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Links 5/12/2020


Links 5/12/2020


Can we really tell male and female dinosaurs apart? PhysOrg

Old math reveals new secrets about these alluring flowers National Geographic (David L)

Scientists Find The First Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive Science Alert (David L)

Humans and Neanderthals ‘co-existed in Europe for far longer than thought’ Guardian (Kevin W)

This summer’s severe temperatures could make the pandemic even more complicated Popular Science

Water loss in northern peatlands threatens to intensify fires, global warming SCIENMAG (resilc)

Racetrack Memory Will Make Your Computer Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger Popular Mechanics. Jeff C:

This is supposedly about a new data-storage technique (I suspect an overhyped one, but I’m not qualified to say for sure), but that’s irrelevant. Just look more closely at the circuit board! You’ll see the Pentagon, an airport, multiple office buildings, a railroad yard, an aircraft parking lot, various busy highways, and — my favorite — Angkor Wat!

Some editor was asleep, and some rogue author was out to prove it. Enjoy before it’s taken down.


Our weird behavior during the pandemic is screwing with AI models MIT Technology Review (David L). Well, some upside, albeit very limited.

George Soros: Coronavirus endangers our civilisation Independent (resilc)

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic AIER (Dr. Kevin)

Coronavirus: Israel turns surveillance tools on itself BBC (David L)

Why the coming emerging markets debt crisis will be messy Financial Times (J-LS)


How Control Theory Can Help Us Control COVID-19 IEEE Spectrum (David L)

Nearly 40% of Icelanders are using a covid app—and it hasn’t helped much MIT Technology Review (J-LS). Supporting our post yesterday…..

Men’s Blood Contains High Levels of Enzyme That Helps COVID-19 Infect Cells – Study Sputnik (Kevin W)

Oxford begins study to prevent worsening of mild coronavirus cases, to start with HCQ

CityMD mistakenly told 15,000 people with coronavirus antibodies they’re immune CNBC (resilc). Reporting improving!


Wuhan to Test Everyone; Deaths Surpass 286,000: Virus Update Bloomberg

Shanghai Disneyland reopens to the public South China Morning Post. J-LS: “Notice the masks.”

Tickets for Shanghai Disneyland re-opening sold out in 3 minutes Boing Boing (resilc)


Medicine shortage crushes Aussie ICU capacity MacroBusiness


What Is the Real Coronavirus Death Toll in Each State? New York Times. Newlin: “Oregon has only 1% excess deaths, Alabama is below normal (less driving?). Most of the damage is in NY and NJ, all the same cluster.”

Twitter to Add Labels to Disputed Coronavirus Posts, as Misinformation Proliferates Wall Street Journal

Vermont Dairy Farmers Give Away 4,000 Gallons of Milk Seven Days Vermont (resilc)

Farms to kill 2 million chickens in MD, DE Macon Telegraph (resilc)

COVID-19 antibody study of MLB employees finds that .7 have had the virus Atlantic (David L)

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision Last American Vagabond (TF)

What We Lose When We Go From the Classroom to Zoom New York Times (dk)

Here’s Everyone in the White House Who Has Coronavirus or Has to Self-Quarantine Vice. Phooey. I want an org chart or bubble chart.

Coronavirus: South Dakota Sioux refuse to take down ‘illegal’ checkpoints BBC

A Late-Breaking Bulletin From PBS: “For Many Americans, Health Insurance is Tied to a Job” CounterPunch (resilc)

Colorado restaurant illegally reopens with no social distancing and hundreds of customers MSN. Resilc: “We need to carve up the failed state and herd them up and away from me.”

Trump is culpable in deaths of Americans, says Noam Chomsky Guardian

Political Responses

‘Worst I’ve ever seen it’: Farmers watch helplessly as Trump’s promises evaporate in COVID-19 crisis Raw Story (furzy)

Contrary to Claims “Cuomo’s Order Actually Ends the Eviction Moratorium” Institute for Public Accuracy. OMG, someone needs to tell these people that repeating what you are trying to debunk reinforces it. You need to tread carefully around the the original claim.


As economic forecasts worsen, up to $1 trillion in federal aid to state and local governments could be needed by the end of 2021 Economic Policy Institute

What Are the Consequences of Missed Payments on Consumer Debts? Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Risking their health to pay the bills: 100 million Europeans cannot afford two months without income Bruegel

The Real Unemployment Rate Is Worse Than Trump Will Tell Us Washington Monthly

As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar Reuters

Passenger blasts United Airlines for yet another packed flight amid coronavirus New York Post (Kevin W)

Cargo ship sailors press-ganged into keeping the world’s trade afloat Guardian (resilc)


The New Cold War in Asia Is Born of Desperation The Nation

China Is Defensive. The U.S. Is Absent. Can the Rest of the World Fill the Void? New York Times. How about the novel idea that countries mind their own affairs?

The European Central Bank is deluding itself over German court ruling Financial Times (David L)

Trump Transition

White House officials asked to wear masks in West Wing The Hill

Secrecy of Trump’s taxes, financial records on the line in Supreme Court arguments NBC

The Forgotten Law That Could Compel Mnuchin to Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns Politico (David L). This is all so desperate. First, Mnuchin could “report” with a one paragraph statement. Second and more important, it’s pretty clear these people demanding Trump’s tax returns are operating under a huge delusion as to what is in them. His K-1 (partnership) attachments would be interesting, but his returns will most assuredly NOT show what firms and individuals are sources of income (ex the K-1 and even then they likely only have not revealing names, nor to whom he is paying interest. Tax returns are not a Rosetta stone. The one thing they might show that would be interesting is if he had foreign bank accounts and participated in the forgiveness (you paid the taxes due but no fines and all the past returns were “stamped” so it’s bloomin’ obvious what happened. However, they may also show that Trump is less rich than Trump wants his voters to believe.

Trump may let workers take Social Security benefits early in exchange for reduced payments later. Retirement advocate calls it ‘harebrained idea.’ CNBC. Kevin W: “Saw this idea mentioned in Lambert’s Water Cooler today.”

Trump’s spy chief declassifies list of ALL Obama administration officials who were ‘involved in unmasking Michael Flynn’ and hands their names over to the DOJ Daily Mail

Newly declassified evidence undercuts former DNI Clapper’s testimony to Congress Just The News (Chuck L)


‘Binders full of women’ anyone? Biden blasted for ‘calendar model’ VP search RT (Kevin W)

Joe Biden Is Planning an FDR-Size Presidency New York Magazine. J-LS: “If you believe any of this I have a bridge to sell you. Short of Kelton at Treasury I can’t imagine him picking anyone that would come close to swaying me.”

For Some “Facebook Empathy Moms,” Joe Biden Is Just Another Compromise Mother Jones (resilc)

Musk Reopens Tesla’s Plant, Dares Authorities to Arrest Him Bloomberg

Toyota Forecasts 20% Drop in Revenue From Coronavirus Wall Street Journal

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

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