Links 2/27/2022

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The legend of the horned rabbit of the West High Country News

The election for the future of the internet Lowy Institute

Amazon’s $31B ad business, explained Trung Phan, SatPost

The Real Reason the Pandemic Killed Small Restaurants Slate


The Huanan market was the epicenter of SARS-CoV-2 emergence Zenodo (an open-science project commissioned by the EC and hosted by CERN). From the Abstract: “Geographical clustering of the earliest known COVID-19 cases and the proximity of positive environmental samples to live-animal vendors suggest that the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the site of origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.” On the geographical clustering, this GIF is slow to load but worth watching:

This screen provides indrect support for the freeze-thaw-loogie model:

Links 2/27/2022 2

(The long thread I took these tweets from is worth a read. It includes critiques.) The second in a pair of papers:

SARS-CoV-2 emergence very likely resulted from at least two zoonotic events Zenodo. From the Abstract: “We show that the SARS-CoV-2 genomic diversity prior to February 2020 comprised only two distinct viral lineages—denoted A and B—with no transitional haplotypes. Novel phylodynamic rooting methods, coupled with epidemic simulations, indicate that these two lineages were the result of at least two separate cross-species transmission events into humans. The first zoonotic transmission likely involved lineage B viruses and occurred in late-November/early-December 2019 and no earlier than the beginning of November 2019, while the introduction of lineage A likely occurred within weeks of the first event. These findings define the narrow window between when SARS-CoV-2 first jumped into humans and when the first cases of COVID-19 were reported. Hence, as with SARS-CoV-1 in 2002 and 2003, SARS-CoV-2 emergence likely resulted from multiple zoonotic events.”

* * *

Repurposing FDA-approved drugs may help combat COVID-19 Medical Xpress. You don’t say.

Repurposing the drug, ivermectin, in COVID-19: toxicological points of view European Journal of Medical Research. From the Abstract: “This narrative reviews the toxicological profile and some potential therapeutic effects of ivermectin. Based on the current dose recommendation, ivermectin appears to be safe with minimum side effects. However, serious questions remain about the effectiveness of this drug in the treatment of patients with COVID-19.”

* * *

SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) Variant Transmission Within Households — Four U.S. Jurisdictions, November 2021–February 2022 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, CDC. “Multicomponent COVID-19 prevention strategies, including up-to-date vaccination, isolation of infected persons, and mask use at home, are important to reduce Omicron transmission in household settings.” Obviously the time to “let ‘er rip!”

Risk of Long Covid in people infected with SARS-CoV-2 after two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine: community-based, matched cohort study (preprint) medRxiv. From the Abstract: “The study sample comprised 3,090 double-vaccinated participants (mean age 49 years, 54% female, 92% white, median follow-up from infection 96 days) and matched control participants. Long Covid symptoms were reported by 294 double-vaccinated participants (prevalence 9.5%) compared with 452 unvaccinated participants (14.6%), corresponding to an aOR for Long Covid symptoms of 0.59 (95% CI: 0.50 to 0.69). There was no evidence of heterogeneity by adenovirus vector versus messenger ribonucleic acid vaccines (p=0.25).” As above.

* * *

Coronavirus FAQ: I’m a one-way masker. What strategy will give me optimal protection? NPR. “One-way masker” now an identity? Lordie. The strategy for “optimal protection” is — hear me out — for everybody to mask. This wouldn’t be so hard to see if so much effort had not been spent on obscuring it. Artwork:

Links 2/27/2022 3

The subtext is clear: As shown by little drops of sweat and a nervous expression, it is now the masked-up who must “live in fear”; or, to generalize slightly, mutualists must live in fear of libertarians. This is clarifying, although I wouldn’t have expected the clarification to have come from the totebag crowd. Or maybe I would!


Xi pursues policy of ‘pro-Russia neutrality’ despite Ukraine war FT

Why China Sees Opportunity in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Politico


Myanmar’s Drone Wars The Diplomat

New report reveals weapons transfers to military junta by UN Member States United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. Handy map:

Inside the global drive to fund a revolution in Myanmar Japan Times. And elsewhere in Japan:

Why the West’s state-building practices in Myanmar are part of the problem Frontier Myanmar

The Koreas

I think Mearsheimer would like this thread:

Australia pledges $578 million for surveillance, research in Antarctica Reuters

Ukraine crisis: Japan should discuss Nato-like nuclear weapons sharing, Shinzo Abe says South China Morning Post

New Not-So-Cold War

Russian troops enter Ukraine’s 2nd-largest city, press ports Associated Press. Kharkiv.

Massive explosions light up Kyiv sky as Russian forces assault capital Axios

Ukraine Conflict Update 9 Institute for the Study of War. Handy map:

Links 2/27/2022 4

This is the best wrap-up I’ve found — readers? — but the map and the prose seem somewhat at odds in tone.

Ukraine rejects Russian offer of talks in Belarus Reuters

Russia vetoes UN Security action on Ukraine as China, India abstains Al Arabiya

* * *

Coming to terms with the nuclear risks of the Ukraine war Responsible Statecraft

Understanding World War III Contraspin. From 2016. Highly germane.

Ukraine’s Azov Battallion and Right Sector are the real deal, not cosplay:

News you can use:

A tweet storm that would get this account instantly banned in the “wrong” context.

* * *

Lambert here: I’m no kind of brain genius at finding fake photos. I think fake photos are so easy for me to find because they’re pervasive.

A Prayer for Volodymyr Zelensky Franklin Foer, The Atlantic

Symbol Manipulation (1): How Volodymyr Zelensky found his roar The Economist. The deck: “A man who used to entertain the nation has become its voice.” Of course, he had help:

Symbol Manipulation (2): Remember this photo from yesterday?

It’s from 2016:

Links 2/27/2022 5

Nice use of the Rule of Thirds on that flag.

Symbol Manipulation (3): Molotov cocktails:

If you want to report, instead of producing heart-tugging images, you’ll use a wide-angle lens to maximize context — for example, all the other photographers, how many people are really involved, the venue, etc. Molotov cocktails are photogenic tools for asymmetric warfare, and still have some military effectiveness, if skillfully used.

Symbol Manipulation (4): Remember Freedom Fries?

I hope YouTube cleans up this content pronto. It’s unconscionable:

Scammy Instagram ‘war pages’ are capitalizing on Ukraine conflict Input

* * *

Russian Labor Confederation Demands Peace in Ukraine Common Dreams. Now waiting for the AFL-CIO to show international solidarity with these Russian workers.

How to Talk to Kids About Ukraine NYT. “Appease their concerns while taking them seriously.”

* * *

I’m going to run this again because it’s so worth listening to if you haven’t. Presumanbly YouTube won’t censor a talk given on Alumni Weekend at the University of Chicago:

A tour de force of realism. If you have the sense that our national security is being run by child-like entities driven by bad ideas, playground grudges, and hysteria…. That’s because it is.

There is no such thing as Russian public opinion EconLib. Or “public opinion” generally. Hmm.

Biden Adminstration

Biden approves $350 million in military aid for Ukraine Reuters

Supply Chain

The Arab Spring correlated to rising food prices, so hold on to your hats:

Our Famously Free Press

You furnish the pictures, we’ll erase the pandemic:

The Intelligence Community

The CIA and the New Dialect of Power American Affairs. “‘We are Breetish,’ they say. ‘ We don’t got no bloody dealect.’” –William Burroughs, Naked Lunch: The Restored Text.

Groves of Academe

Letter in Support of Prof. Liora Halperin Google Docs. Adminstrators don’t want funding pulled?

Class Warfare

Oligarchs are only bad if they’re not on our team:

This dude is the Senior Ethics Fellow at POGO, who’ve done great work on defense spending, including the F-35, so you see how virulent the current outbreak of brainworms is.

It’s Tough to Build a Corporate Culture in a Remote-Work World Wired. Correct. Your genuine hands-on corporate culture is for proles essential workers, not for WFHers.

Dairy in the Americas: How Colonialism Left Its Mark on the Continent Sentient Media

Useful reminder:

Antidote du jour (via):

Links 2/27/2022 6

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here

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