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Links 4/4/2020


Links 4/4/2020


Health/Medical (see overlap with Big Brother is Watching You Watch)

Coronavirus: ‘More and more’ young people experiencing severe disease, WHO warns Independent

How to set up an ICU London Review of Books

Potential Vaccine Generates Enough Antibodies To Fight Off Virus Independent

AI could help with the next pandemic—but not with this one MIT Technology Review (Dr. Kevin)

Coronavirus: Russia uses facial recognition to tackle Covid-19 BBC. Hoo boy.

Google Is Publishing Location Data From 131 Countries To Show How Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Working Buzzfeed (Dan K)

Leaked Video Suggests Delta Hid Sick Pilots’ Diagnoses From Exposed Flight Crews HuffPost (Kevin W). Delta, unlike American, has regularly been sending messages to their frequent fliers about how clean their planes are and how they care for passenger safety.

Shortages. And now seizures:

The toilet paper shortage is more complicated than you think Vox. Local stores still out.

US swoop on masks sees 3M supplies diverted from Berlin Financial Times

Medical gloves maker accuses EU governments of hampering supply Financial Times

German army loses 6 million face masks in Kenya Daily Nation

Une commande française de masques détournée vers les Etats-Unis sur un tarmac chinois Liberation (Micael). RT version

Turquía retiene un cargamento de respiradores para España (Turkey retains a shipment of respirators for Spain) El Pais

3 million masks ordered by Massachusetts were confiscated in Port of New York, leading to creative alternative WCVB


Panama is quarantining women and men on different days during its coronavirus lockdown Business Insider (Kevin W)

Canada PM Justin Trudeau says country has signed with Amazon for medical supply distribution in COVID-19 crisis Boing Boing (resilc)


Trapped by Coronavirus, Nigeria’s Elite Faces Squalid Hospitals Bloomberg (Jason L)


Strain of life under lockdown sparks divorce surge in China Financial Times (J-LS)




UN Human Rights Chief Expresses Concern Over Plight of Indian Migrants during Lockdown News18


Luxury NYC stores board up to defend against civil unrest as the largest 24-hour spike in deaths sees 305 perish in the Big Apple, bringing the city total to 1,867 victims Daily Mail. Click through for the images.

Lawsuits Swell as Owners, From Gun Shops to Golf Courses, Demand to Open New York Times. Resilc: “We are not a serious country.”

Are NYC cops contributing to coronavirus epidemic by sending people to packed jails for violating social distancing? RT (Kevin W)

Which states have done the least to contain coronavirus? Guardian (resilc)

How science finally caught up with Trump’s playbook – with millions of lives at stake Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

Detroit bus driver who complained about a coughing passenger dies of coronavirus days later Washington Post (resilc)

Serfs Revolt

13,000 Carpenters to Strike in Massachusetts Mike Elk


Global economy in sharpest reversal since Great Depression Financial Times

Confusion surrounds launch of $349B in small-business loans The Hill

Hospital Bailouts Begin…for Those Owned by Private Equity Firms Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt, Counterpunch

Trump Transition

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who defied him on Ukraine Politico (furzy)

Trump selects White House lawyer for coronavirus inspector general The Hill

FISA court orders DOJ to review flawed surveillance applications and provide names of targets Washington Examiner (furzy)

While focus is on the coronavirus, these states are criminalizing fossil fuel protests Independent (resilc)

Clyburn Tapped to Chair Coronavirus Committee after Calling Pandemic ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ to Achieve Dem Spending Goals National Review. Kevin W: “A pay-off for backing good old Joe in the Primaries?”


Forget About Democratic and Republican Conventions This Year, Not Going to Happen. Trump’s COVID-19 Obstructionism Made Sure of That. BuzzFlash

US shale to get a seat at the OPEC table Asia Times. Or not: Saudi Arabia Says Putin’s Comments on OPEC+ Deal Are ‘Incorrect’ Bloomberg

Potential Texas-OPEC alliance shows more oil production doesn’t make U.S. ‘energy independent’ PhysOrg (Robert M)

EU Rules Rental Car Companies Don’t Need To Pay A License To Rent Cars With Radios That Might Play Music TechDirt

SpaceX Starship Prototype Collapses In Third Failed Test Gizmodo (Kevin W)

The lost belle époque of the restaurant Financial Times

WeWork Founder Misses Out on $1 Billion as SoftBank Cancels Share Buyout CNN

How the Covid-19 crisis locked Airbnb out of its own homes Guardian. David C: “Airbnb is stuffed I think. The numbers towards the end of the article are stunning.”

Amazon To Delay Marketing Event Prime Day Due To Coronavirus Reuters

Class Warfare

FCC: TracFone Made Up ‘Fictitious’ Customers To Defraud Low-Income Program ars technica

Antidote du jour. Tracie H: ““OK, who’d we sign up for Food and Beverages, and where the heck is he?”

Links 4/4/2020 2

And a bonus (Dan K):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here

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