Links 6/11/2023

Links 6/11/2023 1


Louisiana man jumps into Busch Gardens alligator pit in mindless bid for social media clout, gets busted by cops New York Post

Octopuses tweak the RNA in their brains to adjust to warmer and cooler waters NPR

Mass 19th century ‘vampire grave’ found during roadworks The First News

Insomnia Symptoms Tied to Stroke a Decade Later MedPage Today

For Some, Sex Is Better Sleep Aid Than Pill, Small Survey Finds MedPage Today

How to Be a Good Citizen During a Housing Crisis How Things Work


EPA sued over pesticide-coated seeds’ ‘devastating impacts’ on US wildlife Guardian

Flash droughts are becoming a bigger threat to crops, water supply, shipping, research says Harvest Public Media

Oil Lobby Pushed Pollution Loophole for Wildfire Smoke The Lever

Canadian Wildfires Trigger Unprecedented Solar Energy Decline OilPrice

Wildfire smoke, COVID-19, and striking comparisons Your Local Epidemiologist



SARS-CoV-2 reinfection: Adding insult to dysfunctional endothelium in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ScienceDirect


New York Needs To Find Out Why Its Drivers Keep Hitting Low Bridges Jalopnik

Old Blighty

The end of Boris? Matt Goodwin’s Substack


Intergenerational Labour and Just Transition in Coalfields The India Forum

Apple’s biggest gamble isn’t the Vision Pro — it’s India Rest of World


Palestine is ripe for Chinese mediation Indian Punchline

China builds Central Asia infrastructure dominance with new rail plan The Loadstar


What if China declared a protectionist trade war on the US and the West? South China Morning Post

India, China have expelled nearly all of each other’s journalists amid fraying ties Straits Times

Canadian official investigating Chinese election interference resigns The Hindustan Times

China warns Europe against official ties with Taiwan ahead of minister’s visit Reuters

Poll: Most Europeans support neutrality in US-China conflict Responsible Statecraft

New Not-So-Cold War

“Let’s Try This Again!” Moon of Alabama

Four more Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks destroyed – Moscow

Rheinmetall CEO tells of German equipment’s performance in Ukraine Ukrinform “Ukrainians’ reviews of German weapons are very positive.”


“Ukraine’s phantom Nazis.” Patrick Lawrence, The Scrum

Canada’s Trudeau visits war-time Kyiv, announces military aid Reuters

Peace is not ‘no war’ and derisking has risks: Josep Borrell Straits Times



The war in Ukraine and the fight over raw materials WSWS

Sons and daughters of Russia’s ‘White Emigration’ are coming back into the fold Gilbert Doctorow

Top 100 foreign companies still working in Russia see profits soar by half in 2022 to $13bn Intellinews

European Natural Gas Demand Drops As Top Economies Slow OilPrice

Nord Stream saboteurs may have used Poland as base of operations, WSJ reports Politico EU

CIA informed Belgium about Ukraine’s role in Nord Stream sabotage – media RT

Will Moscow join the WHO’s digital “health certificate” system? Edward Slavsquat


US and Iran held ‘proximity’ nuclear talks in Oman: Report The Cradle

Iran claims back $2.7bln previously frozen by Iraq under US sanctions Al Mayadeen

Israeli leaks seen as trying to derail U.S. effort to avoid Iran nuclear escalation Diplomatic, by Laura Rozen

Spook Country 

Paranoid Posting The Baffler

Billionaire Biden Donor Bankrolled 2020 Election Social Media Censorship Effort Lee Fang

Biden Administration

Joe Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme, according to FBI document Fox News

 The US is building factories at a wildly fast rate Insider


Second Trump indictment trips up 2024 GOP rivals Washington Examiner


Trump lawyer slams ‘two tier system of justice’ that’s seen former president hit by historic federal indictment over classified documents, with feds yet to charge Hunter Biden with any crime Daily Mail.


Realignment and Legitimacy 

‘I Don’t Want to Violently Overthrow the Government. I Want Something Far More Revolutionary.’ Politico

Democrats en déshabillé

The Democrats’ long wander into the weeds Art Cullen’s Notebook


The Supremes 

Here’s a rough estimate of how many people recent SCOTUS rulings might kill Ars Technica

Woke Watch 

Why we should abolish ‘Corporate Pride’ once and for all Canadian Dimension




Amid Congressional PBM scrutiny, CVS/Aetna CFO assures investors of continued profits, even at expense of employers and taxpayers HEALTH CARE un-covered

Why don’t millionaires fund medical students? Becker’s Hospital Review

Capitalists hate capitalism Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic

Police State Watch 



U.S. Gun Violence in 2021: An Accounting of a Public Health Crisis John Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.  One death every 11 minutes.


Big Brother Is Watching You Watch 

U.S. continues to take DNA samples from asylum seekers at the border Kansas Reflector


How AI is intensifying Israel’s bombardments of Gaza +972 Magazine


Supply Chain

Chemotherapy shortages push cancer centers toward crisis The Hill


Our Famously Free Press

The D-Notice: Very British State Censorship Kit Klarenberg, Kit’s Newsletter

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Class Warfare

$5.2 billion in cargo stuck off West Coast ports in truck and container bottleneck CNBC

As slowdowns continue on West Coast docks, Chamber of Commerce calls on Biden to force through tentative agreement WSWS. Just like with the rail workers.

Jobs at stake as California port terminal upgrades to green technology Reuters

Despite DeSantis’ Anti-Union Law, Florida’s Teachers’ Union Gains 5,000 Members Payday Report

One Metro worker revived 21 riders overdosing on opioids. He’s not alone Los Angeles Times

Michigan bills would give farmers ‘right to repair’ tractors, equipment Bridge Michigan

Sports Desk

The Saudi-PGA Tour Golf Deal Isn’t Going to Happen BIG by Matt Stoller

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