Links 7/22/2023

Links 7/22/2023 1

Something in space has been lighting up every 20 minutes since 1988 Ars Technica

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Brother Allegedly Wanted To Buy Pacific Island Country To Build Doomsday Bunker For Effective Altruists Forbes

Half of U.S. beaches are contaminated with poop ZME Science


New blazes bring number of active wildfire fronts to 79 Kathimerini. Greece, roughly the size of Alabama.

Mini tornado and giant hailstones hit northern Italy as heatwave breaks The Local

Video from Milan:


Rising seawater in Senegal about to swallow ‘Venice of Africa’ Anadolu Agency


‘Brain fog’ of long Covid comparable to ageing 10 years, study finds The Guardian. Full study.

More than 220K people kicked off Medi-Cal in its first checkup since COVID ABC10. By “since Covid,” they mean first of the month.

Japan sees COVID patients rising for 9th straight week The Mainichi

Solar Car Challenge cut off, mid-race, because of COVID-19 outbreak The Orange County Register


What is happening in India’s Manipur? Al Jazeera



If China fails to intervene in North Korea, US will take action, says Antony Blinken South China Morning Post.

Washington reacts to Kissinger’s China reception with ‘sour grapes’ mentality Global Times

Relationship between China and Gulf is widening into areas well beyond oil purchases Modern Diplomacy

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukraine’s counter-offensive is failing, with no easy fixes The Telegraph

Need better drone defense? The US military may have an app for that. Defense News


Storm clouds gathering in the Black Sea Indian Punchline

Any Polish aggression on Belarus is attack on Russia, Putin says Al Jazeera

Russia armed Belarus to the teeth: S-400s, Tor-M2s, Su-35s, Mi-35s Bulgarian Military


From Stalinism to the ‘Most Avoidable War in History’ Consortium News. An interview with Geoffrey Roberts. For more, read “Stalin: History and Criticism of a Black Legend.” Needs a better translation though.

Biden names CIA Director William Burns to his cabinet Reuters

CIA chief: Russia’s elite are questioning Putin’s judgment Politico


Energy poverty on the rise in Europe, statistics show Euractiv

US hits Kyrgyzstan with war sanctions. Intellinews

War with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh ‘very likely’: Armenia PM Al Mayadeen. If a peace treaty is not signed.

Washington-Paris-London Calling The Polycrisis


The waning days of the ‘special relationship’ 972 Magazine

Israel: Former intelligence chief says Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul could cause civil war Middle East Eye

South of the Border 

Venezuela: President Maduro Delivers House Number 4.6 Million Telesur. Public housing “despite the problems caused by the U.S. blockade.”

O Canada

More Unoccupied Toronto Homes Are Catching Fire The Deep Dive

Imperial Collapse Watch

“We’re done with the cover up”: House UFO hearing set, Rep. Burchett to chair Salon

The military-industrial complex enters orbit Nonzero Newsletter

Spook Country

The CIA Opposes JFK Record Releases Because Each One Is More Damning Than the Last Jacobin

Biden Administration

TSMC delays U.S. chip plant start to 2025 due to labor shortages Nikkei Asia



Donald Trump’s trial to go ahead in the middle of 2024 election campaign The Daily Telegraph

Ron DeSantis threatens Anheuser-Busch over Bud Light marketing campaign with Dylan Mulvaney CBS News

Tim Scott closes in on Ron DeSantis in Iowa Washington Examiner

Democrats en déshabillé

‘This Is a Really Big Deal’: How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP Politico. The new coalition of the ascendant?

The Supremes 



FTC Pulls Back From Prior Support for Pharmacy Benefit Middlemen Bloomberg Law. Nobody can ever quite get rid of these guys. Drunks with a ton of cash?

Police State Watch 

He was making a documentary about police brutality. Then the LAPD tased him in his home Los Angeles Times

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch 

AFP under investigation over its use of Auror surveillance technology Crikey. AFP=Australian Federal Police.

Digital Watch

OpenAI, Google will watermark AI-generated content to hinder deepfakes, misinfo Ars Technica. “Voluntary.” “Hinder.” Problem solved….

This free watermark removal tool is surprisingly effective against stock images The Verge. An AI-powered watermark remover. From Jan. 26.  

And what about adding watermarks to “misinfo”? 


The workers at the frontlines of the AI revolution Rest of World

Rural America is the new hotbed in the AI race as tech giants spend billions to turn farms into data centers Business Insider

The Bezzle 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads traffic is now down 70% from its peak—just 2 weeks ago Yahoo!finance

Turkish prosecutor seeks up to 40,000 years in jail for crypto exchange founder Duvar

Class Warfare

Fighting eviction to build class power Canadian Dimension

Leaked messages show Amazon will force a ‘voluntary resignation’ on employees failing to relocate near their team ‘hubs’ Business Insider

Working from home: employers love flexibility… except when it benefits workers Crikey

Risk and Revolution The Baffler

Billionaire Barry Sternlicht on the ‘category 5 hurricane’ hitting office buildings: Some will become parkland, ‘Maybe fields of grain or something. It’ll be very pretty’ Fortune

Two-faced star with helium and hydrogen sides baffles astronomers The Guardian


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