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Links 5/5/2020


Links 5/5/2020


The science:

A human monoclonal antibody blocking SARS-CoV-2 infection Nature. “Here we report a human monoclonal antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 (and SARS-CoV) in cell culture.” Only in vitro, before animal testing and human trials.

Effectiveness of isolation, testing, contact tracing and physical distancing on reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in different settings medaRxiv. “Consistent with previous modelling studies and country-specific COVID-19 responses to date, our analysis estimates that a high proportion of cases would need to self-isolate and a high proportion of their contacts to be successfully traced to ensure an effective reproduction number that is below one in the absence of other measures. If combined with moderate physical distancing measures, self-isolation and contact tracing would be more likely to achieve control.”

Virus-afflicted 2020 looks like 1918 despite science’s march AP

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15 Children Are Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to Covid-19 NYT. Kawasaki syndrome.

Virus Mutations Reveal How COVID-19 Really Spread Scientific American. NextStrain data, annotated:

Links 5/5/2020 2

(Larger version here.) Say what you will about the Reopen protesters, they didn’t bring the virus here. And, for some reason, nobody who is anybody is asking who did.

Coronavirus spread in different countries is related to speed of response. Six charts tell the story ABC Australia

The Covid-19 Riddle: Why Does the Virus Wallop Some Places and Spare Others? NYT

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Face masks: What the Spanish flu can teach us about making them compulsory World Economic Forum

Understanding Changing Guidance on Mask Use Johns Hopkins University. From last week, still germane.

How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA Pro Publica

A City Walked Back Its Face Mask Rule After Store And Restaurant Employees Received Threats Buzzfeed

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Cost of vaccinating billions against Covid-19 put at more than $20bn FT. So, pocket change? And three bucks a pop?

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Convalescent serum lines up as first-choice treatment for coronavirus Nature

Fair price for Gilead’s COVID-19 med remdesivir? $4,460, cost watchdog says FiercePharma. For some definition of “fair.”

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Dogs are being trained to sniff out COVID-19 in humans Live Science. A second project, the first being in the UK. “Trained dogs could be ready to start sniffing out COVID-19 in humans by July, according to the Penn Vet statement.” I find this a lot more believable than any timeline from Big Pharma.

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Corporate response:

FDA to rein in flood of coronavirus blood tests after lax oversight Los Angeles Times. The magic of post facto regulation.

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Political response:

Small Firms Still in Dark on Loan Forgiveness as Clock Ticks Bloomberg. Reminds me of HAMP…

Key U.S. Allies Skeptical of Trump’s Coronavirus Lab Leak Claims Foreign Policy

Australian intelligence knocks back US government’s Wuhan lab virus claim Sydney Morning Herald

Remember when people were naming their dogs after Mueller?

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Reopening Narratives Bond Economics

Trump cheers on governors even as they ignore White House coronavirus guidelines in race to reopen WaPo. Federalist 45:

We have seen, in all the examples of ancient and modern confederacies, the strongest tendency continually betraying itself in the members, to despoil the general government of its authorities, with a very ineffectual capacity in the latter to defend itself against the encroachments. Although, in most of these examples, the system has been so dissimilar from that under consideration as greatly to weaken any inference concerning the latter from the fate of the former, yet, as the States will retain, under the proposed Constitution, a very extensive portion of active sovereignty, the inference ought not to be wholly disregarded. In the Achaean league it is probable that the federal head had a degree and species of power, which gave it a considerable likeness to the government framed by the convention. The Lycian Confederacy, as far as its principles and form are transmitted, must have borne a still greater analogy to it. Yet history does not inform us that either of them ever degenerated, or tended to degenerate, into one consolidated government. On the contrary, we know that the ruin of one of them proceeded from the incapacity of the federal authority to prevent the dissensions, and finally the disunion, of the subordinate authorities. These cases are the more worthy of our attention, as the external causes by which the component parts were pressed together were much more numerous and powerful than in our case; and consequently less powerful ligaments within would be sufficient to bind the members to the head, and to each other.

Auto dealerships in your local Chamber of Commerce are, as it were, over-ruling the pencil necks at the CDC and the NIH. Local oligarchs are filling the power vacuum left at the Federal level, and our globalist oligarchs are indifferent (denial) or favorable (eugenics). This outcome is consistent with declining life expectancy never having become a political issue, along with deaths of despair and the opioid epidemic. Benign or malign neglect, it comes to the same thing.

Lebensunwertes Leben:

What are the ‘reopen’ protesters really saying? The Conversation. (Compendium of tight shots of the protesters; no wide angle or aerial shots at all.) Perhaps not totally organic:

Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests NYT

Texans Brace for a COVID-19 ‘Explosion’ Just Days After Reopening Daily Beast. Should be two weeks, no?

Business Is Far From Usual as Large Swaths of the U.S. Reopen Bloomberg

The great re-opening debate takes Capitol Hill USA Today. What debate? The Democrats have articulated no alternatives — because There Is No Alternative — and haven’t provided the means for workers to stay safe by “sheltering in place” (vile, horrid phrase). The only bright side is that we have clear proof that the political class are not “essential workers.”

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