Links 3/8/2022

Links 3/8/2022 1

Big Bear bald eagles Jackie and Shadow welcome first eaglet in two years: ‘A star is hatched’ LA Times

The Judean Date Palm: Extinct Tree Resurrected from Ancient Seeds Ancient Origins

Deere & Co won’t give out software and data needed for repairs, FTC told The Register


Pronounced loss of Amazon rainforest resilience since the early 2000s Nature. From the Abstract: “We find that more than three-quarters of the Amazon rainforest has been losing resilience since the early 2000s, consistent with the approach to a critical transition. Resilience is being lost faster in regions with less rainfall and in parts of the rainforest that are closer to human activity. We provide direct empirical evidence that the Amazon rainforest is losing resilience, risking dieback with profound implications for biodiversity, carbon storage and climate change at a global scale.”

Stretching California’s Rice Belt Modern Farmer


SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank (accepted manuscript) Nature. n = 785, 401 infected. Two brain scans averaging 141 days apart. From the Abstract: “We identified significant longitudinal effects when comparing the two groups, including: (i) greater reduction in grey matter thickness and tissue-contrast in the orbitofrontal cortex and parahippocampal gyrus, (ii) greater changes in markers of tissue damage in regions functionally-connected to the primary olfactory cortex, and (iii) greater reduction in global brain size. The infected participants also showed on average larger cognitive decline between the two timepoints. Importantly, these imaging and cognitive longitudinal effects were still seen after excluding the 15 cases who had been hospitalised.” Let ‘er rip!

Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Have Come Across The Forgotten Side of Medicine

Mask mandates go away in schools, but parent worries persist AP. Note lack of agency in “go away.”

The Homemade Air Purifier That’s Been Saving Lives During the Covid-19 Pandemic Smithsonian. I loved the 60 Minutes segement where Walensky assembled a Corsi-Rosenthal box in minutes with the help of some cute kids. Great PR! Oh, wait….

Biden pursues China-containment in new Indo-Pacific strategy Responsible Statecraft

Washington resurrects talk of two-war doctrine in nod to China Hankyoreh


Xi Jinping seeks to strengthen laws that regulate military engagements with other nations South China Morning Post

China rail:

Reminds me of NASA’s crawler-transporters for Saturn rockets.


Myanmar junta cuts off internet access ‘indefinitely’ to resistance stronghold of Sagaing Myanmar. Meanwhile, back in Yangon:

Preparing for street warfare? Not good.

Myanmar defectors describe military culture of abuse, fear Al Jazeera


India’s Modi urges direct negotiations between Putin and Zelenskiy Reuters


The Russia-Ukraine War has Turned Egypt’s Food Crisis into an Existential Threat to the Economy Middle East Institute


Offshore shell shockers Private Eye

New Not-So-Cold War

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 7 Institute for the Study of War. Handy map:

Links 3/8/2022 2

Russia-Ukraine live news: Evacuations from Sumy, Irpin under way Al Jazeera

Russia’s onslaught is brutal, but it is not ‘shock and awe’ FT

Ukraine War: Time Is No Longer on Putin’s Side Haaretz

What The Air Campaign in Ukraine Tells Us About The Current State Of The Russian Air Force The Aviationist

Is Putin’s end game the roll out of a domestic CBDC? The Blind Spot. CBDC = Central Bank Digital Currenciy. Most intriguing explanation for Russia’s seemingly relaxed operational tempo I’ve read….

After years of living in Moscow, I have bad news: No one should expect the Russian people to suddenly rise up against Putin now MarketWatch

* * *

Russia’s $720m per day gas windfall – the lopsided economic war Adam Tooze, Chartbook

Russian energy dominance over Europe and what it means amidst the Ukraine crisis India Express

Wheat continues surge toward all-time high as Russian invasion of Ukraine shuts down exports MarketWatch. There is also the question of planting for next year’s harvest. A cursory search does not clarify whether Russia is anything like an autarky with respect to seeds, or not (see the FT and Seed World). Readers?

How War in Ukraine Drives Up Inflation at U.S. Farms, Supermarkets, Retailers WSJ

Stop financing Putin’s war machine. Cut off Russia’s oil and gas sales Simon Johnson and Oleg Ustenko, Los Angeles Times

Rosneft will pay back US dollar bond – sources IFR

* * *

Symbol manipulation (1):

Tweet from March 4. Sunday was March 6. This is March 8. And “Bellingcat investigator” is oxymoronic.

Symbol manipulation (2):

Symbol manipulation (3): Fifteen bad Ukraine narratives Paul Street, Canadian Dimension

* * *

Insurgency? Yasha Levine. Commentary:

For foreign fighters, Ukraine offers purpose, camaraderie and a cause Reuters. Wait ’til a US citizen gets whacked….

* * *

Russian societal tensions are mirrored in Putin’s Orthodox church The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer

Through Putin’s looking glass: How the Russians are seeing — or not seeing — the war in Ukraine WaPo

Russia-Ukraine: Western media are acting as cheerleaders for war Middle East Eye

Biden Administration

Congress Is Poised to Bail Out the Post Office. What That Will and Won’t Mean for Mail Delays C|Net

Supply Chain

The Invasion of Ukraine Is Causing Crisis at Sea Foreign Policy

Paralyzed container shipping is one among the many ramifications of Russia Ukraine War Logistics Insider

Russian tankers at sea despite ‘big unknown’ over who will buy oil FT

American Longshoremen Refuse To Work Russian Cargo Effective Immediately gCaptain. But using their muscle to get PPE for nurses? Apparently never thought of. Reminds me of the SPD voting war credits in 1914….

Health Care

Three observations about justifying AI BMJ

Newly discovered brain cells may be a memory filing system, study suggests STAT

Class Warfare


‘I Had Nothing to My Name’: Amazon Delivery Companies Are Being Crushed by Debt Vice (Re Silc).

Office building welcomes back Toronto workers but people are hating how they did it blogTO

Antidote du Jour (via):

Links 3/8/2022 3

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