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Links 2/11/2021

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Links 2/11/2021


Dear patient readers,

Apologies for the dearth of original posts. Three got delayed for different reasons. Hopefully this big ration of links will partially compensate.

Photos: Surfing with goats at the San Clemente Pier Los Angeles Times (David L)

In pictures: Egypt’s epic Zalaga camel race Middle East Eye (resilc)

Bird population falls 40% in Maine throughout the past 52 years News Center Maine

Fishermen rescued from ice on Lake Superior Associated Press (Chuck L)

Conch shell in French museum found to be 17,000-year-old wind instrument Guardian (Kevin W)

Machines Are Inventing New Math We’ve Never Seen Vice

A Nairobi Entrepreneur Is Recycling Plastic Waste into Bricks That Are More Durable Than Concrete This Colossal (David L)

Sea-level rise could threaten coastal nuclear waste facilities Yale Climate Connections

Audit raises concerns about wildfire risks at U.S. nuclear lab PBS (David L)



Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says CNN (Kevin W). Kill me now. First, vaccines only 90% effective, and that assumes proper spacing of shots and handling. Already cases of people getting full blown Covid after 2 vaccines. And more important, as we have said repeatedly, we don’t know if these vaccines reduce transmission. They likely do to a degree, but the overwhelming majority of experts agree that a respiratory vaccine is exceedingly unlikely to achieve sterilizing immunity.

South Africa scraps AstraZeneca COVID vaccine Al Jazeera (Kevin W)

WHO expert group recommends use of AstraZeneca vaccine (Kevin W)

A lone infection may have changed the course of the pandemic Wired (David L)

Past coronavirus infections don’t seem to help with SARS-CoV-2 ars technica (resilc)

COVID maths: All the virus in the world would fit in a coke can Reuters

Why Swedish towns are banning masks Fast Company (resilc)

Dozens of people develop rare blood disorder after taking coronavirus vaccines – reports RT (Kevin W)

Covid vaccine: J&J CEO says people may get annual shots for the next several years CNBC

US will not accept World Health Organization findings out of Wuhan without independently verifying South China Morning Post (resilc). Help me.


Biden Administration Says Schools Have Reopened If They Are Open One Day a Week Wall Street Journal. Moving the goalposts is not going to impress parents who have to mind their children during what used to be the school week.

How This New Yorker Created a Vaccine Appointment Website for $50 New York Times


President Biden Meeting with Business Leaders on COVID-19 Relief C-SPAN. So they get relief. Ordinary people get “stimulus” as in they deserve help only as economic cannon fodder.

Salesforce Says Most Employees Will Only Be In Office 1 To 3 Days A Week After Pandemic Forbes (resilc)


Biden has first call with China’s Xi since taking office Financial Times

Tencent Executive Held by China Over Links to Corruption Case Wall Street Journal


Trailer shortage fears as EU drivers question the viability of serving the UK The Loadstar (guurst). Consistent with what we said a while back. If shipping disruption continued, rates would have to rise high enough for haulers to feel it was worth their while.

It is time to wonder: is the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), as drafted, actually going to be ratified? Euroblog (guurst_

Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share trading hub Financial Times

Old Blighty

The return of Marine Le Pen Politico (UserFriendly)

India Will Drive Energy Demand For The Next 20 Years OilPrice


Myanmar coup: US announces sanctions on leaders BBC

New Cold War


Iranian nuclear scientist killed by one-ton automated gun in Israeli hit Reuters (UserFriendly)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

A Swiss Company Says It Found Weakness That Imperils Encryption Bloomberg (David L)

Border Agents Can Search Phones Freely Under New Circuit Court Ruling The Verge

A Barcode Scanner App With Millions of Downloads Goes Rogue Wired (resilc)

Breached water plant employees used the same TeamViewer password and no firewall ars technica

Imperial Collapse Watch

America’s Stockpiles Are Hardly Strategic Defense One (resilc)


Emotive video dominates day one of Trump impeachment trial The Hill

‘Made for TV,’ and where it got us Columbia Journalism Review

Trump is on trial for inciting an insurrection. What about the 12 people who spoke before him? Politico

Democrats draft Plan B expecting Trump impeachment acquittal McClatchy. Resilc: “So trump runs Sen. Ivanka (T, Fla).”

A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble MSN

Trump’s impeachment can answer a lot about the Capitol riot. But not who funded it. NBC (dk). Gah. Lambert made some back of envelope computation. It took very little dough to get the relatively small number (by historical DC demonstration standards) who traveled there transit costs and maybe a night or two of hotel/AirBnB.

Trump Transition

More than 120 former Republican officials hold Zoom meeting to discuss forming breakaway anti-Trump third party based on ‘principled conservatism’ – as ex-president’s spokesman brands them ‘losers’ Daily Mail


Sanders confronts Tanden over past ‘vicious attacks’ The Hill

John Kennedy Rips Neera Tanden’s Mean Bernie Sanders Tweets Mediate (resilc)

California Twentynine Palms: Explosives are missing from the nation’s largest Marine Corps base and an investigation is underway CNN

Mark Cuban Confirms Mavericks Won’t Play National Anthem Before Home Games Bleacher Report (resilc)

Our Famously Free Press

ADAM CURTIS: SOCIAL MEDIA IS A SCAM Idler (vlade). Important.

Biden Continues Trump’s War On The Press Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)

Twitter faces a political disaster in India, where it’s taking heat from both the government and protesters over the suspension of accounts Business Insider (Kevin W)

Uber’s food-delivery growth fails to offset rideshare decline Financial Times

Thieves Nationwide Are Slithering Under Cars, Swiping Catalytic Converters New York Times (David L). Surprised this is happening only now. They have platinum in them.

Elon Musk wants clean power. But Tesla’s carrying bitcoin’s dirty baggage Reuters

Bitcoin consumes ‘more electricity than Argentina’ BBC (resilc)

Nouriel Roubini: bitcoin is not a hedge against tail risk Financial Times (David L)

Class Warfare

What Collapsed the Middle Class? Of Two Minds (UserFriendly)

The Subway Was Their Refuge on Cold Nights. Now It’s Off-Limits. New York Times

Antidote du jour. This is David E’s handsome boy Theo:

All dressed up for Saturday Night. He was born in Asheville NC 9 years ago, and he’s got some bobcat in him. He was kind enough to pose before an Etruscan bowl reproduction. Flattering, I think.

Links 2/11/2021 1

And a bonus (guurst). Must be from NYC:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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