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Links 3/21/2020


Links 3/21/2020


‘Nature is taking back Venice’: wildlife returns to tourist-free city Guardian (furzy)

Geologists find a lost fragment of an ancient continent filled with diamonds that formed part of Earth’s continental crust 2.7 billion years ago in Canada’s North Atlantic Daily Mail (Kevin W)

Scientists May Have Discovered The Shape of The Very First Proteins That Started Life ScienceAlert (David L)

Greenland’s Melting Ice Raised Global Sea Level By 2.2mm In Two Months Guardian

Using Apple CarPlay Impairs Driver Reaction More Than Alcohol, Study Shows AppleInsider

Read the full thread (hat tip Dan K):


Man “Walks” Dog With A Drone While In Quarantine FunnyorDie (David L)

How to Watch Broadway Shows Online for Free Right Now Prevention (David L)

Twitter crackdown on coronavirus ‘misinformation’ includes censoring jokes Life Site News


Coronavirus: Young people are not ‘invincible’, WHO warns BBC

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Says It’s Receiving Protective Equipment, But Still Needs Donations Vermont Public Radio. Martha r: “Proactive quilting and sewing groups in NH and VT. ‘They’re telling us they can make them by the thousands.’”

Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World Bloomberg

COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin Science Daily (David L)

What Is Trump’s Coronavirus Drug? Is It Safe? Does It Work? Bloomberg

Be sure to read the full thread:

Carnival offers to turn its cruise ships into makeshift hospitals during coronavirus The Hill. Kevin W: “Probably not a good idea. Infections spread too easily aboard a ship and where would they get the spare doctors and nurses to staff it anyway?”

What Taiwan Could Teach the World About Handling Coronavirus Time (resilc)


Coronavirus Is Growing Faster In The United States Than Any Other Country In The World Forbes

U.S. state coronavirus curves show many could be close behind New York USA Today (Dan K). California looks to be the only one somewhat flattening the progression.

Number of coronavirus cases among troops jumps more than 31 percent Military Times

Coronavirus in N.Y.: ‘Deluge’ of Cases Begins Hitting Hospitals New York Times

New York hits ‘pause’ to try to slow coronavirus spread Financial Times


Brawling monkeys fed by Thai villagers as tourism dries up Reuters (furzy)

Where Is Coronavirus Explosion Expected in Japan? Bloomberg


‘Sacred ignorance’: Covid-19 reveals Iran split Asia Times (Kevin W)


In Coronavirus Financial Crisis, No More Bailouts Benefiting Wealthy Insiders Foreign Policy. UserFriendly: “Mark Blyth on point as usual.”

Marriott CEO says coronavirus is worse than the Great Depression and World War II Daily Mail (BC)

Over 500 Contracted IAD, DCA and BWI Airport Workers to be Laid off and Demand Coverage from $60 Billion Airline Industry Bailout. SEIU, via e-mail.

Democrats balk at $1,200 rebate checks in stimulus plan The Hill. UserFriendly: “Is there a lesser evil?”

Senate unable to reach coronavirus stimulus deal before Friday deadline The Hill

We Tracked the Last Time the Government Bailed Out the Economy. Here’s What to Know About the $1 Trillion Coronavirus Plan. ProPublica (UserFriendly)

Joseph Stiglitz: Trump’s “Trickle-Down” Economic Plans Are Not Enough to Meet Coronavirus Challenge DemocracyNow!

New York Bookstores Weathering Coronavirus Outbreak (BC). Stockpiling books.

Powell’s Closes for Eight Weeks as Laid Off Employees Fire Back Publishers Weekly (Larry G)

US Meat Plants Change Policies For Sick Workers Bloomberg (resilc)

Peace Corps fires 7,300 volunteers because of the coronavirus Washington Post

Killer Of A Cure USW

The Very Real Prospect Of $5 Oil OilPrice. As in depression and deflation.


Saudi Arabia’s Weaponization of Oil Abundance Middle East Research and Information Project (Thomas R)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Cause and Effect with Max Blumenthal Historicly (UserFriendly)

Trump Transition

Trump Uses Coronavirus Press Conference to Confirm He’s an Actual Sociopath Vanity Fair

Trump is exploiting coronavirus pandemic to ram through union-busting policies Salon

It’s Time For Networks to Stop Televising Trump’s Daily Briefings Esquire (resilc)

Frank Rich: Trump Lies His Way Through a Pandemic New York Magazine


Bernie Sanders Is Trying to Rescue America’s Frail Democracy Thomas Piketty, Jacobin (Kevin C)

One-Party Dominance Extends to Statewide Elected Offices Sabato’s Crystal Ball (UserFriendly)

It’s Not Over 34justice (UserFriendly)

Judge extends deadline for Wisconsin residents to register to vote electronically CNN

NTSB cites drivers in fatal Tesla Autopilot crash, and photos tell the harrowing story Autoblog. EM: “Uh, it seems to me Autopilot – both based on the name and the function – was designed precisely to encourage driver inattentiveness.”

Ex-Uber Engineer Pleads Guilty To Stealing Trade Secrets From Google CNET

Privatized Pushbacks: How Merchant Ships Guard Europe New York Times (furzy)

Guillotine Watch

World’s Richest Spend $1 Billion on ‘Bargains of a Lifetime’ Bloomberg

Class Warfare

Goldman chief David Solomon enjoys 20% pay rise Financial Times (BC)

Antidote du jour. Tracie H: “The red poolde Sparkler as a puppy”:

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