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Links 4/16/2020


Links 4/16/2020


Coronavirus destroys lungs. But doctors are finding its damage in kidneys, hearts and elsewhere. Washington Post. Kevin W: “This is what herd immunity looks like in practice.” From the article: “Almost half the people hospitalized because of covid-19 have blood or protein in their urine, indicating early damage to their kidneys…”

Hong Kong, with its 7.5 million people, is an amazing success vs #COVID19. Why? NEJM (DK)

News Feature: Avoiding pitfalls in the pursuit of a COVID-19 vaccine PNAS. Note this came up with SARS vaccine candidates. (ddd)

Estimating the Fraction of Unreported Infections in Epidemics with a Known Epicenter: An Application to COVID-19 Ali Hortaçsu, Jiarui Liu, Timothy Schwieg, SSRN. Hoo boy: “We estimate that 4-14% (1.5%-10%) of actual infections had been reported in US up to March 16.”

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not a Natural Disaster New Yorker (resilc)

Israeli COVID-19 treatment shows 100% survival rate – preliminary data Jerusalem Post (resilc). n=6. My father got a treatment for his autoimmune disease based on a study with n=8. First treatment seemed to help, second put him into a terminal tailspin (ulcers in his mouth, loss of 25% of his bodyweight because he couldn’t et, unable to sleep) that led him to blow his brains out. So be wary of small sample sizes.


Cataluña cambia la forma de contar casos y hace aflorar 3.242 fallecidos más con coronavirus. El Pais. Ignacio: “Catalonia is now counting “untested probable Covid-19 cases” as Covid-19 casualties.”


Japan to declare nationwide state of emergency as coronavirus spreads Japan Times. PlutoniumKun: “This could finish Abe.”


COVID-19: Elon Musk failed to deliver ventilators to CA Sacramento Bee (BC). Quelle surprise!

Far-right US politicians label lockdowns anti-constitutional Associated Press. Resilc: “Shoot them like in Manila.”

Florida man makes Publix shooting threat during coronavirus: cops Miami Herald. For good reasons!

New Role for New York Police: Breaking Up Crowds at Trader Joe’s New York Times

Like Working at Home? It Could Become Permanent Industry Week. UserFriendly: “Note the last sentence.”

Serfs Revolt

How the Coronavirus Could Create a New Working Class Atlantic (resilc)

Amazon Halts Activity At French Warehouses After Court Order Bloomberg

This Is Truly a War:’ Nurses Are Staging a National Day of Protest Vice

Guillotine Watch

Hamptons bicyclist files police report after verbal confrontation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo: report The Hill (UserFriendly)

Political Responses

School District Deploys Over 100 School Buses Equipped With Wi-Fi For Students Without Internet Access CNN

Navy May Reinstate Fired Captain to Command of Roosevelt New York Times

California offering $500 in coronavirus relief to undocumented immigrants The Hill (UserFriendly). #RecallGavinNewsom is backfiring, tweets overwhelmingly support Newsom and this move.


Elon Musk, Jamie Dimon, and Vince McMahon: Here are 20 of the biggest names on Trump’s list of advisers to reopen the US economy Business Insider. Kevin W: “I am not seeing any actual doctors on that list.”

Multiple Banks Have Reported Outages As People Check For Coronavirus Stimulus Checks CNET

Emirates Now Conducting Airport COVID-19 Tests One Mile at a Time


Wall Street’s Biggest-Ever China Bet Rides on These Bankers Bloomberg

S Korean economic woes scupper Moon’s legacy ambitions Financial Times. PlutoniumKun:

Weirdly negative piece here in the FT on the win. This is an unprecedented win for the mildly centre left Democratic Party, the Conservatives have been routed. Moon now has a very strong mandate for change and the power to do it – as the Ask a Korean blog writer puts it on Twitter, Moon now does not have to rely on internal or external alliances, he can govern as he wants. I’d also add that South Koreas international reputation and standing has never been higher.


Washington Plans To Start Violence in Iraq Before Leaving Antiwar.com (resilc)

Trump Transition

Coronavirus: Trump says peak is passed and US to reopen soon BBC. Magical thinking. But Alabama is champing at the bit to reopen soon. And the mask guidelines are meaningless unless grocery stores and pharmacies start refusing to take payment from patrons with no masks (they don’t have the guts or manpower to bar entry).

Republicans go on attack as loans for small businesses start to run out The Hill. UserFriendly: “*beats head against wall* The framing!!!”

Pentagon Watchdog Clears Microsoft’s $10 Billion Win Over Amazon Bloomberg

Gates ups pandemic funds to $250 million, says Trump WHO move makes ‘no sense’ The Nation (furzy)

Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of Congress The Hill. Over appointments. Funny the Dems never tried this over judges.


What Happens If A Presidential Nominee Can No Longer Run For Office? FiveThirtyEight. UserFriendly: “Already laying the groundwork.”

AOC lays out progressive wishlist for Biden Politico

Don’t Fear the Anti-Biden Socialist New Republic

Instead of Challenging Joe Biden, Maybe the Green Party Could Help Change Our Democracy New Yorker (resilc)

Adam Schiff: Russia Is Still Interfering With US Elections—and Trump Is Covering It Up Mother Jones (resilc). The Dems are unable to find a better talking point? As a reader suggested, Putin should gaslight the Dems and start praising Biden.

The Tyranny of Decorum David Sirota (UserFriendly)

Puerto Rico Decides The 1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Its Citizens; Criminalizes ‘Fake News’ Techdirt (Chuck L)

Major blow to Keystone XL pipeline as judge revokes key permit Guardian (David L)

Airbnb Raises Another $1 Billion in Debt, IPO Prospects Diminish Bloomberg

Coronavirus Has Wiped Out A Decade Of Oil Demand Growth OilPrice (BC)

Trump’s OPEC+ moment concedes US oil dominance Asia Times

Frontier Files For Bankruptcy, Says Its Broadband Service Won’t Get Any Worse ars technica

Relief Rally: Senators As Feckless As the Rest of Us at Stock Picking NBER (resilc). Gee, since they insider trade, that means adjusting for that they are terrible! They have information advantages and screw it up. Or they buy bad conventional wisdom and tips from touts. Small consolation.

Board Member Says CalPERS Kept Quiet About Cutting Tail- Hedge Strategy Institutional Investor

Antidote du jour (guurst). Story here.

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