Links 4/30/2023

Links 4/30/2023 1

On Flores Island, Do “Ape-Men” Still Exist? Sapiens

Fruitarian Frogs May Be Doing Flowers a Favor New York Times

Welwitschia mirabilis: A Living Fossil that’s worthy of all our admiration ZME Science

Bosniak Muslim, who set off on foot from Europe for Hajj, reaches Iraq Anadolu Agency

Cruise workers reveal what happens if you quit your job in the middle of the ocean Business Insider


Cities Are Banning Cruises Due To Erosion, Air Pollution, And Over Tourism Travel Daily Media

Dwindling sea ice and rising Arctic ship traffic may bring unwelcome visitors to King Island, Alaska High Country News


Flooding in eastern Iowa could exceed other recent major floods Des Moines Register


This professor is a global coronavirus expert. Now he has long COVID Financial Review

White House Correspondents’ dinner attendees asked to test for COVID-19 after 2022 superspreader Washington Examiner

The covid public health emergency is ending: it now joins the ordinary emergency that is American health The British Medical Journal

Legislature narrowly approves bill stripping authority from state, local public health officials Kansas Reflector

Old Blighty

British infrastructure agency running out of money says leaked report Rail Freight


Could China build a second capital in the far-western deserts of Xinjiang? South China Morning Post

Defending a Mock Invasion of Taiwan Signals Shift for Army Special Operations After Years of Counterinsurgency

Why did Sen. Tuberville bet against this Taiwan company in stock trade? Responsible Statecraft

New Not-So-Cold War

The Last Hurrah Moon of Alabama

Massive Blaze at Fuel Depot in Crimea After ‘Drone Strike’ Kyiv Post


SCO Meeting: Russia’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu defends China, slams US over QUAD, AUKUS Firstpost

Meeting of the Defense Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Delhi Gilbert Doctorow

Russia slams Polish ‘seizure’ of embassy school in Warsaw Al Jazeera

Poland Wants To Provoke Russia Into Being The First To Formally Cut Off Bilateral Relations Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter


Spot That Nazi!!! The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

Armenia and Azerbaijan to hold peace settlement talks in Washington on Sunday LBCI

Don’t Just Remember the Armenian Genocide. Prevent It From Happening Again Time

Signposting Another Genocide: The World’s Obligation to Act on Clear Warning Signs Human Rights Program Harvard Law School. Armenia-Azerbaijan.


U.S. Seizes Iranian Oil From Tanker OilPrice

MSM’s latest freakout over Afghanistan withdrawal Robert Wright, Nonzero Newsletter

South of the Border

Mexican Senate expeditiously approves set of laws, mining reform Reuters

What Would Happen if South America Formed an OPEC for Lithium Time

Lithium in Bolivia — A Looming Clash of Views Consortium News

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

US regulator asks banks including JPMorgan and PNC to bid for First Republic FT

Fed Seen Boosting Rates Even as Economic Risks Build Bloomberg

Biden Administration

How Biden’s New Communications Director Made His Millions The Lever

The Debt Battle: Green Subsidies vs. Industrial Policy Philip Pilkington, Compact


Ron DeTedious: DeSantis underwhelms Britain’s business chiefs Politico

Realignment and Legitimacy

Is it too late to save America? The Spectator

GOP Clown Car

State abortion ban failures highlight rising GOP anxiety The Hill

The Supremes

Watchdog Sends Mobile Billboard to Roberts’ Country Club, Demanding: ‘Clean Up Court’ Common Dreams


A ‘Hidden Curriculum’ in Med School Trains Doctors to Have Less Empathy (Chuck L) Science Alert

Nurses to get more power over staffing levels under bill passed by Minnesota Legislature Minnesota Reformer


OpenAI: ChatGPT back in Italy after meeting watchdog demands AP

We Must Declare Jihad Against A.I. Compact

Groves of Academe

University of Minnesota graduate students unionize after decades-long push Minnesota Reformer

Imperial Collapse Watch

Army orders aviation stand down in wake of fatal helo accidents Breaking Defense

Air Force graduates 1st recruits to become US citizens under quicker naturalization process Stars and Stripes


Companies Are Colluding to Cheat H-1B Visa Lottery, U.S. Says Wall Street Journal

In Defense of the Landline Telephone Lifehacker (KSmith)

Our Famously Free Press

The People Who Acquired Football Outsiders Are Screwing The People Who Built It Defector

Class Warfare

An Amazon union just won a $30 an hour contract Vox

Homeless in the City Where He Was Once Mayor New York Times

Sweeps of homeless people are in fact deadly, new medical study shows 48 Hills

How Finland Virtually Ended Homelessness—and We Can Too Common Dreams

Zeitgeist Watch

Nepal has granted a record number of permits to climb Everest despite potential for traffic jams in the so-called ‘death zone’ Business Insider

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Links 4/30/2023 2

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