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Links 3/28/2020


Links 3/28/2020


Scientists Find Bacteria That Eats Plastic EcoWatch (David L)

The 5 techniques of science denial Cranky Uncle (Bob H)

Scientists find a way to extract color from black PhysOrg


Coronavirus fears spark prison unrest worldwide New York Magazine (resilc)

‘Help us’: After deaths on coronavirus-hit ship, guests clamor to leave Reuters (furzy)


Florence Nightingale: a pioneer of hand washing and hygiene for health The Conversation (J-LS)

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus PLOS One (dougie). Hoo boy….

Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure Asia Times (J-LS, Chuck L)

Asymptomatic Carriers Are Fueling the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Feel Sick to Spread the Disease Discover (David L). Note the “mild cases” is still a hypothesis…and we are how many weeks into this diseases?

Duke University uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide to clean N95 face masks for reuse TechCrunch (David L)

Cat contracts coronavirus FROM sick owner in new case of human-to-animal transition RT (Kevin W)


China Shuts Down All Cinemas, Again Hollywood Reporter


India’s sudden lockdown threatens food supply chains Financial Times. You heard it here first! Jerri posted on this issue yesterday. See also: Farmers warn over food supply with harvest workers shut out

As coronavirus cases spike, India begins preparations for Stage 3 LiveMint (J-LS)

Amidst a Lockdown, Why Must Cops Wield the Lathi With Such Impunity and Callousness? The Wire (J-LS)


Covid-19: Why the EU is haunted by the euro crisis divisions Tony Connelly, RTE. PlutoniumKun: “Very important article on the arguments within the EU over a fiscal response to the virus.”

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive BBC


Brazil Undone London Review of Books. Gah.


US coronavirus cases hit 100,000 The Hill

The New York Times Releases Its Dataset of US Confirmed Coronavirus Cases New York Times

Millions of Americans are about to lose their health insurance in a pandemic Guardian (resilc)

Teen Who Died of Covid-19 Was Denied Treatment Because He Didn’t Have Health Insurance Gizmodo (martha r)

House panel warns coronavirus could destroy Postal Service by June Politico. Important.

Rhode Island cracks down on visitors from New York Houston Chronicle (BC). I doubt the effectiveness of asking, but license plates speak volumes. Confirmed in a later sighting by martha r: Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge Bloomberg

Elicker slams Yale for lack of cooperation Yale Daily News (Johan L). Wow, this manages to make Harvard look less bad.

Bailout Bill

Read the $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Bill (Kevin C)

The COVID-19 stimulus bill: Here are the ugly details Fast Company (martha r)

The CARES Act’s aid to state and local governments isn’t enough to shield vital public services from the coronavirus shock Economic Policy Institute

The Newsonomics of the Mnuchin money and the bailout’s impact on America’s press Nieman Journalism Lab (TF)

Ocasio-Cortez blasts coronavirus stimulus package as ‘shameful’ on House floor The Hill

Shortages/Supply Chain

Cuomo pushes back on Trump over ventilators: ‘I operate on facts’ The Hill. I noted in comments that on 3/25, I had the misfortune of seeing a full Tucker Carlson show, which really put to rest the notion that he is some sort of friend of the left save intermittently., It was full race-baiting, Commie bashing, praise of gunz, and a two minute hate against Harvard. Note I have said Harvard deserves to be bashed big time for its conduct in this crisis, making all sorts of people pay (in this case contract cafeteria workers who were dumped with no warning and no stipend), but the way Carlson lathered on the venom was…instructive. In any event, this show gave prominent play to Trump’s self-praise to getting a few ventilators to NY, with Trump declaring Cuomo to be “happy” and to attacking the press for pointing out that Trump’s PR for chloroquinine as a possible remedy had led to deaths via attempted self-medication. Trump in typical Trump fashion doubled down Thursday night.

‘We’re supposed to be a first-world country’: Doctor leaks video from packed ward of New York hospital amid coronavirus surge Independent (Kevin W)

Trump: Let Them Breathe Cake American Conservative

Demand for online ordering leaves grocery stores scrambling, customers waiting Washington Post (J-LS)

Truckers Wary of New York Deliveries Create Headache for Grocers MSN

Political Responses

Coronavirus: Trump delays call with China’s President Xi for 90 minutes to phone Fox News instead Independent (Kevin W)

Coronavirus Is A Defining Test And American Government Is Failing It HuffPost (UserFriendly)

The Novel Coronavirus has a Well-Known Left-Wing Bias Juan Cole (furzy)

Pentagon will order some former service members to active duty to assist in coronavirus response Washington Post

Trump says he told Pence not to call governors who aren’t ‘appreciative’ of White House coronavirus efforts CNBC (Kevin W)

Will Trump’s Fumbling of Covid-19 Lead to His Exit in Weeks? Ian Welsh (furzy). The problem is the lack of a mechanism by which Trump exits. Unless he dies, he’s not at all the type who would resign gracefully, plus Pence is just as culpable.

‘Holy Crap This Is Insane’: Citing Coronavirus Pandemic, EPA Indefinitely Suspends Environmental Rules Common Dreams (furzy)

SEC Gives Investors Another Thing To Wonder And Worry About DealBreaker (J-LS)


Red April: What happens on the first of the month when residents, restaurants, and retail stores don’t pay rent? Slate (Dan K)

a href=”https://onezero.medium.com/drivers-say-the-uber-coronavirus-fund-is-failing-them-8c36aceace78″ rel=”nofollow”>These People Are Evil’: Drivers Speak Out Against Uber’s New Coronavirus Sick Leave Fund OneZero

The Helicopters Are Coming Willem Buiter, Project Syndicate (David L). For those of you who found NC during that other crisis, Buiter was one of our favorite commentators.

For the Class of 2020, a Job-Eating Virus Recalls the Great Recession New York Times (resilc)


Trump admin’s $15 million bounty on Maduro triggers explosive confession of violent Guaidó plot Grayzone Project (Chuck L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Farewell To Sanctions American Conservative (resilc)

Trump Transition

How Popular Is Donald Trump? FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

Walmart Was Almost Charged Criminally Over Opioids. Trump Appointees Killed the Indictment. ProPublica


How Corporate Media ‘Factchecked’ Biden’s Calls for Social Security Cuts Into Oblivion FAIR (UserFriendly)

Joe Biden’s Embarrassing Media Tour Failure Path Forward (dougie)

Insiders tell how Sanders lost the black vote–and the nomination slipped away Washington Post (UserFriendly)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Prevails as Federal Judge Strikes Down DAPL Permits Earthjustice (martha r)

N.S. judge agrees with Mi’kmaq band, requires further talks on Alton Gas project CTV News. Martha r: “From earlier, still germane. a good week for indigenous fossil fuel action.”

Guillotine Watch

‘My Friends Can’t Get Their Nails Done,’ Fox News Host Laments While Acknowledging ‘People Are Dying’ From COVID-19 Rolling Stone (resilc)

Antidote du jour. Pat H:

Here is a pic of my Maine Coon Cat located about an hour West of Lambert in Sebec Maine. It was one of her first days outside of the house after a pretty cold spring. Still lots of snow up here. Plenty of social isolation here if you want it!

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