Links 9/2/2022

Links 9/2/2022 1

Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war — both real fog and stage fog — in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will be summarily whacked.

And for those who are new here, this is not a mere polite request. We have written site Policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting comments down entirely until more sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we are going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


P.S. Also, before further stressing our already stressed moderators, read our site policies:

Please do not write us to ask why a comment has not appeared. We do not have the bandwidth to investigate and reply. Using the comments section to complain about moderation decisions/tripwires earns that commenter troll points. Please don’t do it. Those comments will also be removed if we encounter them.

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The Contentious History of Official State Foods Smithsonian Magazine

Super Long-Distance NASA Fix Restores Voyager 1, Roughly 15 Billion Miles Away Science Alert (Furzy)

Researchers help reveal a ‘blueprint’ for photosynthesis

Floating Artificial Leaf Turns CO2 Into Fuel IEEE (ctlee)

This Homebuilt Wood-Powered Turbojet is Real and Incredibly Dangerous The Drive


Anthony Fauci Should Have Resigned a Long Time Ago Jacobin

No need to isolate for 5 days if COVID-positive as long as symptoms improve: Ontario top doc Global News. Lambert will claw his eyeballs out if he sees this.

Chengdu locks down 21.2 million people as Chinese cities battle Covid-19 CNBC



First came the heatwaves, then the floods: Why Pakistan is on the frontline of the climate crisis France24

Oil industry condemns first US fee on greenhouse gases FT

Wildfires erupt across California as sweltering heatwave engulfs state Guardian

Mississippi Crisis Highlights Climate Threat to Drinking Water Nationwide The New York Times.  Resilc: “More troops in Syria and Somalia can help, along with another war with Iran and China…”

America’s Water Supply: The Corrosion of a Proud Tradition Scientific American

California to fight drought with canal-top solar panels The Register (Chuck L)

Texas’ cotton industry is facing its worst harvest in years — costing the state more than $2 billion Texas Tribune


China’s life expectancy is now higher than that of the US Quartz

Nvidia and AMD Stock Tumble as U.S. Limits Exports to China Barron’s

The China-ASEAN rail map takes shape Asia Media Centre. In contrast: After a decade of hype, Dallas-Houston bullet train developer faces a leadership exodus as land acquisition slows. Texas Tribune


100 years of Russian gas for India Indian Punchline (Jerri-Lynn)


UN raises alarm on Red Sea oil tanker ‘time-bomb’ Al Arabiya

Coast Guard cutter seizes $20 million in illicit drugs in Gulf of Oman Military Times

Half of Americans Say Sending Troops to Afghanistan Was ‘A Mistake’  Defense One

What do US forces want to achieve in Syria? Deutsch Welle

Iraqi Kurdistan says economy at risk of collapse, asks for US help The Cradle

Libyans have lost faith in political class, US diplomat says after Tripoli clashes. Guardian (Resilc)

Old Blighty

Liz Truss may trigger article 16 days after becoming PM, amid Brexit row The Guardian

Liz Truss planning ‘charm offensive’ with US administration to ease concerns over Northern Ireland Protocol Belfast Telegraph

NHS vacancies in England at ‘staggering’ new high as almost 10% of posts empty Guardian

Croydon cemetery: People seen taking water meant for graveside flowers BBC

New Not-So-Cold Cold War


No tweets on the commando raid in English that I saw. So I include (a) that it did in fact happen and (b) it was a debacle. a debacle so bad that spin has yet to emerge. (See Johnson on the setup frpm Ignatius.)

If True… Andrei Martyanov

Putin has pulled off a shock win that could destroy the free world Telegraph

Putin Brings China and India to Russia for War Games Defying US Bloomberg

Head of Russian oil giant that criticized Ukraine war dies after reportedly falling from hospital window NBC News. (Furzy) With a list of oil execs who met the same fate.

Zelensky Lets Out His Italian Luxury Villa to Russians For 50,000 Euros While Urging EU to Curb Visas for Russians IBT. Not confirmed but Captain Renault would be shocked


Some 120,000 service enterprises, 370,000 jobs in peril. ANSA. Italy because of soaring energy prices.

Poland puts its World War II losses at $1.3 trillion, demands German reparations CNN. Yves: “After everyone wrote off Germany’s WWII debt, this is pretty cheeky. And how about Polish reparations to all the Jews they killed?”

Brussels prepares diplomatic offensive to stop the advance of China and Russia in Latin America El Pais

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U.S. gets warrant to seize $45 mln airplane owned by Russian energy firm Lukoil  Reuters

>Can the Quincy Institute Survive Putin’s War? New Republic. (Rewilc)

* * *

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV Patrick Armstrong (guurst)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Reported sexual assaults across US military increase by 13% Military Times

Restored Venezuela-Colombia Ties a Blow to US TeleSur

Video Of Mysterious Drone Swarm Over Navy’s Most Advanced Destroyer Released The Drive

Biden Administration


New Mexico to build $10 mln clinic to meet expected abortion demand Reuters

Volunteer networks in Mexico aid at-home abortions without involving doctors or clinics. They’re coming to Texas. Texas Tribune


Judge withholds ruling on special master in Trump, DOJ battle The Hill

Jan. 6 panel alleges Gingrich involvement with Trump, seeks interview The Hill

Democrats en déshabillé

Don’t Mention The Fiscal Stagflation Paper  Heisenberg Report (Resilc)

Sports Desk

MLBPA: Minor league players returning union cards in volume Sports Business Journal

Guillotine Watch

Class Warfare

Starbucks and Amazon accused of dragging their feet on union contracts Guardian

US labor dispute: Dock workers say ‘no’ to port automation Deutsch Welle

America’s Affordable Housing Problem: How America got to be so unaffordable, and what we can do to make it more affordable; an analysis of good-in-theory v. outcome based policies Our Built Environment


LA plans to end COVID-19 protections against evictions,  rent hikes LA Times

Gov. Newsom’s court-ordered treatment plan for homeless Californians passes final test Union-Bulletin

Join Us In Celebrating 25 Years Of Techdirt! Techdirt

An Anti-Aging Supplement Might Actually Work Buzz About Medicine

Twitter made an edit button, but you’ll have to pay to use it engadget

Antidote du jour. Tracie H:

I sent a photo of this rabbit that’s been frolicking around our neighborhood before. I had never been able to get this close to it. Hubby had tossed a carrot into the neighbor’s yard where it was munching weeds, and I decided the neighbors mightn’t like us encouraging it to stay in their yard.
I circumnavigated the rabbit to avoid frightening it, and as I bent down to retrieve the carrot, two things became apparent.
1st, judging by the many pellets, it was probably silly to worry about encouraging the rabbit to be in this yard. Clearly he’s spent a lot of time here.
2nd, the rabbit seemed to have followed me to the carrot, being just a couple of feet away as I picked it up.
I extended the carrot and was pleased that he took me up on the offer.
So, now, I MUST get a picture, thinks I.
My cellphone was in my left hand as I’d taken a couple from a distance, so the camera app was still active. I learned, then, that Apple IPhones don’t require a finger to touch the little white circle that activates the shutter. When desperate, a tongue will suffice.

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