ban Christian Denomination With Ties to Moscow (Kevin W)

Switzerland may ban EVs to avoid blackouts – Der Spiegel RT (Kevin W)

OPEC and Russia to Meet as Global Forces Weigh on Oil Market New York Times

EU reaches deal to impose $60 cap on Russian oil exports Financial Times

EU’s oil cap may result in ‘violent’ price spikes – Economist RT

Power Prices Scream Higher In Europe As Wind Power Slumps OilPrice (resilc)

Russia demands annexations recognised before talks BBC. I read this as Russian top officials tired of wasting time on lectures and bizarre peace feelers (see Scholz above, the Kremlin readout does not dignify Scholz pressing Putin to withdraw troops).

Germans Turn to Heat Pumps to Replace Gas Furnaces New York Times. Resilc: “They are made from and run on stardust, just like Teslazzzzzzz.”


Fascism: Israeli Style CounterPunch

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

‘NO’: Grad Students Analyze, Hack, and Remove Under-Desk Surveillance Devices Designed to Track Them Vice (furzy)

CIA’s Venture Capital Wing In-Q-Tel Partners With Trust Lab Startup Intercept

Imperial Collapse Watch

NATO Exists To Solve The Problems Created By NATO’s Existence Caitlin Johnstone

Our No Longer Free Press


The Rorschach test of media reactions:

Twitter suppressed stories based on requests from both Dems and GOP in 2020, but it favored liberals: Report Fox

‘This will be awesome’: Musk leaks Twitter’s Hunter Biden files Politico. Subhead: “The tech billionaire’s latest move will likely ingratiate him further with conservatives — and plunge the social media platform deeper into political controversy.”

Released Twitter emails show how employees debated how to handle 2020 New York Post Hunter Biden story CNN

Lambert on the story:

Taibbi’s reporting — mostly internal email from Twitter — shows that the Biden campaign leveraged Democrat assets in the Twitter moderation team to suppress a news story from The New York Post that would have hurt their candidate in the closing days of the campaign.

If that’s not rigging an election, then what is it?

And an NC regular:

The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story is well known by now (except among the Hillary Diehards, who, I’ll admit, make up about 20 percent of the “adult” population, or so).

The internal problems with censorship at Twitter also are well known. In a sense, Taibbi isn’t surprising anyone.

Yet the comments are atrocious. They are an argument against Twitter and its supposed free flow of information. The comments are a lot of half-baked opinions by people with too many unexamined opinions. This is dialogue?

Mainstream Media Slain in Canada Matt Taibbi (Chuck L)

Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Under Elon Musk Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find New York Times

Texas school staffers accused of locking up boy until he ate his own feces New York Post (resilc)

Florida sheriff announces old-time punishments like disfigurement are back for school kids Boing Boing (resilc)

Inflation/Supply Chain

People are turning to fish heads, protein shakes, and unsold food apps to save money on groceries Business Insider

Summers Says Fed Will Need to Boost Rates More Than Markets Expect Bloomberg

SpaceX Wins FCC Approval to Launch 7,500 Starlink Satellites BNN Bloomberg

The Bezzle

Tesla finally delivers first electric Semi to Pepsi after years of delay ars technica (resilc)

Why they clapped for Sam Bankman-Fried The Reformed Broker

Class Warfare

New York Times could go dark next Thursday after 1,000 journalists pledged to walk out for 24 hours if their pay bump demands aren’t met Daily Mail (BC)

Trader Joe’s workers upset about new work schedule policy: ‘a veiled threat’ Guardian (resilc)

Betrayal Steve Waldman. On the rail cramdown.

Full List of Senators Who Voted Against Giving Rail Workers Paid Sick Leave New Republic

82-year-old woman arrested for unpaid trash bills in Alabama WLTX (resilc)

Antidote du jour (John M):

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