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Links 4/2/2020


Links 4/2/2020


P.S., Mushrooms Are Extremely Beautiful JSTOR (Micael)

Humanity’s Origin Story Just Got More Complicated Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Geologists say recent earthquakes not tied to Yellowstone Caldera Star Tribune (David L)

Antarctica was warm enough for rainforest near south pole 90m years ago Guardian (Kevin W)

New X-Ray Technique Images Soft-Tissue Tumors Clearer Than MRI New Atlas

Zantac products should be pulled from market immediately, FDA says CNN (furzy). Hoo boy.


Tips from someone with 50 years of social distancing experience MPR. My kind of guy!

Co-workers realise their friendship was entirely based on proximity Daily Mash


Comments on COVID-19 Cathy O’Neil (David L). Important.

Be Wary of a Model That Shows a Decline in COVID-19 Deaths Nautilus (Micael)

Coronavirus update- TB vaccine in childhood may offer Covid-19 protection: Researchers Hindustan Times (J-LS). Consistent with a friend’s thesis that serious cases look an awful lot like latent TB kicking into active, including very sudden onset, ground glass X-ray images, etc.

US scientists link BCG vaccination with fewer COVID-19 cases, Indian scientists hopeful but cautious Economic Times (J-LS)

Families try to access Gilead’s drug remdesivir The Washington Post (furzy). Note the treatment they diss, chloroquine + azithromycin, appears to be the most successful in combatting serious cases, based on reports out of Italy.

Can you kill coronavirus with UV light? BBC (furzy)


Coronavirus: Artania cruise ship stand-off continues in Australia BBC (furzy)


UK concerns over testing as global cases near 1m BBC

COUNCIL REGULATION on the establishment of an European instrument for temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in an emergency (SURE) following the COVID-19 virus outbreak European Commission


Tokyo wrestles with possible lockdown Asia Times (Kevin W)


Will the Coronavirus Threaten Our Food? New York Times

Coronavirus lockdowns and stay-at-home orders across the U.S. NBC. 12 states still not participating, including Alabama.

As COVID-19 Crisis Escalates in Capital Region, Governor Hogan Issues Stay at Home Order Effective Tonight Maryland (BC)

Coronavirus creates emergency in nursing homes The Hill

Nursing homes overwhelmed by coronavirus: ‘It is impossible for us to stop the spread’ NBC (furzy)

Coast Guard: Cruise ships must stay at sea with sick onboard Associated Press

Not sure about this Kinsa….1 million bought or given away, supposedly representing 2 million US households out of 128 million. This may be indicative but a sample of

If you’re American and not familiar with @kinsa and their smart-thermometer based https://t.co/8ZaoeY11Qq site yet (have you been under a rock, you lucky soul?!) thus far they appear to be tracking COVID-19 flare ups better than anyone else using fever data.

— Auntie Lesley, in isolation (@hacks4pancakes) April 1, 2020

At least one data point suggests social distancing is having its intended effect in Minnesota MinnPost (Benjamin B)

28 Students Have Coronavirus After Spring-Break Trip New York Magazine

Cerabino: A rough draft of Florida’s eventual apology to the rest of the country Palm Beach Post (resilc)

Amish parochial schools adapting to closures Wooster Daily Record. Phillip H: “The item discusses some of the problems for the Amish relating to the mandatory school shutdown. It doesn’t deal with any great global issues, but does highlight just how truly local some aspects of the pandemic can be.”

Putin Sends Military Plane With Coronavirus Aid to Help U.S. Bloomberg (furzy)

After 42 Test Positive for COVID-19, Nurses in Western PA Walk Off Job Mike Elk

Political Responses

How It Starts Craig Murray (TVH). Important.

Social Security recipients who don’t usually file tax returns will automatically get $1,200 payments, Treasury says Washington Post (furzy)

As Coronavirus Surges, ‘Medicare for All’ Support Hits 9-Month High Morning Consult (martha r)


What If a Shrinking Economy Wasn’t a Disaster? JSTOR (Micael)

COVID-19: Winners and Losers Baseline Scenario

US jobs picture darkens as large employers axe staff Financial Times

Stronger pandemic response yields better economic recovery PhysOrg (Robert M)

Banks stand to make billions from US small business rescue Financial Times

Gilead forsakes monopoly status for its experimental Covid-19 drug – STAT. Dr. Kevin: “Got caught with their hand in the cookie jar …”

Cash App Scammers Are Using Coronavirus To Exploit People Quartz

The $2 trillion coronavirus aid package is just a start. Here’s what Congress needs to do next to help Americans through the Great Pandemic. Business Insider

BA expected to suspend 36,000 staff BBC


Teardown of Huawei Flagship Phone Finds US Parts Despite Blacklisting ars technica

China’s economy has yet to reach bottom Financial Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

The ‘S’ in Zoom, Stands for Security Objective See

Microsoft President Calls Washington State’s New Facial Recognition Law ‘a Significant Breakthrough’ GeekWire. If Microsoft likes it….

Trump Transition

Oil Price War: Is It Game Over For Trump? OilPrice

“The Campaign Panicked”: Inside Trump’s Decision to Back Off of His Easter Coronavirus Miracle Vanity Fair (Dr. Kevin)

Fauci given security detail after receiving threats The Hill


End of the republic? We’re No. 1 in voter turnout — for a reason the president thinks is ‘crazy.’ Seattle Times (furzy)

Never mind the pandemic, when are you dropping out? Bernie Sanders gets a raw deal on ‘The View’ RT (Kevin W)

How Much Water Do Google Data Centers Use? Billions of Gallons Bloomberg (martha r)

Nature Scores a Big Win Against Fracking in a Small Pennsylvania Town Rolling Stone

Pakistani Court Overturns Murder Conviction in Killing of Wall Street Journal Reporter Wall Street Journal

Pakistan, China and Russia decide to conduct trade in local currencies skip dollars Business Recorder (Chuck L)

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

Links 4/2/2020 2

And a bonus video. Marhra r, from the YouTube summary:

During a fortunate opportunity as part of a research team studying population ecology of Weddell seals in the Antarctic, Jessica Farrer and myself were able to record this video of one of the seal pups, recently weaned by its mother and on its own to learn how to survive. A pup must first get in the water to be successful as a seal!

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here

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