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Johannes Beermann: Cash of the future Bank of International Settlements. Beermann is “the member of the Bundesbank Executive Board responsible for cash.” Worth a read.

Fraud and embezzlement allegations at Austrian group stun investors FT. Stunned, I tell ya!


US fossil fuel industry leaps on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to argue for more drilling Guardian


“Hot vaxx summer” must have looked unseemly in retrospect, besides being a utter [Charlie Foxtrot], so we’re moving on to “hope and renewal,” good job:

New York City says it will end the school mask mandate and indoor vaccination requirements. NYT

* * *

Five months post-covid, Nicole Murphy’s heart rate is still doing strange things WaPo. “‘We are expecting a tidal wave of cardiovascular events in the coming years from direct and indirect causes of covid,’ said Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, president of the American Heart Association.” You say “tidal wave of cardiovascular events” like that’s a bad thing. It’s obviously time to let ‘er rip!

COVID “long-haulers” may have finally found relief in inexpensive, over-the-counter drugs Slate. Antihistamines. Study from The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, n=2. I feel keenly the lack of guidance on when I should hysterically denounce repurposed drugs and when I should not. Perhaps the enforcers have moved on to other things….

First They Got Long Covid. Then, It Made Them Homeless Rolling Stone. Everything’s going according to plan.

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Chemistry and human exposure implications of secondary organic aerosol production from indoor terpene ozonolysis Science (MR). “Surface cleaning using commercial disinfectants, which has recently increased during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, can generate secondary indoor pollutants both in gas and aerosol phases. It can also affect indoor air quality and health, especially for workers repeatedly exposed to disinfectants….. High number concentrations of freshly nucleated sub–10-nm particles (≥105 cm−3) resulted in respiratory tract deposited dose rates comparable to or exceeding that of inhalation of vehicle-associated aerosols [i.e, vehicle exhaust].” So., hygiene theatre isn’t just useless; it’s harmful, good job.

This AI can detect DNA that unlocks backdoors in lab software The Register. Does this mean that wastewater surveillance can be gamed?


U.S. trade relationship with China “getting more difficult” – USTR Reuters


Australia was quick to sanction Moscow. Why not Myanmar? The Lowy Interpreter

Perceptions of corruption are growing in Australia, and it’s costing the economy The Conversation


India shouldn’t miss world war pointer Indian Punchline

‘Oh, that house? It’s in the sea now – there!’ People’s Archive of Rural India

Ukraine war: Asia is caught in rip tide of power polarisation and sanctions chaos South China Morning Post

New Not-So-Cold War

Russia, Ukraine Start First Talks Since Moscow Attacked: 10 Points NDTV The room:

Ukraine Conflict Update 10 Institute for the Study of War. Comparing this map to yesterday’s (and assuming both are to be believed), Russia lost ground near Kyiv and Kharkiv:

Links 2/28/2022 2

Turkey to implement pact limiting Russian warships to Black Sea Reuters. But ships that are based in the Black Sea can go through. Here is the order of battle of the Black Sea Fleet.

From Russian Pipelines With Love Matt Stoller

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The Russian Way of War Gilbert Doctorow. Read all the way to the end. For Russia, Ukraine is not a total war:


The Russian Way of Warfare (PDF) RAND Corporation. From 2014. See the section on “The Potential for Nuclear Escalation” starting on page 5.

Has Putin Actually Lost His Mind? National Review. Throwing a flag on the Betteridge’s Law violation.

* * *

War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, and Reckless Glenn Greenwald. Commentary:

On the bright side, we’ve gotten over The Iraq Syndrome.

Facebook Allows Praise of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Battalion If It Fights Russian Invasion The Intercept

Symbol Manipulation (1):

How it started: On Ukraine’s Snake Island, a defiant last stand against Russian forces WaPo. “The Ukrainians responded boldly. ‘Russian warship, ‘came the reply, ‘go f— yourself.’ The Russians opened fire, eventually killing 13 border guards.”

How it’s going: Major twist emerges after all defenders of Ukraine’s Snake Island reported ‘killed’ New Zealand Herald. “A new statement by State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said the defenders may still be alive. ‘We [have a] strong belief that all Ukrainian defenders of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island may be alive,’ the statement said.”

Symbol Manipulation (2):

Symbol Manipulation (3):

Oddly, nobody found the image heart-tugging then….

Symbol Manipulatino (4):

Like oligarchs and Nazis, gunhumpers are good if they’re on our side.

Symbol Manipulation (5): Vladimir Putin Stands Alone as the World Moves to Isolate Him Vanity Fair. Another example from the world’s worst social media team:

“The world,” except for China, population 1.4 billion. “Fog in Channel, Continent Cut Off.”

Symbol Manipulation (6): Atlanticist Ideology (unwoke) > Successor Ideology (woke):

And then of course, there’s class:

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Germany to ramp up military spending in major policy shift Al Jazeera. Full text of Scholz’s speech.

Edward Snowden Sends Out First Tweet Since Russia’s Ukraine Invasion — Says This Is Why He Has Been Silent Benzinga

How the U.S. helped Ukraine prepare for a Russian invasion Yahoo News

“Bear-baiting as foreign policy.” Diana Johnstone , The Scrum

Putin Warned Us Patrick Buchanan, The American Conservative.

* * *

The stupid! It b-u-u-u-r-r-r-n-n-n-s-s-s!!!!!!

Unmasked New Yorkers stand MR SUBLIMINAL in line with Ukraine by patronizing a restaurant:


Gulf states’ neutrality on Ukraine reflects deeper Russian ties FT

Food Shortages as Lenders “Suffocate” Tunisia Meshkal (DCBlogger).

Peace has led to more deforestation in Colombia Frontiers Science News

How Brazil’s largest crime syndicate built a global drug empire FT

Biden Administration

Biden administration to push congress for $6.4 billion in aid to Ukraine – Schumer Reuters. “The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight.” –Winston Churchill

Supply Chain

Drewry: Container Port Throughput Index Hits Lowest Point Since February Hellenic Shipping News

Class Warfare

Uber’s Proposal for Portable Benefits Is a Poison Pill Jacobin

Why America Has Been So Stingy In Fighting Child Poverty NPR

Mutual Aid Thomas Hobbes, Lapham’s Quarterly. From 1640, still germane.

Antidote du jour (via):

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