Links 4/22/2023

Links 4/22/2023 1

Why elephants, otters and whales are nature’s secret weapons against climate breakdown Guardian (furzy)

Nong Nooch Pattaya welcomes 2nd baby elephant of 2023 Pattaya Mail (furzy)

Demons be gone: inside the American spiritual warfare movement Guardian (resilc)

New Zealand ships its last livestock as ban takes effect Reuters. Resilc:

I was on a screw worm inspection team for sheep imported to Bahrain from Australia for ramadan during my Peace Corps days. Unreal nightmare and smell. I think I have PTSD from screw worm damage on fat tailed sheep.


Kaiser hospital returns to masking amid COVID-19 outbreak Becker’s Hospital Review

Military Pilots Reported 1,700% More Medical Incidents During the Pandemic. The Pentagon Says They Just Had COVID (guurst)


Historic Asia heat breaks hundreds of records; extremes in Thailand and China Washington Post (resilc)

Every breath a struggle in country’s toxic air Bangkok Post (furzy). Rice field burning season.

They cleaned up BP’s massive oil spill. Now they’re sick – and want justice Guardian. Kevin W: “Grab a coffee.”


Janet Yellen warns US decoupling from China would be ‘disastrous’ Financial Times. I had wanted to write about this last night, as yet another example of American delusion, but estate duties intervened. A report at the pink paper the day before depicted Yellen as intending to extend an olive branch to China, when the only sort that would have fallen for her presentation is the victim in an abusive co-dependent relationship. There’s no new substantive action. The US continues to escalate on Taiwan and is planning more economic nasties. Her remarks contain so many points unfriendly to China that it might as well have been written by Anthony Blinken. Oh, and “constructive and fair” is the rebranding of “rules-based order”.

U.S. Cuts Itself Off From Future Chinese Profits Moon of Alabama (Kevin W). Per above, MoA got there before I did. When you’ve lost Ed Luce….

China’s push to hijack enemy satellites could be ‘game over’ for US, national security expert warns Yahoo (furzy). Note our 2022 post: Is the US Underestimating China’s Space and Counterspace Capabilities?

Um, as I recall it was Japan that invaded and controlled part of China for a while and Japan is now a military protectorate of the US. So please explain how either of those relate to Poland’s relationship to Russia, beyond neocon fevered brain analogies:

China’s 4th Industrial Revolution rattles US tech stocks Asia Times (Kevin W)

Old Blighty

Companies desert CBI after second rape allegation Financial Times. Lead story.

Dominic Raab resigns over bullying report BBC. Resilc: “Too funny. Tory excellence.”

New Not-So-Cold War

Stoltenberg reaffirms Ukraine should eventually join NATO DW (resilc)

Relations with West won’t improve – Putin’s special representative Sputnik

Guided and glide bombs: new feature in Ukraine war Asia Times

L’affaire Leaker

FBI closes in on TWO DOZEN gamers in Pentagon leaker’s Discord group – including RUSSIANS – as it emerges disgraced airman, 21, ‘had been sharing files since Ukraine War started Daily Mail. Note the a new theory, per Scott Ritter on Judge Napolitano earlier this week, is that (I kid you not) doing the visuals for top top presentations had been tasked to Teixeira’s unit. This is so stupid as to almost be plausible but I will again run it by contacts. Note I have been getting unsolicited communiques from supposed intel types asserting that things are so loosely run that Teixeira could have gotten the records, ignoring that they are way way above clearances normally given to people w/o many years of experience, and most of the higher-level clearances are also compartmentalized. Given that network supervision was tightened in the DoD and three letter agencies, bad task allocation does seem more plausible than no one minding the store (when that store has lots of eyes and alerts).


US military prepares for possible Sudan embassy evacuation Associated Press. Kevin W: “Hopefully not like Mogadishu.”

Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ‘satisfied’ with oil cuts Middle East Eye


Don’t Extradite Assange (Ann M). Please sign. I did.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Replenishing Controversy: The US Navy’s New Tanker Program QCaptain (guurst)

Learning From Vlad the Impaler American Conservative (resilc)

Pentagon shares first footage of a UFO over a conflict zone Express (furzy)

Footage of UFOs over conflict zones seen for first time: ‘This is devastating’ Fox (furzy)

GOP Clown Car

The Threat of Civil Breakdown Is Real Politico. Resilc: “I worry more about ticks.”

Leaked Audio: Ex-Trump Adviser Blamed Sidney Powell for Failure to Overturn Election Rolling Stone (furzy)

My Pillow boss Mike Lindell to pay $5m to man over bogus election claim BBC

Woke Watch

Rightwing extremists defeated by Democrats in US school board elections Guardian. Resilc: “Do nothing DNC vs evil GOP…..USA USA as a failed state.”

Wife of Florida drag ban sponsor to host ‘sultry’ performance to benefit kids’ charity NBC

Police State Watch

Boston Police Shoot 2 Dogs, 1 Fatally, After Officer Bitten NECN. Resilc: “Serving a warrant against a man for … driving without a license.”

‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’: FBI Sends Terrorism Warning Rolling Stone (furzy)

Florida to allow death penalty with 8-4 jury vote instead of unanimously Reuters


Ralph Yarl, Kaylin Gillis and other senseless shootings rattle US BBC (resilc)

EDITORIAL: Succumbing to NRA and gun industry hysteria is killing us Sentinel Colorado

Our No Longer Free Press

Facebook downgrades Hersh’s report to ‘partly false’ RT (Robin K)


Who Will You Be After ChatGPT Takes Your Job? WIRED (Dr. Kevin)

‘I’ve Never Hired A Writer Better Than ChatGPT’: How AI Is Upending The Freelance World Forbes (Paul R). Notice the featured boss in the piece reveals herself to be stingy. $22 an hour? I paid my cleaning woman in NYC more on an hourly basis in 2019, and I pay the blue-collar helpers here in low cost of Alabama more too.

Credit Suisse investors sue after facing billions in losses ABC (Kevin W)

US regional banks’ stability comes at a price after SVB’s collapse Financial Times (Kevin W)

Most Americans Are Not Completely Sold on Electric Vehicles Gallup (resilc)

The economics of dating during high inflation The Hustle. Resilc: “The cheapest tiny McDonald’s burger is $3.39.”

The Bezzle

Taylor Swift sidestepped FTX lawsuit by asking a simple question—investors can use the same strategy to avoid potential scams CNBC (Kevin W)

Tesla Insurance Really Doesn’t Want You To Drive At Night Jalopnik (resilc)

Class Warfare

Outrage after CEO applauds worker for selling dog to return to the office Independent (Kevin W)

Child labor returns to the United States: A society moving in reverse WSWS

Antidote du jour. mgl: “Common chaffinch singing in Queenstown (NZ) Gardens, January 2023.”

Links 4/22/2023 2

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