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Links 5/16/2020


Links 5/16/2020


Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea New Yorker. UserFriendly: “Quite the epic.”

This Guy Got Hit By Lightning and Became a Concert Pianist Vice (Kevin W). Don’t try simulating this at home.

How do plants forget? EurekAlert (Dr. Kevin)

Damage from climate change will be widespread and sometimes surprising Economist (David L)

The Great Lakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and we’re not sure what will happen next Popular Science

Artificial Intelligence is helping economists devise a fairer tax system ZMEScience (Dr. Kevin)


17-Year-Old Turned Down $8 Million to Keep His Viral Coronavirus Tracker Ad-Free ScienceAlert (David L)

German cafe gives customers pool noodle-hats to ensure they remain physically distant CTV News


New COVID-19 test developed in Singapore detects past infection within an hour Channel News (TYJ)

Failing the Test — The Tragic Data Gap Undermining the U.S. Pandemic Response New England Journal of Medicine (Dr. Kevin)

Strong Social Distancing Measures In The United States Reduced The COVID-19 Growth Rate Health Affairs (resilc)

Emergency Hyperbaric Oxygen for Respiratory Distress or Failure for COVID-19 Patients NYU Lagone (furzy)

Medical Detection Dogs Could Assist COVID-19 Testing by Sniffing 750 People per Hour Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

‘Weird as hell’: the Covid-19 patients who have symptoms for months Guardian (resilc)

No Sex for 1 Month for Coronavirus Survivors, Says Study Interesting Engineering (resilc)

Quarantined & lonely? Find a ‘SEX BUDDY,’ Dutch government advises RT (Chuck L)


Fang Fang’s ‘Wuhan diary’ sparks tussle over virus narrative Financial Times


Coronavirus: Italy to lift travel restrictions as lockdown eases BBC

Slovenia first European nation to declare end of epidemic at home Al Jazeera. Applause!! See: How Slovakia Contained the Coronavirus Atlantic (Kevih f)


There Are Sensible Ways to Reopen. Then There’s the US’s Way Time

Communities With Meat-Plants Keep Seeing Virus Spread at Faster Rates Bloomberg

TSA Preparing to Check Passenger Temperatures at Airports Amid Coronavirus Concerns Wall Street Journal

NYT Has Trouble Talking Seriously About the Swedish Approach Dean Baker

World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way Guardian (resilc)

U.S. Secret Service: “Massive Fraud” Against State Unemployment Insurance Programs Krebs on Security (BC)

House adopts historic rules changes to allow remote voting The Hill

Serfs Revolt

Thursday sees 7th strike by Yakima Valley farmworkers protesting conditions during COVID-19 pandemic Yakima Herald

Reopening the Economy Is a Death Sentence for Workers Other Words

Political Responses

Covid-19. Ministers from Portugal, Spain and Italy call for European minimum income Defend Democracy

We Can and Must Do Better: Why I Will Vote No on the HEROES Act Common Dreams. UserFriendly:

FWIW now that she’s my rep I messaged her yesterday saying that Pelosi was willing to kill a few thousand people just to kick her in the teeth. That Pelosi is truly evil and the only way you get power in that town is to call out your own side and make them defend the awful shit they try to ram through like bailing out lobbyists and debt collectors. this is a start but not nearly as scathing as it should be and the rest of the “progressives” in the house fell in line. A bunch of moderates voted against it cause of the deficit though. passed 208-199.

‘There will be a war if they make us take a vaccine’: Anti-vaxxers defiant as world searches for Covid-19 cure Independent. Resilc: “War war war war. More peaceful in Somalia, another failed state.”

Reviving the US CDC Lancet (UserFriendly)


Maybe Modern Monetary Theory is an answer to the COVID-19 economic crisis Marketplace (UserFriendly)

JC Penney, century-old mainstay of US malls, declares bankruptcy amid pandemic Guardian (Kevin W)

The next phase of America’s coronavirus problem is a massive housing crisis The Week. UserFriendly: “It’s going to be amusing when the democrats realize how hard it is to vote by mail after you’ve been evicted.”

The Coronavirus Pandemic Helped Topple J. Crew and Neiman Marcus. So Did Private Equity. New York Times

Another 1,000 Texas Oil & Gas Jobs Vanish OilPrice

The Covid-19 pandemic will be a disaster for wages, even once we all go back to work Quartz

Is the Fed Undermining the Push to Kill LIBOR? Treasury & Risk (alex)


US cuts off semiconductor shipments to Huawei, China vows to retaliate Independent (Kevin W)


Brexit talks stall as UK resists EU demands on fair competition Financial Times. I had thought this would be the real sticking point, but the EU has taken a very aggressive opening position on fisheries (posturing or not?) and the two sides are also at odd over Northern Ireland border procedures.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Phrenology is back, wrapped up with facial recognition in a 21st century pre-crime package by university researchers. Too soon? RT (Kevin W)

Appeal Demands Sweden Probe Misdeeds in Assange Case Consortiumnews (UserFriendly)

Imperial Collapse Watch

War Is Peace & K Street Is A Small Business David Sirota (Chuck L)

5 sailors test positive for COVID-19 after returning to the USS Theodore Roosevelt from isolation Task & Purpose (Kevin W)

‘Star Trek, not Star Wars:’ NASA releases basic principles for Moon exploration pact abc.net.au (Kevin W)

Trump Transition

Ex-F.B.I. Official Is Said to Undercut Justice Dept. Effort to Drop Flynn Case New York Times (furzy)

Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties Matt Taibbi (UserFriendly). Good for Matt. Consistent with my priors, but hadn’t waded far enough into this cesspool to be sure.

From the Justice Department to the Intelligence Community, Donald Trump and William Barr Have Won New Yorker (resilc)/blockquote>

Why Armed Right Wingers Were Able To Shut Down Michigan’s Legislature Ian Welsh (UserFriendly)

Coyote Sculptures in Mexico and US Share Vital Information With Migrants Hyperallergic (resilc)


Bernie world descends into disarray Politico (UserFriendly). Also in Water Cooler yesterday but important enough to be featured 2x.

Mike Bloomberg plots spending blitz to support Joe Biden’s run for president CNBC (Chuck L). His first attempt to sell problematic Presidential goods didn’t pan out so well.

‘Manipulative, deceitful, user’: Tara Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances Politico. UserFriendly:

Odd how ‘I used to work in the Senate’ is something you would tell an acquaintance, yet ‘The Senator Raped me’ might be something you’d only tell people you are closer with.

And a single mom putting herself through law school who went through the trouble of changing her name to avoid an abusive ex had money problems????? I don’t believe it.

Chance any of these former acquaintances are not voting for Biden? 0%

The Illusion of ‘Free Markets’ and ‘Free Trade’ American Conservative

Warren Buffett dumps most of his Goldman Sachs stake Financial Times

Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds ProPublica (resilc)

Guillotine Watch

Zuckerbergs’ $800,000 restaurant donation is like US family giving $1 Business Insider (resilc)

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

Links 5/16/2020 2

DEC Statement on Denial of the Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the Proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline Project New York State Pipeline denial. New York has great water and it looks like they want to keep it that way. Thomas R: “I think the only thing that can save them now is direct intervention by the Trump administration. But if it goes to Federal court I’d suspect that the project may die a slow (and well deserved) death any way.”

And a rare musical bonus, courtesy Bob H:

And a second bonus, resilc via LaughingSquid. Resilc adds “We lived in Tucson a while and we saw a bobcat leap from ground to top of 8 foot wall with no problem.”

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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