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Links 3/25/2020


Links 3/25/2020


Much as we love links at NC, given the volume of material we are now getting, it would be really really helpful to the moderators, and would also improve comment quality, if well-intentioned readers didn’t simply dump links, but explained the qualifications of the source, and ideally gave a quote. This goes double for YouTubes and videos generally. Think of it as informational hygiene.

Self-Isolated Woman Going So Crazy She’s Started Talking To Her Spouse The Onion

Man’s supportive tweets and posts getting on everyone’s tits Daily Mash

This pandemic is changing how my family eats Treehugger

Coronavirus: Denver mayor forced to reverse lockdown of alcohol and marijuana shops following panic buying Independent


Countries Are Starting to Hoard Food, Threatening Global Trade Bloomberg

UN SG issues call for global ceasefire given battle against COVID-19 Jurist

Trump and Bolsonaro see coronavirus more as a political hassle than a public threat WaPo

Coronavirus: Reopening the US by Easter ‘a beautiful timeline’ BBC

‘Imaginary clock’: Governors reject Trump’s virus timeline AP

Slow Response to the Coronavirus Measured in Lost Opportunity NYT

The People in Charge See an Opportunity Atlantic

How location data could play a role in managing the coronavirus crisis The Verge


Widening coronavirus crisis threatens to shutter doctors’ offices nationwide LA Times

Doctors Are Hoarding Unproven Coronavirus Medicine by Writing Prescriptions for Themselves and Their Families


Doctors threaten to quit NHS over shortage of protective kit Guardian

More than 170,000 volunteer to help UK fight coronavirus Reuters

SFO needs urgent fix to fight Covid-19 fraud FCPA Blog


Doctor’s Note: What does having the coronavirus feel like? Al Jazeera

Which Covid-19 drugs work best? MIT Technology Review


Party Zero: How a Soirée in Connecticut Became a ‘Super Spreader’ NYT

Brady Sluder said he has realized he’s not invincible after all. https://t.co/ZUxSt4K5Y3

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) 24 March 2020


“Everybody’s Scared”: Panic At Immigrant Detention Center After Positive Coronavirus Test Marshall Project

New York to release 300 nonviolent Rikers inmates amid pandemic The Hill


Japan’s winning its quiet fight against Covid-19 Asia Times


Coronavirus: Italy’s cases 10 times higher than reported, says emergency chief Straits Times


Modi Orders 3-Week Total Lockdown for All 1.3 Billion Indians NYT

India’s migrant workers flee cities and threaten the countryside FT

Coronavirus: Did India rush into a full lockdown without planning? Or did it have little choice? Scroll

Why 21 days? Experts guess Telegraph

Modi’s Silence on Essential Supplies During 21 Day National Lockdown Sets Off Panic The Wire

Coronavirus: Is this textile city set to be ‘India’s Italy’? BBC


As virus recedes in China, anti-Xi revolt spreads Asia Times

Thousands of covert coronavirus cases go under the radar in Wuhan, Chinese-led researchers say SCMP


The untold origin story of the N95 mask Fast Company. Fascinating read.

UPDATE: Luxury Brands Make Masks To Fight Global Medical Supply Shortages Jing Daily


Woman Responds To Companies Failing Because Of Coronavirus By Saying The Same Things Poor People Hear Bored Panda

Amazon’s Bezos, Other Corporate Executives Sold Shares Just in Time WSJ

‘The US of Amazon’: how the coronavirus has created a governance vacuum the tech giant is quickly filling Guardian

Pay People A Living Wage To Stay Home Caitlin Johnstone

Jared Bernstein on Combating the Viral Recession Capital & Main. Interesting, if you can stomach the last paragraphs – a shameless pander for a job in a future Biden administration. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Senate, White House reach $2 trillion stimulus deal to blunt coronavirus fallout WaPo.

Senate eyes quick exit after vote on coronavirus stimulus package The Hill

White House, including cutting checks to Americans  Business Insider

US congressional leaders agree on $2tn stimulus deal FT

Tokyo Olympics

Olympics: Tokyo 2020 postponed until 2021 over coronavirus outbreak Independent


Why Did Joe Biden Disappear Right as the Coronavirus Pandemic Exploded? Jacobin

Antidote du Jour (via):

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