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Links 6/14/2020


Links 6/14/2020


The American Press Is Destroying Itself Matt Taibbi. Important.

Matt Taibbi On Journalism’s Suicide American Conservative.

Narrative Control Operations Escalate As America Burns Caitlin Johnstone

Anna Wintour Isn’t Going To Cancel Herself Buzzfeed

Intermittent fasting works for many — not only for weight loss but also for heart health WaPo

Rare, Nearly Extinct Parasite May Have Resurfaced in Vietnam, Doctors Say Gizmodo

The Portuguese rediscovering their country’s Muslim past Al Jazeera


Closing up time Times Literary Supplement. Read this.

Coronavirus Advice Is Everywhere. It Was the Same With the Spanish Flu. WSJ

When Women Lead, The Virus Loses Mid-Day

The Lancet’s editor: ‘The UK response to coronavirus is the greatest science policy failure for a generation’ Guardian

COVID-19 risks ranked: Grocery stores among least-likely places to contract virus NY Post

“The Stock Market Is Deluding Itself” Der Spiegel. An Interview with Nouriel Roubini, aka ‘Dr. Doom’.

Accountants were told to turn a blind eye to bank accounting failures in 2008 and it looks like it’s happening again. The result will be similar Tax Research UK (UserFriendly). Richard Murphy.

Houston weighs another lockdown as coronavirus cases surge CBS


The way the coronavirus messes with smell hints at how it affects the brain  Science News

Covid-19: France, Italy, Germany and Netherlands sign vaccine deal for Europe Frnace 24


‘Obsessed with staying alive’: Inmates describe a prison’s piecemeal response to a fatal Covid-19 outbreak Stat

A State-by-State Look at Coronavirus in Prisons Marshall Project

Class Warfare

Emails Reveal Chaos as Meatpacking Companies Fought Health Agencies Over COVID-19 Outbreaks in Their Plants ProPublica

Research Shows ‘Linking Climate Policy to Social and Economic Justice Makes It More Popular’ Common Dreams

Sports Desk

COVID & Disaster Capitalism: Busting Unions in Baseball Payday Report

Why Copa America delay gifts Messi golden opportunity The World Game. Messi claims new La Liga record in Barcelona win Goal. There’s life in those aging legs yet!

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Protests erupt and Atlanta police chief RESIGNS after white cops shot dead 27-year-old black man Rayshard Brooks – as new surveillance video ‘shows him pointing a stolen taser at officers as he fled’ Daily Mail

Prosecutors investigate irregularities in Texas police officer’s 2004 arrest of George Floyd Thhe Hill

Why Minneapolis Was the Breaking Point The Atlantic

America Explodes London Review of Books

Is There Still Room for Debate? NY magazine. Andrew Sullivan

George Floyd’s Murder May Finally End the Army’s Fealty to Defeated Confederate Traitors The Intercept

A Statue Was Toppled. Can We Finally Talk About the British Empire? NYT

In London skirmishes, suspected far-right protester is rescued Reuters

Thousands rally in fresh Paris protest against racism and police brutality France 24

Waste Watch

How Europe’s “Trash Market” Offloads Pollution on Its Poorest Countries Jacobin


As Covid-19 changes chopstick habits, diners ponder how to keep family love and intimacy alive SCMP

US-Listed Chinese Companies Say “Bye Bye” To US Exchanges As Hong Kong Relisting Accelerates Jing Daily


Why India needs a new bad bank Economic Times

The worst is yet to come in Delhi and Mumbai, writes Barkha Dutt Hindustan Time

India’s Comfort Food Tells the Story of Its Pandemic The Arlantic

Hope and a prayer as reform rains down on India’s farms LiveMint

Assam gas leak and fire: Yet another case of procedural lapse Down to Earth

COVID’s Health and Labour Crisis Has Exposed Yet Another Challenge – Government Data The Wire

New Cold War

Cold War”>Russia aiming to realize Greater Eurasia Dream Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.

Trump Transition

How JFK Paved the Way for Donald Trump Politico

Democracy’s Red Line New York Review of Books. Hari Kunzru reviwes Masha Gessen’s Surviving Autocracy and makes me want to read it. Must call my bookseller.


NYT Erases US Occupation’s Role in Prolonging Taliban Insurgency Fair

UKTV to reinstate Fawlty Towers episode The Germans Guardian. One of my favorite episodes, although I think I (marginally) prefer Basil the Rat. No clinkers in the oeuvre, however. All still make me double over with laughter, despite viewing each many, many times. And see Fawlty Towers: John Cleese attacks ‘cowardly’ BBC over episode’s removal.

Antidote du Jour. Oguk:

Links 6/14/2020 2
See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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