Links 3/6/2023

Links 3/6/2023 1

New analysis of ancient human protein could unlock secrets of evolution Guardian

Vikings fashion: they filed their teeth, had female warriors and loved bling ZME Science

The Day Explorers Finally Found One of the World’s Great Lost Shipwrecks Literary Hub

Commercial real estate continues to get pummeled The Real Deal


‘The ship has reached the shore’: The planet finally has a treaty to protect life in the high seas Down to Earth

Many Antarctic glaciers are hemorrhaging ice. This one is healing its cracks Science News

Worried about Sea Level Rise? Look for the Lichens Hakai Magazine

Why North Dakota is preparing to sue Minnesota over clean energy Grist

The Climate Case for Rationing The New Republic

Norfolk Southern Chemical Bomb

Leaked audio reveals US rail workers were told to skip inspections as Ohio crash prompts scrutiny to industry Guardian

Michigan stopped Ohio toxic waste last week, but we import waste every day Bridge Michigan

20-cars of Norfolk Southern train derail in Springfield; Ohio and federal officials investigating

The Case for Nationalizing the Railroads In These Times


SARS-CoV-2 Can Integrate Into the Genome, Cause Positive Tests labroots

California Nurses Association condemns state decision to lift mask, vaccine requirements in health care settings National Nurses United


US military commander in Syria briefed on anti-IS operations Military Times

Recent ISIS attacks in Syrian desert carried out with US support: Source The Cradle

US, Saudi Arabia to conduct first counter-drone exercise without allies Al-Monitor

Old Blighty

The UK Continues Its Decline Ian Welsh

The Koreas

US, South Korea announce largest field exercises in five years AP

South Korea offers plan to resolve wartime labor dispute with Japan Nikkei


India’s Russian oil imports hit record high in February; now more than Iraq, Saudi put together The Hindu


One Year After Russia Mega Sanctions, Senate Asks ‘Can We Do Same To China?’ Forbes

To Prepare for a Pacific Island Fight, Marines Hide and Attack in California NYT

China increases military spending in face of ‘escalating’ threats Dawn

Pentagon Sees Giant Cargo Cranes as Possible Chinese Spying Tools

WHO expert ‘frustrated’ over US unwillingness to share info on COVID origins tracing Global Times

China’s ‘two sessions’ 2023: Premier Li Keqiang bows out with appeal for economic recovery SCMP

European Disunion

French Strikes Over Pension Reform Hit Power Utility, Trucking Bloomberg

New Not-So-Cold War

Bakhmut, Strategic Or Not, Is Falling Moon of Alabama

Ukraine: A war to end all wars in Europe Indian Punchline



Why the Russia Sanctions Are Missing the Mark Project Syndicate


German party rejects punishment for ex-leader’s Russia links AP


Germany warned of power cuts RT

German government plans extensive LNG infrastructure build-up to ensure security of European supply Clean Energy Wire

French general accuses the West of hiding the truth about Nord Stream gas pipelines Reseau International

Major US Outlets Found Hersh’s Nord Stream Scoop Too Hot to Handle FAIR

70 years after Stalin’s death: How Western propaganda has rebranded the Soviet dictator from villain to hero, and back again RT (Robin K)

92 Flights From Israeli Base Reveal Arms Exports to Azerbaijan Haaretz

Azerbaijan: Soldiers killed, wounded in clash near Karabakh TRT World

Turkey, UAE ink free trade deal in latest thaw Al-Monitor

Top U.S. Treasury official to warn UAE, Turkey over sanctions evasion Reuters. From January.

South of the Border

Political Repression Under Peruvian Coup Regime Black Agenda Report

Brazil Approves GMO Wheat Ag Web

As Kenya’s crops fail, a fight over GMO rages Wired

Biden Administration

If Biden Really Wants to End Homelessness, He Needs to Support Public Housing Jacobin

Garland insists charges against Hunter Biden can be brought outside of Delaware Washington Examiner


CPAC 2023: Trump wins straw poll, DeSantis loses support Washington Examiner

Democrats en déshabillé

Transportation post has become political nightmare for Buttigieg The Hill. Poor Pete.


Cancer-Free Medicare Recipients Received Fentanyl Indicated for Cancer Pain MedPage Today

After People on Medicaid Die, Some States Aggressively Seek Repayment From Their Estates KHN. No kidding?

Police State Watch

Special counsel urges sheriff to ban the ‘cancer’ of deputy gangs Los Angeles Times

Imperial Collapse Watch

Does Technology Win Wars? Foreign Affairs

Supply Chain

US steel shortage grows, End to EU Green Steel subsidies Steel News

Our Famously Free Press

How fake copyright complaints are muzzling journalists BBC

Class Warfare

High interest rates, car prices lead to record loans, debt The Car Connection

Powell to talk to Congress about the possibility of more interest-rate hikes, not fewer MarketWatch

No-Strike Clauses: Tips for First-Contract Bargainers Portside

Fain leads, but ballot questions delay decision in UAW presidential election Detroit Free Press


Solving the Moderator’s Trilemma with Federation Pluralistic

Who’s Cleaning Twitter? Tech Workers Coalition


Can A.I. Treat Mental Illness? The New Yorker

The Bezzle

Torching Retail Doomberg

Uh oh! The crypto collapse has reached the real financial system The Verge

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Links 3/6/2023 2

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