Links 6/10/2023

Links 6/10/2023 1

The Most COMPLEX Pop Song of All Time YouTube

Available Space: The sonic environments of Ry Cooder The Baffler (Anthony L)

Missing children found after more than a month in Amazon CNN (Kevin W)

Courts have long seen K-9 dogs as impartial. Now police bodycams hold them accountable MPR (Chuck L)

The War on Dogs History Today (Anthony L)

Yea or Nay? Vertically Staggered Airplane Seats Core77. Resilc: “Did his dad invent waterboarding?”

Why hasn’t L.A. seen a big San Andreas quake recently? Researchers find a clue Los Angeles Times

All in Slow Motion: Dani Garavelli on the trials for the murder of Nikki Allan London Review of Books (Anthony L)

An Extremely Rare Mutation Landed a Woman in Prison For Murder Science Alert (Chuck L)

Study finds amino acid taurine slows aging in mice and monkeys STAT (furzy). Just wait, this will be used to argue that old people eating cat food is really not so bad.

Rings & Books The Raven (Anthony L). “Practically all the great European philosophers have been bachelors.”


Cheap Diabetes Drug Slashes Risk of Long COVID, Study Finds ScienceAlert (Chuck L)


Why is eastern Canada burning — and when will the fires stop? Vox (resilc)

Smoke Sends US Northeast Solar Power Plunging By 50% As Wildfires Rage In Canada Reuters

A New Ultra-Adsorbent Material Can Suck Up 20 Times More Uranium Than Rival Methods Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

Researchers demonstrate high natural radioactivity of manganese nodules PhysOrg (UserFriendly)

Battling Rain and Time, Henan Farmers Race to Salvage Wheat Crop SixthTone (resilc)


Did Pentagon Hardliners Leak The Report About A Planned Chinese Spy Base In Cuba? Andrew Korybko (Chuck L)

China Wakes Up to Danger From Illegal Lab Monkey Trade SixthTone (resilc)

Old Blighty

High levels of drugs found in water pollution study of England’s south coast Guardian. Resilc: “If I lived in post Brexit UK I’d want to be high all the time to.”

Ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns as MP Bloomberg and Decrying ‘witch hunt’, Boris Johnson resigns from UK parliament Reuters (furzy). Oddly not on landing page of BBC.

UK firm given £430m green transition loan then expanded oil and gas business Guardian (Kevin W)

Big Agriculture Squeezing Argentina ConsortiumNews (Robin K)

New Not-So-Cold War

Kursk 2.0? Moon of Alabama (Kevin W) .

Anatomy of a NATO-Planned, Trained, and Armed Disaster Simplicius the Thinker

Ukrainian Armored Columns Got SMASHED and AMBUSHED History Legends. Linked by MoA above. Very good presentation with maps (and names in large enough print to read!!!). Two important points not seen elsewhere: the troops in this first wave may have been mainly raw conscripts, aka canon fodder, so Ukraine may be able to up its game from this very poor start; Russia varying with prior tactics and holding the line may reflect desire to prevent Ukraine from recovering damaged equipment. But Simpicius above identifies one of the Leopard 2s killed as the most advanced in service, which seems inconsistent with untrained (or at least largely) untrained forces.

Russian Spring | The Complete Defeat Of The Ukrainian-NATO Forces. Military Summary For 2023.06.09 Military Summary. Dima speculates Ukraine will pause because its Western backers won’t like the visible loss of so much equipment so early. Separately, serious rains are expected next week, IIRC on the 13th and 14th, which would have slowed any advance, assuming advance.

Some overnight intel:

Industry specialists assess damage on Ukraine’s breached Nova Kakhovka dam New Civil Engineer (resilc)

Dam Rupture Poses No Threat to Ukraine’s Nuclear Plant, IAEA Reports OilPrice

Big development in Ukraine? Asia Times (Kevin W)

Central Bank considers exchange of assets frozen in Russia and EU possible – Nabiullina Interfax. The finance version of a prisoner exchange.

Blast at explosives factory in Ankara kills 5 workers Times of India


Saudi crown prince threatened ‘major’ economic pain on U.S. amid oil feud Washington Post (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Did Edward Snowden’s Revelations Change Anything? Atlantic (furzy)


Imperial Collapse Watch

Longing for Crusades New Left Review (Anthony L)

The global backlash against The Little Mermaid proves why we needed a Black Ariel Guardian. Resilc:

USA USA has no teachers, MDs, nurses, healthcare, electricians, people in tents. But we can have a war over a fucking mermaid????? USA USA is hopeless shithole with crims running the show and morons below.


Ron DeSantis campaign uses fake AI-created photos of Donald Trump hugging and kissing Dr. Fauci (video) BoingBoing (resilc)

Governor Newsom Proposes Historic 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to End America’s Gun Violence Crisis (furzy). The provisions are not at all bad, but tactically, this guarantees another $100 million in funds raised on the R side if Newsom wins the Dem nomination. Rs will spend more to preserve gun rights than Dems will to restrict them. Plus the bar for a Constitutional amendment is high, so this is na ga happen.


Trump took nuclear secrets and stored files in shower, charges say BBC. Well, it’s a very nice bathroom. And FBI had said the security arrangements for the docs were fine while Trump and the FBI were arguing over them. But the fight over the docs looks to have

Trump Indicted on 7 Counts in Classified Docs Probe Judge Napolitano, YouTube. Remember Napolitano was a Federal judge. Posted before indictment released but still makes a lot of important points, nearly all not Trump favorable. The big one is this is not about classified docs but the Espionage Act, which criminalizes possession of defense-related material. A cynic would argue the FBI just strung him along on the classified docs/National Archives row just to better set this hook. Napolitano stresses that those found guilty of Espionage Act violations most assuredly go to prison.

The “Aha” Moment: The Trump Indictment Could Prove Revealing for Either Trump or the DOJ Jonathan Turley (Carolinian). One lawyer contact pointed out that if there’s no predicate crime, there’ no obstruction of justice, since there’s nothing to obstruct. But they can still get him on being dumb enough to talk to the FBI to without a lawyer, since lying to the FBI is a crime and as . Don’t Talk to the Police YouTube makes clear, even people who actually do care about being truthful often get caught looking like liars.

DOJ Declares War On 2024 With Trump Indictment Hours After Biden Bribery News The Federalist (Li). The right sharpens its talking points.

* * *

12m Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump to power Guardian


It’s Past Time For Republicans To Impeach Biden And All His Top Officials The Federalist (Li)

Smith, Crapo, Neal, and Wyden Announce Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Approve First Taiwan Trade Initiative Agreement
House Ways and Mean Committee. Lori Wallach of Public Citizen comments:

The bill would approve the first bit of the US-Taiwan deal signed last week. But it’s clear its underlying purpose, with important implications for IPEF, is to reassert that a president cannot enter a binding trade agreement without a vote of Congress and to require access to consolidated negotiating texts and require certain procedures and a vote before any additional agreement elements can go into effect. While the bill approves the agreement with Taiwan already signed, it conditions it going into effect on presidential certification of Taiwan’s compliance with agreement terms.

Our No Longer Free Press

I’m not keen about the thesis, but I am appalled at the censorship and the bizarre Nazi charge:


Lawyer Who Used ChatGPT Faces Penalty for Made Up Citations New York Times (resilc)

AI system devises first optimizations to sorting code in over a decade ars technica. David R: “I’m assuming this can be applied to any game. Including political games and war games.”

The Bizarre True Story of The Nightmare Woman Haunting The Internet Science Alert (Chuck L)

AI Can Make You Believe Russian Propaganda Washington Monthly. Resilc: “As opposed to merkin-made propaganda.”

The Bezzle

‘Duped’: Inside the Black Market for Illegal Temporary License Plates Vice (resilc)

UBS’s state aid is a disaster insurance policy Reuters (furzy)

The US Is Building Factories At a Wildly Fast Rate Business Insider

Class Warfare

‘A watershed’: Meta ordered to offer mental health care to moderators in Kenya Guardian. Resilc: “Meta users need it too.”

The Supreme Court’s Latest Ruling Against Unions is Really Aimed at the New Deal Washington Monthly (resilc)

‘He made sure that she got nothing’: The sad story of Astrud Gilberto, the face of bossa nova Independent (Paul R). From 2022.

Rural Residents Search for Solutions after College Closures Daily Yonder (Chuck L)

Antidote du jour (martha r from Instagram):

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