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Links 6/13/2020


Links 6/13/2020


Random Search Wired Into Animals May Help Them Hunt Quanta Magazine (David L, Dr. Kevin)

Ancient crocodiles walked on two legs like dinosaurs Phys.org

ISS astronauts create FIFTH STATE OF MATTER in space for first time ever RT (furzy)

Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth’s core Phys.org (Kevin W)

The Blooming Blues Earth Observatory (David L)

‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Building Up in the Arctic—and Likely Worldwide Scientific American (guurst)

Lake Tahoe’s famous clarity is fading, report finds SF Chronicle

Debunking Fears Of Nuclear Waste At California’s San Onofre Reactor Forbes (UserFriendly)

Artificial Intelligence—The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet Harvard Data Science Review (David L)

An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in Economist

A teenager’s guide to building the world’s best pandemic and protest trackers MIT Technology Review (David L)

NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT Irrusssianality


Norah Jones’s Extraordinary At-Home Concerts New Yorker (David L)


Will Protests Increase the Spread of COVID-19? SpectrumIEEE (David L)


RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 11 JUNE 2020 by Patrick Armstrong Sic Semper Tyrannis (Kevin W)


Chief nurse dropped from No 10 briefing ‘for not backing Cummings’ Guardian (Kevin W)


Record Virus Numbers Thrust States Into Life-or-Death Choice Bloomberg

White House officials downplay chance of COVID-19 ‘second spike The Hill

Tables turned: USAID asks relief groups around the world for protective gear for U.S. use NBC (resilc)

Document NH’s Sen. Hassan demanded reveals FEMA asking nurses to reuse masks, gowns Union Ledger

‘Make Us All Safe. Go Back to Your Bunker’ Seattle Mayor Tells Trump Rolling Stone (resilc)


On the Future, Americans Can Agree: It Doesn’t Look Good New York Times (resilc)

Updated state unemployment numbers Economic Policy Institute


How Huawei can work around US chip ban Asia Times (Kevin W)

Revealed: Canada spy report written hours before Meng Wanzhou’s arrest predicted ‘shockwaves around the world’ once Huawei CFO was taken in South China Morning Post

Over 1,300 Chinese Medical Suppliers to U.S.—Including Mask Providers—Use Bogus Registration Data Wall Street Journal

Antenna up as US envoys rush back to Wuhan Asia Times


UK formally rejects Brexit transition extension Financial Times

Politics: independence day EU Referendum

New Cold War

Russia aiming to realize Greater Eurasia dream Asia Times (Chuck L)

Canada indigenous chief battered during arrest BBC

Imperial Collapse Watch

Bases named for Confederates changed to Afghan War generals, continuing tradition of naming bases after losers Duffle Blog

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

How to Spot Police Surveillance Tools Popular Mechanics (resilc)

The hidden detectors looking for guns and knives BBC

Are you an anarchist? Lawyers say New York police grilled protesters’ politics Reuters (Kevin W)

Did a Government Drone Flight Over a Protest Violate the Fourth Amendment? Lawfare (David L)

Trump Transition

Melania Trump used White House move to renegotiate prenup, book claims Guardian (furzy). Haha, she’s no dummy!

Trump Administration Issues Rule to Roll Back Transgender Protections in the Affordable Care Act Wall Street Journal

OAN, Trump’s most loyal media ally promised a pro-Trump poll. It didn’t deliver — and then pulled its story. Washington Post (furzy)

Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley discussed resigning over role in Trump’s church photo op NBC. Resilc: “Talk is cheap.”

The Killing of George Floyd and the Final Fracturing of the Democratic Party, Labor, and Civil Rights Coalition Counterpunch (Kevin W). Important. My only quibble is the New Deal coalition was running on brand fumes since the Clinton Administration, and arguably to some degree starting in the Carter Administration. It wanted to get away from being the party of labor to the party of symbol manipulators.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

US faces allegations of human rights abuses over treatment of protesters The Hill

Snap CEO says in internal meeting he won’t release diversity numbers because it would reinforce the perception that Silicon Valley isn’t diverse Business Insider

How the Electric Slide became the Black Lives Matter protest dance Guardian (resilc)


Donald Trump DELAYS his MAGA comeback rally in Tulsa from Juneteenth to June 20 out of ‘respect’ following huge backlash over his decision to host first post-COVID campaign event at site of 1921 race massacre Daily Mail

Suggested Slogans for the Biden Campaign New Yorker (furzy). OMG this is good.

Via DDD. Maybe Sanders is playing this more cleverly than most assume. He still has to officially support Biden as a condition of running as a Dem, but if his supporters insist on this as what Biden has to put in the platform to get their vote, a lot of Team Dem heads will explode:

In Georgia Primary, Trump Gets Over 140,000 More Votes Than Biden Newsweek (resilc)

Police State Watch

Pentagon War Game Includes Scenario for Military Response to Domestic Gen Z Rebellion Intercept

Police search Baltimore family’s home after BB gun spotted in 11yo child’s online class RT (Kevin W)

Our Famously Free Press

There’s a better way to present opinions online – with radical transparency – and the New York Times should lead the way Press Watch (Chuck L)

Facebook incorrectly removes picture of Aboriginal men in chains because of ‘nudity‘ Guardian. Kevin W: “Facebook also blocks users from sharing Guardian Australia’s story based on its use of the image.”

Renaissance hedge fund loses 20% this year Financial Times (David L)

Iowa Quietly Passes Its Third Ag-Gag Bill After Constitutional ChallengesIntercept

Don’t Say Paul Tudor Jones Didn’t Warn You Dealbreaker (furzy)

Class Warfare

Why do wealthy college students get more financial aid? MarketWatch

Antidote du jour. Tracie H:

Sad that the wings are a bit in tatters, but pretty cool that it seems to still fly the same—they’re a bit erratic anyway, so I suppose I wouldn’t know if the poor little critter is sad about its wing. Just love it when the light strikes those scales, turning them into gold dust!

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