Links 2/1/2022

Links 2/1/2022 1

Crows Trade Cigarettes For Food Hackaday. Resilc: “I’d feel much better for USA USA’s future if we had 535 crows in Congre$$.”

Ranchers Seek Remedy To Black Vultures In S.C. Drovers (resilc)

Rhinos: Back from the Brink Reason to be Cheerful (resilc)

A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold the key to quantum gravity Science News (Chuck L)

Giant dying star explodes as scientists watch in real time — a first for astronomy KVIA (Chuck L)

Scientists estimate 9,000 tree species are still unknown to them Business Insider (Kevin W)

Number of Earth’s tree species estimated to be 14% higher than currently known, with 9,200 species yet to be discovered PhysOrg (David L). Um, still doesn’t change the fact that we’ve wiped out a ton.

‘I Cloned My Dog—They Have Completely Different Personalities’ Newsweek (furzy)

The New Lysenkoism: Scientific American’s broadside against E. O. Wilson fits a fashionable, science-denying trend. CJ (resilc)

Socrates on the Blessing of Being Refuted Antigone (Anthony L)


‘I wanted my art to resonate’: The Zimbabwean sculptor responding to Covid with creativity Guardian

‘Mark of the Antichrist’: Greek holy men sow vaccine mistrust France24 (resilc). We warned of the Mark of the Beast concerns…but the objection among US evangelicals is not to vaccines but mandates…This is much broader.

Economic Survey Glosses Over 2021 COVID-19 Horror, Key Details on Health Schemes The Wire (J-LS)


Please read the full thread:

Study on long COVID finds hidden lung abnormalities not detected in routine tests Times of Israel

Mild COVID-19 cases still lead to attention and memory issues: study Reuters. Money quote:


GM: “#nottheOnion”:

Scarcity of a Covid drug sends patients on a ‘Hunger Games hunt’ STAT (martha r). From last week, still germane.


Freedom Convoy: Trudeau calls trucker protest an ‘insult to truth’ BBC (resilc)

Trudeau reappears to denounce ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers RT (Kevin W)


The record $1 trillion trade deficit doesn’t even count hundreds of millions of small packages mailed directly from China MarketWatch (resilc)

Alexa whistleblower demands Amazon apology after being jailed and tortured Guardian


India Will Lose 101 Billion Labour-Hours a Year to Global Warming’s Effects The Wire (J-LS)

India UnderSpends On Nutrition, New Nutrition Programme Yet To Be Implemented India Spend (J-LS)

Gandhi assassination: Why Nathuram Godse was allowed to read his hate-filled accusations in court The Scroll (J-LS)

Portugal’s ruling Socialists win re-election with outright majority France24

Fruit pickers lured to Portugal by the dream of a ‘raspberry passport’ Guardian (resilc)

New Cold War

Russia provides written response to U.S. proposal for deescalation as Biden’s Ambassador to the UN claims Moscow is preparing to send 30,000 troops to the Belarus-Ukraine border: State Dept orders home family members of government workers in Belarus Daily Mail (J-LS). Wow, someone really wants this war.

Most Americans Don’t Want War With Russia. Where Are Progressives? American Prospect (Kevin C). Depressing amount of pushback on a big mailing list with a lot of press and academic names.

US Naval Presence in Black Sea More Than Doubled in 2021 Compared to 2020 Antiwar (resilc)

Dumping on Germany: Do US pundits ever consider the cost? Responsible Statecraft (resilc)

U.S. Sanctions Aimed at Russia Could Take a Wide Toll New York Times (Kevin C). I am not in a position to make an independent assessment, but with the US hitting Russia with various sanctions since IIRC 2014, it’s hard to see that there is much ammo left in that weapon. And Russia has had all this time to become more of an autarky.


Israel calls on Amnesty International to not release report accusing country of apartheid PBS (David L)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

How IBM’s Watson went from the future of health care to sold off for parts. Slate (furzy)

Imperial Collapse Watch

The F-35C’s Radar-Absorbent Skin Is Looking Pretty Rough After Months At Sea The Drive (Kevin W)

ERCOT Projects High Electricity Demand During Cold Snap NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (J-LS)


Islamophobia and the Capitol Insurrection Juan Cole, TomDispatch


Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines New York Times (furzy). Pretty tenuous. Weighing a proposal to rob a bank is not robbing a bank. But politically, sure not a good look.

Fascism isn’t coming UnHerd (resilc). From last year, still germane.


Does the Biden administration have an economic worldview? Asia Times (Kevin W)

Cotton threatens to block DOJ nominees over refusal to defend US Marshals in 2020 Portland Antifa riots Fox News

Joe Biden’s Saigon Atlantic (resilc). Military-industrial types will not stop beating this dead horse….


Manchin ‘anxious’ to confirm Breyer’s Supreme Court successor The Hill (Kevin W). Is it just me, or does this strike you as a mindfuck?

The Supreme Court’s Christian conservative revolution is upon us Vox (resilc)

Democrats en déshabillé

Rhode Island Dems On Track to Hand GOP Midterm Advantage Intercept (resilc)

Fearing catastrophe, national nonprofit asks Broward to ban LNG shipments at Port Everglades Florida Bulldog (Chuck L)

L’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s Costly U.S. Court Battle Puts Strain on Finances Bloomberg (J-LS)

Police State Watch

Miami Beach commission directs city to appeal dismissals of criminal ordinance cases Miami Herald (J-LS)

Does the Mafia Hire Good Accountants? SSRN (resilc)

Inside Kazakhstan’s giant crypto-mine BBC

Progressive Crypto Skeptic Set to Join Consumer Finance Watchdog Bloomberg (martha r). Missed this last week. Occupy Wall Street lives!

Guillotine Watch

Woman rents tent on her Zürich balcony for $540 a month Boing Boing (resilc)

Class Warfare

The Nursing Home Slumlord Manifesto American Prospect (martha r). From the formidable Moe Tkacik.

Teachers are quitting, and companies are hot to hire them Wall Street Journal (resilc)

More than 50 Starbucks stores now petitioning to unionize The Hill

Antidote du jour. Tracie H: “Sandy’s Beach Shack near the foot of the pier in Huntington Beach (CA) welcomes dogs.”

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