Links 5/27/2023

Links 5/27/2023 1

Do Animals Get Drunk? Natilus (Micael T)

Bear helps itself to 60 cupcakes from Connecticut bakery, scares employees Associated Press (resilc)

The hidden mini statues of Budapest Budapest Flow (BC)

France to launch bird flu vaccination programme after ‘satisfactory’ tests France24 (resilc)

The 2022 Tonga Eruption Created a Very Rare ‘Super Plasma Bubble’ in The Ionosphere ScienceAlert (Chuck L)

Loop introduces new ‘living’ coffin which turns human flesh into compost Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

Effect of Free Medicine Distribution on Health Care Costs in Canada Over 3 Years JAMA (Dr. Kevin)

What performance-enhancing stimulants mean for economic growth Economist (Dr. Kevin)

Examining the role of the Catholic church in shaping ideal societies PhysOrg. Chuck L: “This is somewhere between weird and hilarious. Doesn’t Professor Justin Tse have a clue that these two “social movements” were anything but authentic?”



As electric cars boom, locals fear Chinese battery plant will harm land in drought-stricken Hungary Associated Press (resilc)

Recent reduced abyssal overturning and ventilation in the Australian Antarctic Basin Nature (guurst)

Top Solar Firm Warns Excess Capacity Risks Wave of Failure Caixin Global

‘Outraged and furious’: Germans rebel against gas boiler ban Financial Times

Amazon Gives Up a Key Part of Its Climate Pledge, Deletes Blog Post That Announced ‘Shipment Zero Initiative’ Business Insider

California Advances Bill Banning Hedge Fund Water Profiteering Bloomberg (furzy)


‘No need to exaggerate’: risk of imminent Taiwan conflict is overhyped, says cross-strait affairs expert South China Morning Post

US and China hold more trade talks despite strained ties Financial Times. Makes it sound as if the sidebar conversation was planned…and is at odds with with the statement below. So maybe not planned?

Factbox: What is Volt Typhoon, the alleged China-backed hacking group? Reuters

Old Blighty

Rishi Sunak warned over possible UK recession in 2024 Guardian (Kevin W)

Punch-drunk Britain Chris Grey

Peruvian police seize 58kg of cocaine bearing pictures of Nazi flag Guardian (resilc)

New Not-So-Cold War

John Mearsheimer Ukraine Salon YouTube (Robin K)


Rep. Nadler ‘Wouldn’t Care’ If Ukraine Used F-16s to Strike Russian Territory Antiwar

Tech-Mythologies New Left Review. On Diia, Ukraine’s wunderapp.

Due to the hour, I have not run the Der Spiegel article through a translator to see what it says. However, the Twitter comments suggest it relies on the five/six guys and a boat theory:

Russian tanks reach the Atlantic near Lisbon… Gilbert Doctorow (guurst)

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates’s younger Russian ‘lover’ and her links to notorious Kremlin spy Anna Chapman Daily Mail (Li)


Analysis: Turkish lira’s long decline a symbol of strife Reuters. Kevin W: “The boys at The Duran were just saying that the Turkish Lira has been under attack to help Erdogan lose the election.”


The Devil’s In The Details When It Comes To Pashinyan’s Karabakh Peace Proposal Andrew Korybko (Micael T)

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2021 UN Office on Drugs and Crime (resilc)

‘He slipped and died’: How Israel hides its troop deaths The Cradle (Kevin W)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Dallas Independent School District Launches Innovative Pilot Project for Early Intervention and Enhanced Student Safety Yahoo (BC)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Jamie Raskin and Rachel Maddow, brought to you by Peter Thiel and Lockheed Martin Responsible Statecraft (resilc)

Marine Corps touts armed Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel Task and Purpose (resilc)

At 100, Kissinger basks in US praise with no accountability Agence France-Presse

Closing The Case Of Regime Changer Roman Protasevich And His Ryanair Flight To Minsk Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

US would rather see the world end than lose its supremacy Global Times (guurst)

More and More Teenagers Are Coming to School High, N.Y.C. Teachers Say New York Times (resilc)

GOP Clown Car

Is DeSantis’ War on Big Tech a Scam? Revolver (Li)


A Judge Has Temporarily Blocked South Carolina’s Extreme Abortion Ban New Republic (furzy)

Inside Google Founder Sergey Brin’s Secret Plan to Build Airships Bloomberg (furzy)

Hedge Fund Treasury Trade With a History of Blowups Is Back Again Bloomberg (furzy)

Debt Ceiling

Can Biden, McCarthy Avoid Losing in Debt-Ceiling Fight? Bloomberg (furzy)

$49.5 Billion in U.S. Treasury? For These Billionaires, That’s Nothing New York Times (BC)

Yellen says US will run out of money by June 5 if debt ceiling not raised The Hill. Ahem, not that she had much credibility.

The Bezzle

Neuralink: Elon Musk’s brain chip firm says US approval won for human study BBC (resilc)

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Elon Musk If His Rockets Explode and Kill Workers New Republic

Guillotine Watch

Oh, Rats: Hamptonites Are Freaking Out Over Vermin Vanity Fair (furzy)

Class Warfare

Former Maryland trash hauler graduates from Harvard Law School Guardian (resilc). Exceptional cases like this held up to reinforce the myth that the system is meritocratic.

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

Links 5/27/2023 2

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