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Links 6/9/2020


Links 6/9/2020


Astronomers have found a planet like Earth orbiting a star like the sun MIT Technology Review

Archaeologists find a way to look for ancient beer Ars Technica

Dune Road Is Falling Into the Sea—Unless the Billionaires Can Save It Bloomberg (David L)

Prince Andrew: Lawyers lash out at US justice department in new Jeffrey Epstein statement Independent

Now Prince Andrew is fighting fire with fire… but at what price to the monarchy? Amid an unprecedented war of words between the Duke of York and prosecutors in the US, RICHARD KAY gives his discomfiting verdict Daily Mail

Woman Sets Up A Feeder Cam In Her Yard And The Photos Are Extraordinary (30 New Pics) Bored Panda Some fantastic photos.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Tear Gas Is Way More Dangerous Than Police Let On — Especially During the Coronavirus Pandemic ProPublica

Decrying ‘Unacceptable’ Brutality, UK Lawmakers Join Half a Million Britons in Calling to Halt Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Exports to US Common Dreams

There’s No Way Around It: Spending on Police in the US Is out of Control Jacobin. David Sirota.

Why This Started in Minneapolis City Lab (Chuck L)

“Stay in the Streets. It’s Working”: Two Weeks Into Racial Justice Protests, New York State Classifies Use of Chokeholds as Felony Common Dreams

Top 16 Euphemisms US Headline Writers Used for Police Beating the Shit Out of People FAIR

Defacement of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue a ‘disgrace’, says Trump The Hindu

Philadelphia Inquirer Reporters Strike over Racial Inequity Payday Report

Portland police chief resigns amid George Floyd protests San Francisco Chronicle

As George Floyd Died, Officer Wondered About “Excited Delirium” Marshall Project

Democrats Seek Policing Overhaul Amid Widespread Protests WSJ

Democrats unveil sweeping legislation in response to protests of police brutality The Hill

Biden Rejects Calls to Defund Police Departments, Plans Increased Investment in ‘Community Policing’ National Review


Sports Desk

The N.F.L.’s Change of Tone, and the Limits of Merely Listening New Yorker


Former WHO Head Criticizes Slow Coronavirus Response Der Spiegel

Coronavirus numbers — what we have learnt from the pandemic FT

As nursing home residents died, new covid-19 protections shielded companies from lawsuits. Families say that hides the truth. WaPo

Exclusive: Nearly 600 — And Counting — US Health Workers Have Died Of COVID-19 Kaiser Health News

Should we be testing all frontline healthcare workers regularly for coronavirus?/a> Conversation 

Could the coronavirus crisis finally finish off coal? BBC

What are the UK’s new quarantine rules? Guardian

Moment oblivious Swiss tourist says he is ILL and needs to go to hospital as he lands at Heathrow and prepares to get on the Tube – as hundreds of travellers arrive in UK unaware of quarantine and police admit it’ll be hard to enforce £1,000 fines Daily Mail


After retractions of two Covid-19 papers, scientists ask what went wrong Stat

Technology in the COVID-19 era: pushing the boundaries The Lancet Diabetes and Endochrinology

WHO: Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus appears to be ‘very rare’ NY Post

Exclusive: In Navy study, 60 percent of carrier volunteers have coronavirus antibodies Reuters

Singapore to issue portable Covid contact tracing devices in June The Print

The Democratic Party Exists To Co-Opt And Kill Authentic Change Movements Caitlin Johnstone

Class Warfare

How One Innovative Restauranteur Gets Around Aggressive Food Delivery Apps American Conservative

New Cold War

A Pipelineistan fable for our times Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.



China’s “Peaceful Rise” Vanishes in Thin Air Project Syndicate (David L). Shashi Tharoor, formerly India’s man at the UN, candidate for Secretary General blackballed by the US, and now leading Congress politician and member of the Lok Sabha.

Hong Kong government to bail out Cathay Pacific with HK$30 billion in loan and direct stake SCMP

Hong Kong hedge funds eye exit as national security law looms FT


Kejriwal decision to reserve hospital beds for residents is legally unsound – and morally repugnant Scroll

Major virus surge in 24 states and UTs, cases growing faster than national avg Indian Express

Malls display summer collection: PPEs & masks Economic Times

An Unknowable Tragedy: Sundarbans After Cyclone Amphan​ Counterpunch

Millions at risk as melting Pakistan glaciers raise flood fears Al Jazeera


US wins second place in Afghan War DuffelBlog

Antidote du Jour. Arizona Slim:

“Well, it had to happen. The determined White-winged Dove that was using my mesquite tree as a calling perch found his special someone.

I was fortunate enough to observe the newlyweds’ division of labor. While Mrs. Dove constructed their nest, Mr. Dove acted like a guy shopping the lumber department at Home Depot.

He was picking up twigs, dropping them, choosing different twigs, and, man, this is exhausting. Time for a rest in my front yard.

I couldn’t help thinking that this guy married the birdie equivalent of Martha Steward. Because he couldn’t fly up to the nest with just any twig. It had to be the perfect twig.

Here’s the result …”:

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